Sunday, March 24, 2013


The Hubster picked me up at the airport, and though I could barely stand on my own two feet ---off to dinner we went.

I’m glad we did.  I needed PROTEIN!

I’m happy to say that I stayed gluten free the entire time.  Remember I’m doing this in baby steps.  If I fall off the wagon, I’ll just get back on the next day –but things are improving and the greatest thing I am finding is that I am losing my cravings for things.

I’ve stayed away from the “gluten free” breads and other “tastes like looks like” substitutes – and I’m glad, because I think those would keep me wanting the real thing.

Upon getting home we dropped the bags in the front room and headed to the hot tub.  After that it was nap-city.  I woke up at 8pm and remembered that we are drawing for the winner of 200 Blocks, THE BOOK tonight!

Our winner is Toni Stanek!

She wrote:

My favorite desert is to make a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie in a 3 in cast iron skillet (bake it right in the skillet). Let it sit 5 min out of the oven and then put ice cream, drizzle caramel and chocolate over the ice cream and then top it all off with whip cream.  This is such a yummy warm dessert and it is great with two spoons if you feel like sharing!

AND you can do this gluten free!!!! there are lots of prepackaged brownie and cookie mixes out there that work great for this!  Enjoy with a good cup of java!
Doesn’t that sound yummy??  When the need arises, I think this is going to do the ticket just fine!

Toni, I’ve sent you an email ---please get back to me with your snail mail address and the book will be mailed out to you!

I learned some new techie things this week that I didn’t know before.

Where I used to feel like a pretty tech-saavy kid on the block about 15 years ago when I first started my website, I now feel like the out-of-date-holdover-from-a-previous-decade-grandma-on-the-block.

For a long time now my son Jason has been saying things like “Mom – you need to do instagram because it will post directly to facebook and to twitter.” And my response was always “But I write to the blog, and it posts to facebook isn’t that enough?”

And after this weekend I can see that I’m missing a whole section of you that don’t facebook but might tweet, or might instagram ---and we can’t have that happen! So. TONIGHT. I made my first instagram post that fed to the facebook page, AND tweeted itself! You would think I just won the nobel PIECE prize! HA!

This all came about after a wonderful series of pow-wow sessions with the other instructors at Block Party and what they found as valuable ways to communicate with readers ---I love what we can learn from each other!

The question remains – how do you find me, and do I ever know you’ve found me or – how do we be friends on that? LOL!

If YOU know --- you can find me on Intagram under the user name Quiltville. The tweets go to my username BonnieKHunter.

And we just threw one more plate into the batch I’ve already got spinning, but what a ride, huh? :cD


My first linked instagram photo tonight!
Does this look familiar?!

It felt so good to walk in here after my nap ---I plan to spend a couple hours – but not too many – just sewing.  Body is on West Coast time.  Clock is on East Coast time…I’m accepting the fact that it is going to take a couple of days to adjust!

OH – heads up on Quilt-Cam for this week.

It’s Holy Week. 

I need a couple of days to catch up, and then folks get really busy as Holy Week revs up even more starting Thursday, and I think I need a week of rest too, so I’m thinking we MIGHT be able to do it Wednesday night this week – but probably not more than that, and definitely not over next weekend because it IS Easter.  Sound fair?  Be watching for updates.  I’ll let you know.


  1. Congrats are learning a new way to communicate and welcome home finally! I know it has to feel wonderful to finally get home after being gone and on the run like you have been! Relax and get used to the East Coast time.

  2. Welcome home! When I get home after a trip, after a shower and getting a load into the washer, feet up to "veg out" for a while or a nap is all I want. The not tub sounds good! Take a break and let your body get back on East coast time.

  3. It's all in how we interpret what we read, lol. I agree, other than church today, most folks aren't busy during Holy Week until later in the week.

    Glad you made it home safely, and enjoyed some time with other quilty folks while you were away.

    I'll look forward to quilt cam later in the week - but with the method you now use, I can watch any time that works for me. So cool! I'm always amazed by how much you do for quilters everywhere.

    Peace and Joy,

  4. Bonnie - the photo looks good, and welcome home! I often surf the web for interesting recipes & came across this site recently - http://www.kingarthurflour.com/glutenfree/

    They have products and free recipes for gluten-free if you feel like doing some baking. Some of the products (flours) look a bit pricey but your local health-food store might carry similar items.

    Now I just need to find recipes that are yummy, healthy, AND zero-calorie!

  5. Ack! now I have to figure out instagram and tweet. It's all good though. I love the you tube quilt cam. I was on vacation last week so had to miss both quiltcams but now I can watch the reruns. It is great. I did check it out at my parents on their apple tv with the 42 inch screen.
    Thumbs up on the gluten free. I too am gluten free and am almost to the point where I can give up all grains, as they all have some form of gluten in them. Check out cavegirl in the kitchen. She has some stuff made with almond flour.

