Monday, May 07, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Whooooohoo!

I did it!

All of the blocks, half blocks, and corners for my Nearly Insane Salinda Rupp quilt are done!

And yes, the triangles are turned RIGHT! It's a reproduction of a wonky block made wonky on purpose, though several of you have told me to fix it!

This is how it is staying---wonky on purpose! ((And somehow I get the giggles over how nuts this makes some of you --- let it go, people! You are too uptight! LOL!))

I'll cut sashings when I get home and likely complete the assembly on my own turf.

I've been working on this quilt since about 2003, but have been in love with Salinda's quilt since the late 1980s.

Insane? Yes! Worth it? Oh yes!!

Say hello to the last block--

Focus On The Center ---- THE WINNERS!

After our workshop today, 7 of us took off for the biggest burgers I’ve ever seen at a near by pub ----The Blazer Pub in Purdys, NY.

I’m so full I don’t think I’ll eat for a WEEK at least!

I just love being able to experience local haunts that are such a far throw from the usual “chain franchise” places ----and I can honestly say that this place is UNIQUE! The conversation and company made it so worthwhile….but suffice it to say that we were all moaning and groaning and wishing we had worn our elastic waisted pants as we attempted to roll on out of there!

It’s my LAST evening here on the NY/CT border.

I’m starting to pack my suitcases back up, getting ready to haul it all to the car in the morning. I’ll be off to New Paltz to see the historic Huguenot Street in the morning, and then I’m bee-lining home from there. It’s going to be a long drive, and I hope to go as far as I can tomorrow, if not all the way. We will see how I feel.

SO…I’m drawing WINNERS for Pat Sloan’s book this evening! Are you ready?

I was tickled with the participation, and I know you will like this book --- it has such great possibilities that can be used to enhance ANY quilt --- and those are the kinds of books I like the best – the ones that present “jumping off” kinds of ideas and let your imagination run wild with options!

477 of you left comments. Two of you are lucky winners!

Our first winner is SUE W!

She writes;


From the quilts you showed from Pat's new book, I'd pick "Lucky Charms" to do. I love medallion type quilts.

I also like the one you picked especially when you said the carpenter star center was done without those pesky "y" seams. This is a book being added to my wish list.

Upstate NY

Our second winner is Pat T!

She writes:

Hi, Bonnie!

Good morning! Wonderful post!!... Great question, about teen jobs!... (LOL about the motor pool job and phone tactics!!)... I'm going to hurry over to Pat's place, to see what she reveals about you!! :-D

Oh, Bonnie!... Your choice of pattern and fabrics (cheddar and shirtings!!!) are SO EXACTLY what I see you working on!!! That pattern seems to have been designed just for you!!

As for me, I can see four of those patterns in my near future! I think the Antique Mist is first, with some fabrics that have been "ripening" in my stash for just about long enough! (no fabric used before its time???! LOL!)
Thank you, for the opportunity to get this great book, Bonnie!
Have a great trip!

Pat T. in Michigan

Dear Ladies! I am so excited for you! Please send me your snail mail addresses so I can get them on to the publisher so they can get your books out to you.

And thank you everyone for playing along in this great give-away----

And now --- I’m off to sew that VERY LAST NEARLY INSANE block! I’m sure I’ll be doing the iphone-o-gram-of-joy before this evening is over!

iPhone-o-Gram! The Margy Edition!

Dear Margy, Vicki and I send you our love from North Salem, New York all the way to Sydney Australia!!

Serenity Now, Girl!!

Bonnie and Vicki!

In Search of Helen! Book Switching!

Quilt Show shoppers are enthusiastic, zealous, excited and running on a large dose of quilt and fabric overload!

It was a very exciting feeding frenzy at the book signing table the past couple of days ---more than I expected.

We had help though….yesterday as I was signing, we also had one person making the change and handling the money, and one person facilitating and helping to direct traffic on which books needed signed to whom, and who has paid, who needs change, how much to give --- it was really pretty much as “organized chaos” as we could get it – but still --- CHAOS!

