Thursday, April 19, 2012

Out of the Ruler Drawer!

I know I’m not the only one who is drawn to rulers and gadgets and things that do specific things, and I have some that I love even though they are not “Every Day” items…

Rulers are just that way. I have my favorite 12.5” X 6.5”, my 6.5” square, the Easy Angle, Companion Angle and Tri Recs. I have BIG squares for squaring blocks, and quilt corners before putting on borders and binding, I use a large setting triangle ruler for cutting setting triangles from strips instead of cutting big squares into quarters --- I have a long ruler for trimming quilt edges before putting on binding……These things are close at hand where I do my cutting…

But there are some other things that only come out to play once in a while.

One of these things is the “EZ Center Square” ruler by Sharon Hultgren --- Any time I have a block that needs a center square on point – I know the math is going to be funny and I can’t just reach into my pre-cut squares for a square that will work.

And because the rotary cutting math is funny when you put something on point, I could find myself drafting the unit in EQ to see what size it would tell me to ROTARY CUT if I wanted the center square-in-a-square unit to finish at 3” when the corners are added.

jubilee 003

Just to show you --- here is the print out from EQ ---telling me to cut a 2 5/8” center square and cut my corner triangles from 2 3/8” squares – which would work…but with this ruler I don’t have to go and try to figure the math before hand.

jubilee 004

For a unit that is going to finish at 3” with the center square on point within the unit I just use the 3” finished line on the ruler. I don’t have to hunt down 2 5/8”, or even calculate to see what size that square needs to be.

jubilee 005

Once the strip is cut, the ruler also helps you cut squares from the strip…it has sizes from 2” up to 8” units with the center square on point in the unit. The only down side is that it is full inch increments only, not half-inch sizes. But for most things, this has the size that I need without having to do the math.

Like I said --- it’s not a ruler I find myself using all the time – but when I need it, it’s there!

jubilee 006

From here I Just used my Easy Angle Ruler and 2” strips to cut the half-square triangles I needed to put that center square on point. I didn't have to cut 2 3/8" squares which is also an odd strip measurement that I don't keep readily at hand.

jubilee 007

Here is where they will go!

jubilee 009

I used this unit in the center of my Star block for this week’s Barrister’s Sow Along ---

jubilee 011

And I sewed two more!

Jacks on Six, Big Dipper, Sawtooth Star, Flying Dutchman

These are the 3 blocks from this week’s installment, and the one bonus block as well. I’m still 3 blocks behind! I thought it was 2 – but no – it’s THREE. I came home after dropping the Wake Forest quilt off at the ball park for Karen, and crashed for a nap ---but I’ll be back at it! I’m bound and determined to get CAUGHT UP!

It’s 9pm --- and I feel a second wind coming on thanks to that nap!


  1. I've got ruler envy! Everytime I see a new gadget on here I gotta get it! or make it! but it's nice to know about these things and how to use them!

  2. Well Bonnie, does your DH ever tell to knock it off and come to bed? And I would like to have one of those rulers..don't have it...yet!

  3. Bonnie...I am sewing too trying to catch up!! I decided today when I found some fat quarters at a resale shop that were Christmas vintage goodies from Cloth World from years ago that I needed them and I need to make a Christmas quilt just like the Jubilee quilt in the Sow along!! So....I have made the first six for the regular quilt and just finished the first six for the Christmas Quilt.....

    I will be glad when my brain can wrap around these rulers you use...I have purchased them and well...they collect dust rather well!!

    Happy sewing!

  4. You do so much, I have to take a nap. It's not just part of being Old. Janet O says I'm busy and make her head spin with all my projects.

  5. LOL! You need to go check out www.guidelines4quilting.com
    I just recieved their no math ruler set and it's pretty kewl. The site has flash player and video instructions. I thought they were so neat, I got a set for my friend too!

    Love your Barrister blocks, but then I love all your work. You totally rock!

  6. Thank you for the quick demo of this ruler, but I totally do not know how you were able to figure out that you were supposed to be choosing the two inch strips for the little triangles?

  7. love the blocks! that's a great use of plaids and stripes together.

  8. I don't think I've seen that ruler... will have to look for it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I too am a ruler/gadget lover!! I committed to becoming more accurate with my cutting and piecing this year, and of course that meant new rulers!!! lol

  10. I did not know this ruler existed! I too am doing the Sow Along but ended up Googling square-in-a-square and found a calculator that gave the measurements I needed. This ruler is better. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I love, love, love my easy angle! I only have 6 rulers (I am however very new) but can I admit that the one I use the most (the 6x22) is broken!! OOPS! Mine is really more like 6x 18-on-one-side and 19-on-the-other! LOL Some day I will replace it!! But it was my Mothers and I just cannot bring myself to part with it!

  12. Didn't know about that particular ruler - thanks! :)

  13. Hi Bonnie, EZ has some great rulers. A special friend is all over speciality rulers just celebrated a birthday...guess what she'll get? A good part of this is that I'll probably have opportunity to use it too. Love the way your Barrister Sow Along blocks are looking. Sandi

  14. I've never seen this one. I've been using a tutorial that works pretty good but this would be way easier. Going to look for it and thanks for sharing!


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