Monday, May 28, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Quilting up a storm!

Or that might be unquilting up a storm.

We've had a dickens of a time getting the row spacing right--there has been much picking out and whining!

We are on a roll now. We hope to get this wedding quilt done today!

Time Out in Boone!

Boone, NC is a busy little place, especially on a 3 day holiday weekend when the weather is glorious.

Of course there is hiking up Grandfather Mountain, or fishing on one of the many beautiful streams in the area. There is white water rafting and bicycle riding. We saw lots of couples on Harleys just out enjoying the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains ---and there were shoppers and browsers galore!

Some places were closed on Sunday, but some were in full swing. There was an antique mall that we passed on our way through Boone, and I had mentioned that I’d like to stop on our way back just in case – just for a “look see” ---

I was afraid I was going to hear moaning and grumbling from the driver’s seat, but miracle of all miracles, I did NOT!

You see, DH has never wandered an antique mall with me before, not ever. And I can understand why ----on the flip side, it would be like me having to spend gobs of time being completely bored in a bicycle shop, or a golf shop. I completely get it, really I do!

Mention to me that we are stopping at "Dicks Sporting Goods" for just a minute, and you will hear ME moan and groan from the passenger seat!

As soon as we entered the mall, THIS was displayed in the entry! There were oodles of people, and it was hung on this big rustic branch ((They do a LOT of stick/branch furnishings in Boone!)) and I couldn’t get it down….but oh, it’s a “Cut Glass Dish” pattern!

Boone_NC 011

Looks like it’s had quite a bit of sun fading – that is the SAME sashing fabric throughout – it’s just really faded in parts. Maybe the deep dark red area was up against a wall or tucked under or something? Love the primitive fan quilting on this one! I’m guessing it’s from right around 1900. Mourning prints. Yummy! ((I bet the words “mourning” and “yummy” really are not supposed to be used together…LOL!))

Boone_NC 012

We rounded a corner to find this poly double-knit beauty. The piecing on it was very nice! But MAN, this puppy is HEAVY! It makes me think of all the poly pant suits that my step-grandma wore ---

Boone_NC 013

A beautiful drunkard’s path in solid aqua and cream. Beautifully done. See the cable quilting in the border? Oh, I LOVE cables! It’s very hard to guess the era on a quilt made with solids, but I do know this color of aqua ((It’s not the Nile green of the 1930s)) was popular in the 1950s. Any other guessers out there?

Boone_NC 016

A very stringy star with a HUGE table cloth check as alternate diamonds…..doesn’t it make you want to pack up a picnic and go enjoy the day down by the creek?

Boone_NC 019

I spied this folded quilt on a shelf and got all excited!

Boone_NC 020

Not only was there ONE on the shelf, but a matched pair! I couldn’t see breaking up a matched pair of quilts – so I left them both Sad smile

Boone_NC 023

1960s and early 1970s calicoes! And I so love that bright green path!

Boone_NC 021

How many of us remember having school dresses made out of these prints?!

Boone_NC 022

Amidst all the planned ones, are some very fun, ├╝ber scrappy ones! I love that hex on the upper left with the purple and green in it.

Boone_NC 024

The fabrics were just SO SO great! Hello to my early childhood memories!

Boone_NC 026

Some quilts were just simply very humble….blue feedsacks, and melon/green square in a square blocks. Thick batting, big fans, quilted quickly for winter warmth --

Boone_NC 027

And some quilts…OH BOY!

Some quilts just have such BIG problems that it will NEVER QUILT OUT! LOL!!!! The fabrics in this one were great --- left overs from skirts and dresses and other household sewing – see all the gingham checks? LOVE THOSE!

Boone_NC 028


I love seeing these ---they make my worst mistakes look not so bad ;c)

Boone_NC 014

THIS one was my favorite of all. Carpenters star in 1950s fabrics – oh, this was so cool! But the price was more than I was willing to pay, so I’ll have to make my own. I loved how some of the prints resembled grandpas pajamas or boxer shorts…and I do love how the red/gold center stars tie everything together. There WILL be one of these in my future..

Boone_NC 033

There were some primitive woolie things too ---I wish I knew the history behind this one! And no, that cat is NOT real --- ;c)

What also amazed me is this:

Boone_NC 031

This is like my bridal shower from 1981 on those shelves!

I remember all those orange, avacado, brown containers! And that pickle keeper on the far left middle shelf. Was your wedding sponsored by tupperware too? LOL!

((Once you put pickles in there, you could never get the pickle smell out of the plastic!))

Boone_NC 029

Loved the old cards of buttons….

Boone_NC 032

And no, this beautiful 301 did not come home with me – already have 2 of them ;c)

((Besides, DH was in tow, remember?!))

Boone_NC 018

The most precious of all…was watching DH with this stack of books, and remembering that HE had these as a child. His mom has been gone since December 1983. And all of those memories of her reading to him when he was little came flooding back.

Boone_NC 017

Childhood memories are priceless.

And he will probably shoot me for posting this…..if you don’t hear from me after this, send a search party!

