Tuesday, March 19, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Live from Dulles!

I swear on my life that was the windiest funkiest roller coaster flight ever! Bumpy doesn't even begin to describe it!

Yeah, Kevin---I know you are laughing at me but there was no way to stitch hexies while white-knuckling the arm rests!!

Just before shutting my phone down u snapped a couple of pics from my window seat.

I will never get tired if seeing our magical world from above!

This is the intercostal waters as we make our way up past Occoquan, up toward DC.

It is amazing to me how quickly nature turns to suburbia and on to metropolis!p

Next stop--Portland! Landing now about 10pm west coast time!


  1. Safe flight! Enjoy those gorgeous views.

  2. enjoy your flight :)

  3. Since you are supposed to be arriving in about 12 minutes...hope your flight was not quite so bumpy out west...but we have had some mighty brisk winds here in the Pacific Northwest! They are quiet here right now and hope your landing is smooth and your hotel a peaceful oasis perfect for sewing!

  4. Oh Bonnie you are in my time zone now! I just finished watching your Monday night web cam on you tube it's so nice to be able to watch while I am sewing. I am back to sewing a baby quilt for my now 15 month old grandson I was trying to get it done for Christmas that plan failed then for his first birthday in January again missed the dead line
    The important part is I am working on if and I have half the blocks done and the last seam on the other half of the blocks pined and ready to stitch. Then I'll need to trim the blocks and cut the sashing . Half the blocks are hand embroidered so I cut those larger so that if they shrunk during stitching it'd be okay the alternate blocks are pin wheels I also made oversized so I can make the embroidered blocks as big as possible and trim the pinwheels to the same measurement . Doing it this way I have to wait to see the final block size to know how big to cut the sashing. It was really nice sewing with you today I really like that your sewing sessions can be played when its convenient for me
    Enjoy your trip and our time zone..... Time zone changes must be h..l when you travel


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