Saturday, March 16, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Mountain Love!

No time to chat, just a glimpse of what we are enjoying today on our search for the perfect mountain top getaway!

The one photo with the tractor, the trailer pulling logs, and the one car behind it is the perfect example of a western North Carolina mountain traffic jam! :-)

Happy international Quilting Day, everyone!


  1. It looks wonderful to me. What a lovely place to go to for R&R.


  3. Great view!!! Must be beautiful there!!
    Hope you find the perfect spot!

  4. Bonnie, somebody piggybacked an Xrated picture and message onto this Facebook post. Had to hide your post to get rid of it. Lavinia/Peoria, AZ.

    1. It hasn't shown up on mine yet, thank goodness! I hope it doesn't, either. :-(

  5. I can handle those kind of traffic jams!!! I love the picture of the bridge going over the creek and the view if the mountains is lovely! Looks like you are enjoying your day. :-)

  6. That's such a beautiful part of the world - think how isolated it will be in winter and you'll be snowed in and (gasp!) won't have anything else to do but quilt lol
    BTW watched/listened to quiltcam last night - the recorded version (being as how I'm in Australia and all). It was so wonderful to have your company. If your idea of guests works out it will be a treat and a half. Thanks so much Bonnie.

  7. love the last pic! it reminded me of the setting for the Walton "Homecomming" movie for TV (pilot for the later series).

  8. The picture of the mountain view looks like one I took at a bed and breakfast near Boone, NC. The porch was amazing, the driveway not so much.

  9. nice but where is the beach?

  10. I keep hoping you will find your mountain home near ours. We are so far from activities..you might want to be closer to town. Try looking in the Laurel Springs area..We have some beautiful views.


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