Saturday, April 28, 2018

Packing, Packing, Packing --- ROAD TRIP!

This was Sadie’s face yesterday as I rushed around the cabin, gathering my things – putting everything “right” before heading down the mountain yesterday afternoon.

No, this quilt isn’t completely bound yet – but I’ve just one side and the hanging sleeve and label to go.  I’m getting there.

Why the early departure?

I just felt the need to get home and give myself just a bit more time to  be ready for Sunday’s trip to Georgia -

I’ll be visiting guilds in Cummings, Oconee and Snellville in a 5-day-Frenzy of quilty activity.

I hope I’ll see many of you there!


Trimmed and de-papered!

This small stack from the past couple days of treadle activity was trimmed to size and paper removed in between helping replace the old hot tub wiring with new wiring so we could get that  new beast hooked up, filled and running.

It was still in progress when I was heading out, but I am hopeful of a big long hot relaxing soak on my next trip up!


My lane way on my way down to the main road.

Do you see any green here?  Not much!  The trees are starting to get a bit of green halo effect way up at their tippy tops, but at this elevation, things are a few weeks behind.


The road to Sparta – getting a bit greener!


Stopped at a red light!

I love the Allegheny  County, NC court house in this little mountain town.


Coming down the pass – the other side of the parkway – LEAVES!

It’s just amazing what a difference a few feet in elevation make.  These trees are nearly all the way leafed out as I headed down the pass between Sparta and Elkin, NC.  By the time I reached home – everything is in full leafy green.  There is only 100 miles distance between the Wallburg house and Quilt Villa, VA!  Crazy.


This is keeping my sanity!

Gina sent me a copy of each of her books – and I am so grateful! 

She writes:

Bonnie – I saw your post on Facebook: “Happy people take nothing for granted – not even the rising of the sun in the morning.”

YES! Thought perhaps you might enjoy my book and journal set that came out earlier this spring.  Accept them with  my thanks for many happy hours of quilting.

All Best -
Gina Prosch,
A Quiltville Hand Piecer.

I was so excited that I had to look her up on Facebook because she didn’t include an email contact address for me to thank her.

She is piecing On Ringo Lake by HAND!!  And it’s going to be gorgeous.

The thing I really love about handwork of any kind is that it allows quiet time for contemplation, for sorting things out, for focusing on gratitude – and I’m going to love incorporating these books into my practice.


Meditations for Finding Joy Every Day

How do you find happiness in a world consumed with despair? Where is joy in a seemingly endless tide of conflict?

In this collection of small observations and positive anecdotes culled from her popular Facebook page, Gina Prosch shares a prescription for melancholy and a deceptively simply answer to one of life’s most troubling questions.

Taken one day at a time, or several pages in a sitting, Gina’s words reframe reality for a better today, and help set the stage for a better, more uplifting tomorrow.


A Year of Living Gratefully

Finding This Day’s Joy: A Year of Living Gratefully is a journal designed to be a hands-on tool to inspire you to look for – and find – the joy that’s always nearby.

The questions are so very thought provoking and easy to answer.  They bring up memories, both pleasant and heartfelt – a way to rediscover just what it is that makes me ME.

Thank you, Gina!  I’m so excited to learn more about you through This Day’s Joy, and to learn more about myself as I answer the questions and queries in Finding This Day’s Joy!

Visit Gina’s website HERE. And take a peek at her blog for more inspiration.  I’m hooked!  Her most recent post on Daffodil School sang to my heart, and the post just previous – shows her hand piecing her On Ringo Lake in progress.

I’ve just a few more things to do to be ready for this Georgia trip – and then the rest of the day is mine to relax and enjoy.

If you missed last night’s Quilty Box drawing post – congrats to our two winners!  But if you didn’t win – no worries – I’ve got a Flash Sale going on for 25% off some selected rulers.  

Click back to THAT POST for the needed coupon code and details!  Offer only good through tomorrow, so hurry!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage tulip quilt found in Bakersfield, California.

There are some days when life throws things at you in all directions.

All you can do is remember to breathe and keep laughing!

Without a sense of humor, there's no way to survive!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. Good morning! Happy weekend.

  2. I think Sadie "knows" you are leaving her again. Our pets always know. Have a safe and joyful trip.

  3. Bonnie- It is almost always late at night before I get to read your post's. I find joy by ending each day with a daily devotional. While the boys were growing up, I would read the day's page to the boys at dinner, then ask them to reflect on it, and tell how they could reflect on something that happened that day and how it related to the day's lesson. I kept that up until they were no longer at home. I also find great joy in being able to reflect on nature, sit and watch it daily. No green on the deciduous trees where I live in Alaska, yet. I live at sea level, about 1.43 miles from the inlet, but we won't have very much green for another month, yet. I will see the strawberries leafing out before the trees!

    Safe Travels!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is rainy

  4. Hi Bonnie! I love your updates about your travels and adventures. I love all you do for us quilters! You have a beautiful cabin getaway! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing Gina's info! I checked it out - she really has some good stuff!

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