Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rug Love!

Have you ever fallen in love with RUGS?

Rugs have always been a kind of “under foot” thing for me….but today as Jason and I wandered --- these gorgeous rugs just stood out and demanded to be photographed, and petted!

I mean, as a quilter…wouldn’t this rug just stop you in your tracks?

It’s applique heaven!

Even if I didn’t buy the rug ((Let’s face it, that black background isn’t going to stay only black for very long!!)) I could see it as the source for much inspiration whether you do regular applique, or felted wool. 


And it came in another color way too – but I liked the black background best:

Ikea 029

I nearly bought this one too..it was only $24.99 – but I know that white is not going to stay white long either in my house!  This one looks very Christmassy, doesn’t it?  Almost Baltimore Album inspired.

Ikea 025

How about this display!
Large triangles in shades of blue, black and grey --- next to a rectangular confection so graphic it made my eyes dance!

Ikea 026

A trio of black and white hanging on one wall.

Ikea 035

Interesting geometrics!

This one was hanging on a rack, and the sample could not come OFF the rack, so we had to just get what bit we could of it…..

We had the best time and I hope it isn’t long before Jason feels the need for “Mom Time” again!  This was the highlight of my week, and extra nice since we won’t see him for Easter --

Now that I’m home – it’s time for crawling into jammies, and doing some home stitching.  For those who have asked – Quilt-Cam is planned for tomorrow night, Weds Mar 27 at 9pm Eastern.  It’s our only Quilt-Cam this week because I leave on Monday, April 1st for Nashville.


  1. Isn't it just great whether we are in a rug store, a museum or a church, or many more govt bldgs, quit patterns abound. Piffle

  2. Always something in Ikea! Not sure I could have resisted all those fabulous rugs, especially the blue triangles!

  3. April1?????? Is that a"April fool's" joke?

  4. I saw that black one at Ikea last week and wanted to bring it home so bad! (But I was a good girl...dangit)

  5. I'm always fascinated by the quilt-like designs in mosaic tile floors at storefronts circa early 1900s. These rugs remind me of those. I always snap a picture when I see one.

  6. ooooo....I am heading to Edmonton this weekend and want to hit Ikea. I wasn't sure until you showed me these rugs...darn you....lol!! That blue one is calling my name for my bedroom. OOO...can't wait. (rubbing my hands together in anticipation..lol)

  7. Okay, you've got me loving those rugs now, too. It's the fact that they look like quilts, isn't it? LOVE!

  8. I LOVE rugs! But I know what you mean about them staying clean. My long hair calico--mostly white only rolls around on my red area rug in my living room. Have to vacumn every day....but it is so worth it having the rug AND the fur-baby! I advise buying either the white or the black one. SOOOO beautiful.

  9. Anonymous2:02 PM EDT

    I also was admiring that rug, when I last visit IKEA in Uppsala, Sweden. It´s very beautiful, I think!
    GUn, Sweden


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