Friday, March 22, 2013

Bartender, Pour Me a Double ---Rainbow, that is!

Much excitement after lunch when this magnificent rainbow appeared over the river right outside of our class room this afternoon --

You would think that 21 fully grown women had NEVER seen a rainbow before!

We had to run outside with cameras and cell phones to catch what we could ----

Of course it is never as good in a photo as it is in reality – you can’t capture the vibrancy, the holographic essence of a full rainbow in all its wonder.

Do you see the double rainbow in the photo?

How about the full and complete rainbow, end to end in THIS photo:

portlandOR_mar2013 188

portlandOR_mar2013 192

Left Side ---

portlandOR_mar2013 187

Right Side…….

portlandOR_mar2013 191

And shooting from my finger tips!

What a marvelous world we live in!

Talkin’ Turkey class is complete --- I have a about an hour to put my feet up before heading to dinner and enjoying Debbie Caffrey’s lecture tonight ---

And the fun keeps “Rollin on the River” here in Portland!


  1. Love rainbows! Thanks for sharing this glorious sight!

  2. You are the energy bunny Bonnie! When I read your words is see you smiling in my minds eye and it makes me smile too
    I know you must be dead tired as to your body it's 3 hours later!
    I think the one positive thing about the 3 hour difference is at least you are ready to eat at each meal
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are get for filling the need to chew and are gluten free

  3. Awesome rainbows! Even more special when double!!

  4. Wow Bonnie, I have to agree with Colleen that you are the energy bunny. So very cool of you to share those rainbow photos with us. It looks like all of the students have had a wonderful time in your class and they LOOK inspired! We always go nuts and head for a camera when we see a rainbow so your group is not alone.
    I don't know how you hold up with your travel schedule and time zone changes. I find as I get older, sheesh I'm only 58, I don't do as well at the traveling bit and being 'on' when I get there. You must be a wizard. I just traveled today by car and I tell you I am whipped. I do think I can get a few stitches in tonight but nothing amazing. Keep on doing your wonderful posts, I do enjoy them.

  5. If ever the miracle of a rainbow ceases to amaze us, the human race will be irretrievably lost! Thanks for this gift!

  6. It seems to be the day for rainbows today. The ones I saw were very vibrant and beautiful. On the drive home from town which is 30 miles we had all four seasons: Spring rain, snow, windy like autumn and beautiful sunshine. I love living in the Pacific Northwest especially in the Springtime.

  7. I love the picture of the rainbow coming off your fingertips! So appropriate for the quilter who uses such a wide array of colors in her quilts! Thank you for all you do, Bonnie!

  8. Today you caught the color/intensity difference between inside and outside the rainbow in the third image. This IS difficult to capture. Way to go! By the way it is the result of the polarizing effect of the water drops.

  9. Never get tired of seeing rainbows ... BEAUTIFUL!! Sounds like you're enjoying yourself. Can't wait to hear more when you return home and rest!

  10. Rainbows are not that unusual, but, it's not often you get to see a full, unbroken one. What a treat!

  11. Our class was doing the same thing. We watched the sea lions too.

  12. Thank you for your rainbow pictures. When I was in Hawaii, we took a helicopter ride and flew over a rainbow. The rainbow was a circle. I always think of Judy Garland singing Somewhere over the Rainbow.
    There are some free books for your kindle on Gluten free foods.

  13. What a treat! I love how you did your Hand and Rainbow Picture!


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