  6. What's great about Instagram is you can post a picture to Instagram,twitter,Facebook AND your blog all in one shot! Just grab the email your blog has in the settingnwherenyou email posts to and add it to the email setting on Instagram. BTW I also have a Flickr account where I store my pics and that is a share option too. One more thing- in Instagram click the star discover button and type the hash tag scrappytripalong ans see all the wonderful posts. Instagram was where it started over Christmas. Welcome to Instagram!

  7. Anonymous10:24 PM EDT

    Ack, exactly! I have stayed away from tweets as they seem to be so just this minute sort of thing like 5th grad girls acting bitchy, I know and you don't know. Only the dog and two year old are allowed to be so demanding. Don't do facebook for groups or celebrities, it is for friends... friends that I know and that I have no qualms about "linking" to my computer..... Instagram seems to be another item that needs passwords, etc. I know I have missed something as there was a photo of jo and a quilt that a jo board member posted as a bonnie hunter picture.... Is my time spent well being hooked to 5 different social medias? I don't think so... time will tell if I become a dinosaur in the next twelve months...

    1. Don't feel bad... I don't tweet or instagram neither... facebook yes, but those other 2 are beyond more that I want to bother learning at this point.

  8. I am so excited about your gluten free journey. That dessert sounds yummy. I highly recommend the Betty Crocker gluten free products. Much cheaper than Bobs Red Mill and tastes better than the mixes that have gluten in them. Look for them on sale or contact the company and get some coupons although they are so good I don't mind full price since we only indulge for birthdays and special occasions.
    Keep posting on facebook. I would miss you if you were on instagram or twitter only.

  9. Welcome home Bonnie, I know how happy you must be to be back in your own home and be sitting in your hot tub and your very own sewing studio, it happens to me whenever I've been away from my favorite things for a number of days too.
    Also congrats on learning some new ways to communicate, you are more tech savy than I am that's for sure, anyway, I'm looking forward to QuiltCam on Wednesday...gotta get my Dd to bring my laptop back so I can listen and sew along with you!! Love spending an evening with you sewing!
    Goodnight and have a great sleep in your own comfy bed!!!


  10. Welcome home! Take some time off. Easter week and a busy time. We'll all take a bit of a break. OK?

  11. I've been GFree for 10 yrs & one tip I can give is don't get conned buying a multitude of different flours just find one gf mix & just substitute it in your normal recipes ...& don't forget to look for all the hidden gluten in things I mean who knew they put wheat in ice-cream !! quite happy to give you any help/tips if you want/need :)

  12. This looks so familiar and it makes me happy to see all the projects and fabric in your studio. Sometimes I see photos of perfectly clean spots and I wonder how I get things done! Sounds like you had a great time and I know you'll love Instagram....no extra work! And it was nearly high jacked in January by #scrappytripalong!

  13. I only get you on your blog. I'm not all that computer savvy to do all that other stuff. I found since I'm lactose and fructose intolerant and can't tolerate much sugar at all, and have a very restrictive diet, that is more nutritionally sound, that I don't crave the sweet stuff, and that's all you see in the stores at holiday time. Yes, I do miss it and only bake my bread to regulate sugar, so I have more time for quilting, etc. Luckily, I have a garden so I can grow and freeze all the good veggies I need to live.

  14. I consider myself pretty computer savy, but I know what you mean about the grandma-on-the-technology-block thing. I have a blog and love reading quite a few others, and use Facebook. Somewhere I have a Twitter account that I had to get for a class, but don't use. Maybe I shouldn't even admit it, but I do creep my granddaughters on Twitter....how else am I to keep up with them?...heaven forbid they should friend Grandma on Facebook. :) Since I don't even HAVE a cellphone maybe I really am a dinosaur. Truthfully, those constant little dings and ringtones from people's cellphones in the library really irritate me. Don't they ever shut the darn things off!!??!!

  15. Found you on Instagram loved seeing your photos of the quilts. I really want to make the turkey one I think that one was my fav.

  16. Welcome home Bonnie. I follow you on your blog. Don't do FB or twitter. My life is too busy to have too many electronic gadgets to check continuously every day. I'd never get any sewing done if I did. Your ears were probably burning this week because your name came up many times in my quilting circles. I belong to too many groups I'm afraid, but I love anything to do with quilting. Thank you for inspiring us and teaching us all the great things you've learned. You are the best!

  17. I have not joined the instagram or tweet crowd..but now I just might have to! WHOOT WHOOT!


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