All in all it was a fabulous day to getaway to the mountains. I hope we do it again soon!

Today Lisa is coming over to load her Tshirt quilt on the machine – we plan to get up to a lot of fun over here in the Basement – it’s been too long since she has been over ----

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Binding Time!

I'm attaching the binding to Florabunda. Finally.

I have a collection of walking feet--and what drives me nuts is that every one is a different width.

In the past I had used the edge of my walking foot with the screw on seam guide and a 2 1/4" binding strip on my Bernie 1080.

The newer Bernies have a wider foot so my strip was too narrow unless I needle over on the Activa 145.

I have 2 different widths of walking feet for vintage low shank machines.

I think I just found the one to do the job---it fits Joe Cool and the binding is underway!

iPhone-o-Gram! From Boone to Linville!

Great day for a Sunday drive, and we have seen such beautiful scenery!

From lakes to rivers to mountain views---

We've just stopped at a BBQ place for a bit of lunch before wandering further.

My highlight? Seeing quilt blocks on barns, sheds and houses! I only got DH to pull over once, I guess he thinks once is enough! Lol!!

Oh, and corner section 3 has been added to the hexie quilt! Yay!

A Sunday Drive ----

We have made a plan this morning --- to hop in the car, and go drive up into the beautiful blue ridge mountains to spend the day around Boone, NC.

I had plans to put the binding on Florabunda so I could stitch it in the car. I just decided “to heck with it”. I’ll just take hexies.

It’s far way too hot to be buried under a queen sized quilt attempting to bind in a car!


I want to see MOUNTAINS!

There may be iphone-o-grams along the way.

There may not be ---

This is a holiday for US!

Catch you later!


Appalachian State University, Beautiful Boone, NC!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A View Of My Cutting Table ---

It’s been a pretty non-eventful day! And I’m completely and utterly happy with that!

I had a massage at 10:30 am ---which left me pretty noodley from head to toe.

I headed to Sam’s Club after that to pick up more mailing envelopes – I’m starting to backstock for when the books come in, one must NOT run out of bubble mailers, you know?! And ----


Now I wouldn’t think that a box of bubble envelopes is something that Sams would run out of on a Memorial Day weekend --- but they did. So I parked my cart, and headed over to the snack bar thinking I could at least get an ice cream for my efforts ---there was ONE person in line in front of me…and ONE person behind the counter. You wouldn’t think that would cause a problem, but when I asked for an ice cream sundae, he said there were 3 waiting in line for ice creams to be made in front of me and he wasn’t able to get them done at this moment as he was the only one working the counter.


Someone tell me WHY on a big three day holiday weekend there is ONE person working the snack bar at Sams when the place is a ZOO with people?! And why was he serving the other people hotdogs and pizza and not making the other people who were waiting for their ice cream their orders?

I didn’t wait around to find out why….I left, did a bank run, and stopped for non-big-box fish tacos at a little hole in the wall Mexican place that was more than happy to treat me like I wasn’t an escapee from the zoo.

Remind me not to venture into big box land on a major holiday --- big mistake!

After that, still very relaxed and now full-bellied --- I came home and napped.

And that has been the extent of my day – except for the fact that I’ve been cleaning and sorting. Remember that I finished the last of my Nearly Insane blocks on the NY trip? I still had a bag of fabrics used in that quilt, and I sorted everything, putting all the FQ sized pieces away and sorting out the strips for ironing and re-filing, and putting the crumbs in the tubs where crumbs go ----

And the top of the table was a MESS.

It was at that point that I realized that I could do two things at once ---- cut the strips from the Nearly Insane down into bow-tie sets and clear away the strip debris at the same time. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

studio 017

I’m just getting started. It will take me a while to cut these down this evening, but it’s brainless and I can put a movie on netflix and have at it!

What’s up for your evening?

Knitnoid’s Ocean Waves!

It’s funny how we get to know people through blogging and via email. Some people will introduce themselves to me by name and state when we meet as in “Suzie from Poughkeepsie” But often times, if we have corresponded, or they have commented frequently, I’ll recognize them much easier by the first part of their email address!

Such is the case with the quilter who’s login on Blogger is simply “Knitnoid” ---there was no first name/last name attached to her email, but that’s okay – I’d recognize her better as simply “Knitnoid” anyhow!

She sent along some beautiful photos of an Ocean Waves quilt she just finished, and I wanted to share it along with you:


Last weekend I gave my niece her high school graduation present -- this Ocean Waves quilt I made using your instructions and of course bonus HSTs!

My niece told me her favorite color was "turquoise". My pictures don't show the fabric in true colors. I used a "hot pink" backing and rented time on a long arm to quilt it -- flowers all over the place, although the pictures don't show it too well.

I love the fact that it has scraps of fabric of all sorts of things in it. It was definitely a trip down memory lane. I started it last October and finished it a month before graduation -- a first for me to have a quilt finished BEFORE the gift giving occasion.

Thanks for all that you do for quilters world wide. I'm looking forward to your next book.