Last evening I got this email:

Dear Bonnie,

I was at the your lecture at the Northern Star Quilt Guild Show on Sunday, May 6. I bought three of your books and you inscribed all three. Imagine my surprise when on the bus trip back to the parking lot, I discovered two of the three books were inscribed to "Helen" and only one inscribed to me "Wendy".

I can only surmise that Helen picked up two of my books and her two were picked up by me. I don't know if you can publicize this at your website in any way, but I would be glad to exchange books with Helen (provided of course that she has the two books inscribed to me).

If anyone contacts you about receiving two books inscribed to "Wendy" please let me know. Thank you.

So dear HELEN --- if you purchased books from me yesterday --- please check the INSIDE of your books. If they are inscribed to WENDY --- please get in touch with me by EMAIL so that we can arrange a switch back between Wendy and you!

I’m sure you’d rather have the books that I signed to you in your possession, and Wendy would love to have hers BACK!!

Honestly, this has never happened before, but knowing what kind of a stampede it was --- I can see it happening, that one of us either handed the wrong books to the wrong person, or someone picked them up mistakenly from the wrong pile….and I hope we can fix it!

iPhone-o-Gram!! Quilters on Fire!

Live from the ambulance house---the Northern Star Quilters are sewing like mad on Jared Takes A Wife blocks!!

It's a gorgeous day in New York State---hope you are enjoying your Monday!!

Cathedral Stars---Times Two!

These New York gals LOVE Cathedral Stars as a workshop – and what’s not to like? You get to dig deep into the scraps, play with "happy fabrics" you’ve been wanting to sew up, play with color schemes and hang out with your best quilt buds all day!

It’s been a busy week with lots going on life-wise and blog-wise and I haven’t had a chance to really post the pics from the two Cathedral Stars workshops we had back to back on Thursday with the Hudson Valley chapter of the American Sewing Guild, and Friday with the Wiltwyck Quilters Guild of Kingston, NY.

I’ve been thinking how to do it--- do I combine them in ONE slide show, and lump them all together? Or do I do two slide shows and make people endure the same quilt workshop two days in a row?

I decided instead to do two slide shows in one post, but separate them --- mostly so the girls can FIND their photos in with their own group! This means this is a long photo-heavy post so I want to apologize to those on dial up ahead of time.

First up? Thursday with the ASG!

I’m sure Kim is going to be blushing head to toe that I posted her picture ---but I want her to know how much it meant to me that she would come play for the day, and to bring Debby too! It was so nice to spend time with you girls!

NewYork2012 064

We also had a class mascot ---everyone say hello to FRANK! This little guy gets around --- ;c)

After everyone packed it all up at the end of the day, I loaded my stuff into the back of Shamu and headed across the river toward Kingston:

NewYork2012 077

I remembered crossing this bridge for the first time a year ago --- and here I was again!

I set myself up in my new hotel for the night ---and the next morning I was on my way to spend the day with the Kingston girls ----

NewYork2012 085

If I was running late, I had a good excuse! I got stuck by a long train ----and so did several others ----and I was CLOSE to the destination spot --- so close – but yet so far!

((This was the day that I was gifted the wonderful vintage machine by Gae – that I can hardly wait to get home to try out ---I’m still pinching myself over this gift!))

NewYork2012 090

You know how I love quilty containers? Look at this roll-up carry-all! It’s made out of a placemat ---- you can stitch the pockets as wide or as narrow as you’d like. Cool idea!

NewYork2012 091

Here it is all rolled up! These would be great gifts for quilty friends!

Along with cute project ideas…I came across something that could REALLY be dangerous:

NewYork2012 117

Have you seen these?! OH. MY. WORD. It’s a good thing the bag belonged to someone else ----I could have grazed away the whole bag if it were mine!

Here are the photos from the Kingston workshop:

Today we are switching things up with a “Jared Takes A Wife” workshop with the Northern Star Quilters of Somers, NY!

Yes, the fun continues ---and tonight, I’ll be drawing for the two winners of Pat Sloan’s “Focus On The Center!”

Happy Monday, Everyone!