Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Lozenges is a TOP!!

All of that pinning!

All of that sewing!

During last night’s Quilt-Cam I was able to finish the last two seams and call this Leader & Ender project a TOP FINISH!


Is there anything that feels as good as getting that top together?

Yes, I know that finishing the quilting, and putting the last stitch into the binding are also great feats – but for me, I feel the most sense of accomplishment at the finish of the TOP!  And I think that feeling is what carries me on to wanting to see it quilted and bound.

These pieces were all sewn as Leaders & Enders – NO CHEATING going on for me, so it took a year to get this project to this point.  That is the whole purpose of a Leader & Ender project.  It just grows on the side with little thought or effort.  It’s a freebie in between everything else.  It’s a fun distraction to see how it grows along the side.  I love these Leader & Ender projects we have done together!


It really is a fun one!

All of these fabrics came from the 3.5” bin- older fabrics that had just been languishing in obscurity – because the print was big, or wild, or ugly –because they just needed to find the right project to use them up and let them shine like bits of stained glass in an old window.

Other fabrics?  Favorites!  Pieces I have loved so much with memories to match.  It’s all in here, the good, the bad, the questionable, and the hideous!


Odd Bed-fellows!  But it works!

I also used up a ton of black and neutral 2” squares – happy to see those find a good home in here!

You'll find the free pattern to start your own Lozenges Leader & Ender quilt under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog!

Next up –a BACKING!



There are some fairly dated muddy browns in my stash – pieces that have been gifted or have lingered so long I forgot why I was even interested in this shade of brown..LOL  There is quite a bit of brown in the top –and the way I figure it, EVERYTHING is better with a bit of chocolate –and that includes brights!  There is one strip of leftover Lozenge units that can be sewn into this back too – so this is my job today.  START a back.  Hopefully finish a back.  I’m not going all out as crazy with the orphan box as I did the past blue one – but who knows.  A couple of orphans may just find a place to land in here.

What better way to spend a rainy day than home in the studio piecing up a back!

Have a terrific Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. looking good there bonnie....hoping to sew some today myself....

  2. Great way to spend a rainy day for sure. We have sunshine and warming temperatures although it is cool this morning.I will be in my sewing room too packing things to do for retreat. I just am not sure what I want to work on, so not sure what to pack! Decisions decisions!!!

  3. Have been thinking about your eyes and holding you in the pocket of my heart for a good outcome. Yesterday I remembered the crisis of the broken glasses and the hurry in appointment in a busy life...that has turned out to be a 'good thing' if it leads to a resolution.

    They only found my lung cancer because I had breast cancer :) another 'good thing'.

  4. I love studying the fabrics in your quilts! This is so cool!

  5. I love studying the fabrics in your quilts! This is so cool!

  6. Congrats on finishing the lozenges top! That is a great feeling. Missed Quiltcam last night so am treating myself to a rerun this morning while stitching down a binding. Spent all day yesterday doing the same thing. The archives are a godsend!! Thanks.

  7. I am trying to get myself better organized with scraps to start a real leader/ended project. This one has been singing to me everytime I see it in your feed. And I love the finish! Have a great day sewing, I am finishing a cup of coffee, headed off for. 2 mi walk and then will be doing the same.😀

  8. Hey I like that fabric to the far left ----
    GREAT to finish a quilt...like a reason to celebrate!

    Smiles, Julie

  9. I wonder if you would do this favor for a beginning quilter.....Could you explain what you mean by "leaders" and "enders?" I am trying to pick up the quilting jargon as quickly as I can, but these terms are a puzzle to me.

    I love your quilt cam sessions and tune in as often as I can.

    Pat Cook
    Houston, TX

  10. Oh simply lovely finish on those lozenges! Mine is languishing a bit, but am putting it up higher on my list of to be finished (s)....hugs, Julierose

  11. Rainy Days are the best Sew days! A little Chocolate for your Lozenge quilt will be a good thing. Rest your eyes whenever you can. There are still more Bonnie Quilts to make. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us all!

  12. To Pat Cook- you can find about leaders and enders in the Tips and Techiques section listed at the top of the blog. Basically it's a method of sewing parts of a second quilt whole working on your "main" project.

  13. I always enjoy your pieced backings so I am looking forward to seeing what you create this time.

  14. love it. and love how it comes together as a freebie. mine is slow but progressing

  15. Congratulations of the finish,love the top.

  16. I want to do this! question, how many repeats did you cut for tne losenges, do not think want very many, I have so many scrapes, its scary. don't think over 4 0r 5, in looking at top, could not see repeats right off!!

  17. To Palmer Gal - Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for understanding leaders and enders. I appreciate your time in making the reply.


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