Full quilt! Love that turquoise!


Close up of quilt detail! Just beautiful!


Image of the backing fabric…love the hot pink..and I can see the camera shadow! LOL! We do what we have to do to get the job done, right?


Here’s the matching pillow case – what a great graduation gift for a special neice!

Thanks for sharing the quilt with me Knitnoid, now if I only knew your REAL name!

**Addition** Knitnoid has emailed me back, and I know know she is Pam A in KC, MO! She blogs HERE!

Rose of Sharon, Circa 1850

I left town and got busy, leaving one more quilt to share from my visit to New Paltz, NY for when I returned home ---it was just too many blog posts to try to write ahead before leaving.

I wanted to post things “in the now” while in Illinois and Ohio --- and I knew this spectacular quilt would be waiting for me when I got back home and could post about it.

When I arrived in New Paltz, this was the first building I visited ----it was the WRONG building, I needed to find the building where Susan worked, but I needed to ask someone so I could get my bearings on where I was --- and also find a restroom!

It was a bit of a jaunt from my hotel in Connecticut to New Paltz in the rain.

I love this time of the year because there are always school field trips going on ---- and when I entered the building, they had a school field trip doing activities inside the big meeting room. FUN! I found the facilities, and found where I needed to go and headed over to meet Susan.

After our tour, and before I headed out of town she said there was ONE MORE QUILT that I needed to see, and it was in that room where the field trip had been congregating, so we had to wait until they were done ---- they were just finishing up by the time we got back to this building.

The quilt? A magnificent Rose of Sharon!

The quilt was made by Rebecca LeFevre and given as a gift to her son Peter.

NY2012 357

The border was the first thing to catch my eye…and then I was drawn to the 12 lovely blocks. I adore asymmetrical applique blocks. In these, the applique fully filled each block, but it’s not a wreath or an even 4 or 8 armed spray, it starts with that one chunky stem in the bottom left corner of each block and just goes! I love the little sprigs on the buds in the upper right hand of each block. And do you see the top row only is “upside down”?

NY2012 358

Not only is the applique very fine, but the attention to detail in the hand quilting is so precice, you’d think it was machine unless you get really close to check it out. Luckily this quilt was hung full out on a wall so I COULD get close. I love that the red of the buds resemble “heart tops” SO folksy!

NY2012 359

Can you see the miniscule hand quilting stitches? Double rows of most everything ---Triple, if you count the quilting IN the applique shapes, and then the double rows of echoing around them in the background area.

This brings me to a funny that happened to me this past trip. A lady asked during my lecture if I worried that the “muslin” in some of my quilts was not as good as quilt shop quality fabric, and didn’t I worry that they would fall apart over time?

First off – Right off – I thought of these quilts made with every day ordinary muslin that I had documented and shared with you just the few days before leaving for Illinois. And second ---I just love the look of hand quilting on muslin. Why do we think we are any better now, or know better – than what these expert quilters did in their day?

I would love my work to be this fine ---and yes, with a good quality “plain” muslin just as they did. I am so not a fabric snob. My response to her was that we “praise” quilts made with feed sacks from the depression years of the 1930s. Feed sacks were not high quality quilting fabric. Any good quality muslin that is made now is far better than any muslin that was made in the 1800s through the 1930s and beyond…I don’t buy the cheap stuff, but that she should use whatever makes her happy in her quilts, and I would use what makes me happy.

I have to chuckle as I realize the quilt police are still out there, doing their brain-washing on unsuspecting quilters!

NY2012 360

Close up of adorable blossom and the cute circular flowers in the background area!

NY2012 361

I love the beautiful leafy vine that acts as sashing between the blocks --- there is no sashing, the vine is just quilted over the seams to give a sashing kind of look.

NY2012 362

I LOVE the very thick center vine! It has that “Jack in the bean stalk” feel to it! And can you see the double circle quilted at the top right?

NY2012 363

Center blossom --- so pretty!

NY2012 364

close up of those “commas” at the top of the top bud….and more quilting detail.

NY2012 365

More hand quilting detail..I just love those circle flowers, I wonder what she traced?

NY2012 366

A section of bottom border ----

NY2012 367

I wish I could have seen Rebecca LeFevre working on her quilt --- sitting at her applique, and then watching her hand quilt. Wouldn’t that be something? Show me how they got such fine stitches in the “early” days without ott lights and special needles and all of the other goodies we have now. Did she quilt on a full sized floor frame? Did she quilt it herself or have help? What did she think about when she stitched?

Happy Memorial Day weekend to those of us in the states! I hope you have some special times planned with your loved ones and family members. I hope you make some memories, and maybe get a bit of time to stitch in between. As for me, I’m staying home – nothing big planned, but just being home and enjoying time with family in my own surroundings is just what I need. There will be grilling! And napping! And some stitching --- I’d like to get the binding on Floribunda if at all possible, it hasn’t even been trimmed yet – there has just been too much else going on.

But I am starting this morning off right --- with a massage appointment! LOL! I’m using my Mother’s Day gift card -----just what this girl needs!