Thursday, April 05, 2018

What Day is it, Anyway?

I know that a Spring Break is a long enough break when I start to even forget what day it is.

Two weeks!  Two wonderful weeks – to plan, to stitch, to dream.  

To take a road trip, or two.  

To not worry about what time it is, what needs to be done. 

Cereal for lunch?  No problem and no complaints!

And yes, I know that I am finally unwinding and relaxing when I decide to forgo the bra when getting dressed for the morning as I doubt the deer will care.  RELAXED!

Not in a slovenly way, mind you.  There has been some cooking, some cleaning and even some laundry.

I also tend to use these solo cabin times as a way to get inventive with what has been lingering too long, forgotten in the freezer.


A twist on the old favorite Funeral Potatoes!

I discovered a  2 lb package of cubed hash browns that were getting to the semi-icy stage.  I combed the cupboards and found a can of cream of chicken soup, and I knew I had shredded cheese and sour cream and half an onion in the fridge.

Also found in the freezer was a package of our sliced and frozen leftover smoked turkey from Thanksgiving. I cubed that up and added it to the mix.

This concoction baked and bubbled until well done and I have enough likely to last me through the weekend!  Toss in a green salad and I’ve been good to go.

With The Hubster coming up for the weekend upon his return home from Santa Barbara, it’s likely I’ll be making a trip to town today for some more groceries to see us through the weekend. Rick and Mona are also coming up.  We have a new hot tub to install, and I’ll post more about that hilarious saga as soon as I see it being pulled up the steep drive.

About the blocks at the top of this post.  I’ve been working on these as my “On the Go” project since the year began. I’ve finally completed enough of them, and I think I know how I want to set them, and that is my goal for today – I am LOVING them. 

For those who want the block design, it is my plan to submit these for an Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker, so stay tuned on that.


Finished, bound, and photographed!

It was finally dry enough outside to hang my Checkerboard Rails quilt over the deck railing for a photo op.  Oh, I love how this turned out! 

Someone asked how many blocks exactly and what the size is – and do you know – I don’t rightly know!  My answers are “a lot” and “big enough”.  At some point I’ll count them all and figure it out, but the best I can say is that it is FULL size.  I just kept making blocks until my eyes were happy with what I saw.


And the flip side!

Goodness, that green homespun is REALLY GREEN! It makes me smile though – I was able to use the gifted fabric in a place it looks fabulous.  I did pre-wash the homespun because I know it is a shrinker-upper and I wasn’t sure how colorfast it was going to be.  It is soft and yummy, and with the wool batting, this quilt is so snuggly!  I’m glad I didn’t quilt it too closely together…wool is best when left to puff a bit.


Sadie thinks so, too!

Yep.  Love that green binding.


This morning’s sunrise!

Click to play:

Make sure your sound is on, and watch for the birds!

I want to get out hiking.  The weather has just not cooperated.  Today looks more promising, but it was only 26 degrees out when I stepped on to the front porch this morning to take that video.

I'm a fair-weather hiker.  But I'm going to get out there.  I am.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Bowtie Quilt Found near Asheville, NC.

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone – I’ve got a date with a pink machine who’s calling my name!


  1. I think that should be the name of your quilt when finished "On The Go".

  2. I love your blog posts!! It feels like I’m sitting down with a friend, over a cup of coffee, catching up! Yes, I converse back to you, but I doubt you can hear me from here 😂. I love the video from this morning. The sounds of the birds, and the sun through the trees, is soul-soothing. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your time off!! I look forward to our next “conversation” 😉

    1. Thank you Whitney! My day doesn't start right if I don't blog my thoughts. I've journaled since I was a young teen - this blog has been my journal for 13 years now.

  3. Having way too much fun with Nora. Glad you've got to have a nice Spring break. Hot tub adventures sounds interesting. I love that potato dish. Great way to use up your freezer stuff.

  4. The checkerboard rail fence is under my needle and the "On the go" is being planned. Lots of layer cakes are on my Accuquilt. Love following you. Gives me new projects all the time and my stash is singing :)

  5. After stitching for an hour or so this morning I thought I’d stop and check in with you. Your comment about going braless cracked me up! We all do it from time to time...........I know you are fully enjoying and relaxing over your spring break. You deserve it! Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your time amidst a hectic schedule. (and your free time) ��

  6. Enjoy your time off! Love the casserole idea. I love everything you create and share with us. I do have a question for you though, how do you store the quilts that you don’t use , “ gift” or display? For as many as you create, I can see one room devoted to their storage.

  7. Gotta love vacations! Enjoy!

  8. I love that you let your Sadie on the quilts...dogs needs quilts too! My friends laugh at me when I make them for family pets. I have a date with a quilting frame today.Getting in some hand quilting.

  9. I can't decide which is prettier - the pile of cheerful 'on the go' blocks or the finished rails quilt. Still LOVING the spearmint green back. Enjoy your reset time!!

  10. Your blogs make me feel like I'm chatting with my sisters on a morning when we're all able to get together for coffee. Nothing is more peaceful and calming than watching the sun rise and hearing the birds awaken. I've saved your video for stressful days or just because....

    Thanks so much for your advice, knowledge and most of all, friendship.

    Loretta McGinn

  11. Love both!!!! You are getting my creative juices going!

  12. Love the braless. Do you ever pajama sew? I do. Just wondering...are you ever concerned about hiking with the bears in the community?

  13. Those blocks are just so cute! Glad I just renewed my subscription to Quiltmaker! Loved the sound of the birds; so calming. Checkerboard Rails is a wonderful quilt. I love black and white, and the checkerboard design really appeals to me.

  14. What was the name of the purple quilt you showed yesterday? I loved it, and looked all around in my books and the free patterns to find it. I am doing "Smith Mountain Morning" now, so no hurry on the pattern info! (I will send you a picture when I am done.)

  15. Oh my, the housecats loved the bird calls in your sunrise video.

  16. I LOVE sewing in my jammies, no bra, no shoes, just slippers!!! Have a great and wonderful day, Bonnie!! Your posts always make me smile.

  17. Is it OK if we share your Quiltville quote of the day on our Facebook page? Love that quote!

  18. I love your view. I'd love a place like that to take a hike!


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