Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Bit of Baytown!

I’m on a very short layover in Charlotte, but wanted to send some photos your way --- hard to imagine I’m going from a warm and windy Houston area to a blowy and snowy Indiana!

In between our workshop and our evening meeting Lisa took me on a little jaunt around the area ---I had asked how close we were to water ---and she showed me!

It doesn’t look like it here, but temps were in the high 70s. and the wind was gusting enough to blow my hair out of control…..

This is looking LEFT from the end of the viewing platform I was standing on, down at the boat moorings.

While I stood there watching across the water….this large ship came into view:

TX_Mar2013 091

I watched him slowly make his way up the waterway --- and he turned into a channel on the other side of the bridge instead of going under it……

I was told by Lisa that her grandkids call this the M&M bridge!  I wonder why!

This is what it looks like while driving through.  I see two M’s –don’t you??

TX_Mar2013 097

TX_Mar2013 100

Self windy portrait in front of the San Jacinto Monument!

This monument is actually taller than the Washington monument --- I hear Washington gets a bit miffed about that, but as we all know, things ARE bigger in Texas!

A lovely respite at the monument inn provided us a chance to sit, watch the ferry shuttle cars back and forth ---and eat some yummy seafood.

TX_Mar2013 104

I turned my head to look out the window next to me and WOAH!!  Where did this freighter come from?!

I had a wonderful time with the Houston area ladies—next time I’m going to add a day or two to the schedule so I can go play!  The Houston rodeo is in full swing ---3 weeks of Texas fun.  Let’s schedule that in, girls!

TX_Mar2013 092

Warm and windy ---and having a great time!

Time to run and catch my next flight ---next stop ---Indianapolis!


  1. GO, BONNIE , GO!!!~!~ :)

    I HAVE to tell you this true story, as this makes me think of it:

    My last trip home to Louisiana, I went to the cemetery. There was a new grave and a huge, black headstone. As I walked over, I noticed a suitcase, of all things, engraved on it. Well, we've ALL seen crosses, lilies, etc. BUT, a suitcase??!!? As I read, it was a CENTURIAN. She must have been SOME GAL!!!~ I wish I'd of known her.
    It simply said, above the suitcase,
    "GO, GRANNY, GO!!!!~"


  2. M&M bridge how cute. You just reminded me of McDonald's arch. The kids called it the broken French fries. 30 plus years ago. :-) sounds like you had fun.

  3. M&M bridge how cute. You just reminded me of McDonald's arch. The kids called it the broken French fries. 30 plus years ago. :-) sounds like you had fun.

  4. Glad you had a enjoyable time here in Baytown and can't wait to get you back. Hopefully you can visit again before 2017. Come play...you don't have to work...just hang out and sew and sightsee! Thanks for the honor of showing you around...You will ALWAYS have an open invitation here and Jayne & I will always be your drivers!

  5. The Monument Inn -- OMG, one of the things I miss about Texas! (We lived down south on Galveston Bay.) That, and gen-u-wine TexMex food. And the wildflowers in spring. Not the heat!

  6. Yes, everything IS bigger in Texas! The Texas Capital building is also taller than the Capital in D.C. Texas is also the only state that was once a nation in it's own right. You can tell I'm a proud transplanted Texan, born in Beaumont, TX. My husband even has a relative's name on the San Jacinto monument!

  7. I am not a native born Texan but I hurried as fast as I could to get here..Love it but not the heat so much. So glad you got to have some extra fun while here. Burr you are sure getting a change.lol

  8. 2017 and we will do it!

  9. Living in East Tennessee, today, I grew up down in Texas City. But I spent a great deal of my adult life time driving that very road and over that very bridge bi-weekly, from Texas City to Sam Rayburn Lake! They could probably blind-fold me on Hwy 146 anywhere, and I'd still find my way around. LOL The only sadness I feel with those photos are of something missing... all the pump-jacks that were removed from the water before they began construction of the new bridge. I hope the ladies made sure you were able to enjoy some great bar-b-que and seafood while you were there!

  10. Being near/on the water is always a treat. I have yet to visit Texas, my nephew lives there and wants me to come. Yup, looks like everything is Bigger in Texas!! No control with that wind...lol...love the pic!

  11. I was talking to a ship captain recently about what its like to "drive" those big freighters and cruise ships. One thing that amazed me was that it can take them up to eight minutes to stop. Thats a long time, especially if you are "in the way"! No wonder they are able to sneak up on you.

  12. Rodeo?! You want a rodeo?! You gotta come north, girl! Don't you know the Calgary Stampede (101st year this year) is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth? You wanna come, I'll put you in touch with the LQS...and with my sis, who's the Marketing Director of the Ranchman's Cowboy Cook House and Dance Hall...where the bar-room brawl scene in 'Cool Runnings' was filmed...If it ain't Alberta, it ain't beef!

  13. Oh yes you must do the Rodeo next time.


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