Monday, April 02, 2018

Easter - Gone to the Dogs!

This year Easter day was spent at the cabin – SOLO with Sadie by my side, which I guess technically isn’t solo at all.

The black/purple bonus triangle stars came up with me, and I was SURE I had all of the blocks done, just needed to set things out and start the assembly process – much easier here than at home because I have the floor space for it.

What’s this?  How did this happen?  4 chain blocks short and 2 star blocks long!

It wasn’t a problem - -there are scraps a plenty at the cabin, and I set in to make the needed 20 four-patches and had them sewn before lunch.

But what about setting triangle fabric?  there was NOT any purple yardage to speak of.  I had a handful or less of purple fat-quarter sized pieces, some layer cake squares and some 3 1/2’’ strips.  What could I do with those?


Pieced setting triangles to the rescue!


Loving these fabric combos!

Just looking at this photo I can spy fabrics from the 1980s, 1990s and into the 2000s.  The black/purple half square triangles were bonus triangles gifted from our Carolina Christmas mystery many years back and are finally finding a place to land in this quilt.

There was a cry for MORE of the black background before Christmas, and more showed up in the mail – I have PLENTY to use as a narrow inner border – and that outer border?  I think I just want to find a fun print of something as one piece of yardage – this is scrappy enough.  No piano keys are strings or more half-square triangles are needed.  Just something to call it done.

That find may happen today as Mona and I are heading out after this posts and making our way toward Asheville, NC to pick up some gifted machines!


Morning view from Mona’s front porch!

Sadie and I arrived in Boomer, NC about 4pm – we sat outside enjoying some iced tea and long conversation followed by a non traditional Easter dinner of pizza and TV watching while binding happened.  Sort of.  There was Show & Share at Mona’s to happen first!


Jade & Cottontail finished!

(Love the spool cabinet desk she found recently!)


Pinwheel Fancy from Addicted to Scraps book is done!


Oh, Beanie!


And a gorgeous machine find!

Compac Deluxe, 1950s made in Japan.


Oh kids, you are SO CUTE!

And Max gets into the action too: Click to play:

Easter treats all around!


Not much binding happening here!


And definitely not here!

Life with 12 feet click clacking across the floor….it’s a whole herd of doggie goodness. 

Uncle Rick will be doggie sitting while Mona and I head off.  We are so exciting to hit the road.  There should be some antique mall wandering, some thrift shop combing, some lunch out somewhere – and just going where Moby takes us – including some fabric acquisition just in case I find the perfect border fabric for the purple stars quilt shown above.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Quilt found in La Salle, IL

Find the one thing within the mundane of your day that makes you smile!

Did you notice the one triangle gone awry in the upper left?

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!


  1. Kylie say sounds terrific

  2. That purple quilt is calling to me. What a beauty, and a little something different with that colorway.

  3. Great quilt Bonnie! Happy Sewing, enjoy your time at home.

  4. Love those pieced setting triangles!

  5. Just LOVE that purple quilt! Max looks like a chihuahua but what are Beanie & Sadie? They are just too cute!!! :)

  6. Drooling over all that purple scrappy goodness!

  7. I had pizza for dinner last night too. My husband is away, and as he is not a huge pizza fan, I often have it when he is away. So my easter was a breakfast potluck at church, followed by a service, then a performance of Mary Poppins by our local theatre group, and finally pizza accompanied by Call the Midwife!

  8. Of all the great photos my eyes are attracted to the lovely upholstered chair in the background. It looks like a scrappy quilt pattern just waiting to be made.

  9. What would we do without those 4 paws and smiles?

  10. What's the pattern of the purple quilt? Love it!!!!!

  11. I just love how you manage to make wonderful out of not much. Love those set in triangles. How do you figure out the size to start with, is there some trick to it?

  12. I love your purple quilt top! For some reason, it is one of my favorites of all you have posted in the years I've kept up with your blog.

  13. Mona has really taken the ball and run with it with her quilting. You found a great mentee? to pass your skills onto.

  14. Such fun with friends! Beautiful quilt. Great video. They're all the same. lol

  15. Purple quilt is gorgeous. X

  16. Cannot wait for the pattern for the purple stars and chain quilt - I just love it! I won't even need to buy any fabric to make it if I make it in blue. Might go put them aside right now, ready for the pattern!!!

  17. Bonnie: I hope you had a successful trip to Ashville! I Love Ashville. I also love your purple and black stars quilt. What pattern is it? Have you told us yet, and where can I find it? Thank You so much!

    Kasilof, AK

  18. The pink triangle gone awry that you singled out reminds me of me. Always out of step, seeing things differently, not necessarily wrong, just different, hearing a different drummer to everyone else. Sometimes lagging behind, not able to keep up, daydreaming of what else could be. Wonder if the person that pieced & quilted that quilt was trying to say something or was it really just an error?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I love love love this purple quilt. How can I get the pattern?

  21. Such beautiful quilts! Sweet little baby dogs, too. Blessings!

  22. Is the Jake & Cottontail pattern available to purchase?


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