Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Vet Day Monday -

I am putting this at the top here.

Not because I got a chance to work on them yesterday - I didn't - but because this is where my thoughts are while we go through these uncertain times.

And though I'd like to stop everything and stay glued to the news, there are those in my family (of the fur coated four footed variety) that needed some seeing to of their own.

I'll get back to the hearts soon.  I hope.

This one was not impressed with the crate.

But I could tell she was not feeling well because she didn't object and fight her way out of being put in here.

She meowed all the way to Wytheville, but once we were in the vet office, waiting to be worked in between other scheduled appointments, she tucked her feet under herself at the back of the crate and was dead silent.

Mind you, there was A LOT going on, including a man and woman who brought in 4 big dogs at once to be vaccinated.  2 German shepherds, a massive mastiff, and some kind of cairn terrier.

It was a sight to see!

The vet was a kindly older gentleman who has been there since the dawn of time on the outskirts of Wytheville.

Ivy didn't even protest to thermometers being shoved where the "sun don't shine" and the vet commented that he could hear her somewhat obstructed breathing from the other side of the room as he entered.

All symptoms point to an upper respiratory infection along with an ear infection from her own over-cleaning and grooming. (Ivy is a slobber kitty and is always chinning objects or licking herself.)

Shots happened.  Meds came home.  She'll be okay!  That's the main good thing.

The whole episode took 4 hours.  An hour to drive there, 2 hours waiting to be seen and another hour back home.

Mabel the nurse maid!

Giving sniffs and kisses.

Mabel has taken to standing guard over Ivy as she gets better.  I wonder how long Ivy will stand it before she finally swats her away.

And since we are on the talk of cats:

This one has been showing up on the porch at Quiltville Inn.

Who are you? Where did you come from?

Yes, that's me.  LOL!

I think I found out where  - as I was stopped at the QPO on my way back with Ivy I saw this kitty and another white one sunning next to the old falling down general store that stands right next to the QPO.

When I got out of the car, they both hightailed it through a broken window and inside the old building.

They are either feral, or were dumped, or both.

This is getting ridiculous.  That's exactly how we were found by Ivy - she had come out of the old general store.

I'm not sure what I am going to do. But one cat at the QPO (Lola) and one at home (Ivy) is enough - especially when you throw the two bumbling barkers into the mix.

If the calico keeps hanging around, and becomes friendly enough, perhaps one of my visiting quilters would consider adopting her.  And that's as far as I've gotten with this thing thus far.

My pet life is turning into a circus.

Border added in 2008. Quilting added in 2022. Likely finishing by 2025. Lol!

So here we are - MARCH!  And the sun is shining so prettily this morning.

But just turning from February to March feels hopeful.

Martha is coming to load another quilt in the longarm today.  And maybe I'll get a bit of sewing in.

Housekeeper Susan is coming to clean - the March Quiltvillians will be arriving tomorrow afternoon.

And that's all I know right now.

How about your own plans for today? Anything fun happening?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
String quilt found in Wilkesboro NC.

Yesterday I was not happy with all of the rain that has been falling causing so much mud here in my area.
And then I remembered that rain (eventually) brings flowers, and I was grateful.
Our daffodils are about to bloom and I am so excited!
It's all about perspective, isn't it? Put on your attitude of gratitude today!



  1. Readin your blog first thing in the morning always brightens my day! So glad to read that Ivy is on the mend!

  2. I think the word is out! Need some lovin'? Head to the Quiltville Inn.
    Actually that cat looks in awfully good condition for a ferral.

  3. Have you considered live trapping the apparently feral cats and having them neutered? If that calico isn't spayed, you know she'll be producing kittens fairly soon.

    If there are working farms near you that's probably where stray cats are coming from. It's pretty common for farms to have barn cats that are one step away from feral and pretty much ignored unless the cat population climbs too high.

  4. This morning in Iowa I am picking out projects to work on when at retreat at Quiltville in Aug! Finishing up a byannies bag for a friend's birthday so I can get it into the mail...

  5. As a feral trapper I can tell you calicos are generally female... If they are feral, I hope someone can help you TNR before you have kittens... That way you just end up with neutered barn cats and not an exploding population...

  6. It makes me so sad when people don't care for their animals. I have 4 cats only because 2 of them came to me from somewhere in my neighborhood. And of course I adopted them.
    My plans today will be Dr's appointment a little sewing time and calling the vet to get this last kitten neutered. My thoughts and prayers are for the Ukraine people as they go through this terrible time the Russians have inflicted on them. Bonnie I wish you a very good day.

  7. My niece used to live 'out there aways' many years ago and she constantly found animals that had been dumped out there. Often times, they'd been his and killed or were injured and she did what she could. Otherwise, she'd bring them back to her place (at least away from the busy roads) and she wound up with quite the menagerie. So sad that people will do that to their animals.

  8. Oh if I lived closer. She would be coming home with me!

  9. I have my morning coffee with your blog!

  10. Hope that Ivy will be feeling better soon. So cute to see Mabel acting as nurse/guardian angel for Ivy. I hope the stray cats will find a home - it is such a sad situation. So good to read & enjoy your posts of the quilt retreats. Love seeing all the quilts both finished & in progress. Prayers for the people of Ukraine and also the people of Russia who oppose this war.

  11. I am so not in need of a new project right now but those 'hearts-stringed' are tugging at mine. Could you share the pattern please. I've already pulled a fat quarter bundle and charm pack

  12. That calico is so cute!! Hope it finds a wonderful home with hoomans to spoil it. xoxo

  13. our Yorkie goes to the spa today and hope to get border on a queen size quilt. and some house cleaning to get ready for company thurs and Friday have a great day sunny here in central Ill too

  14. i pray the whole planet would stand up and censure Putin for his bullying tactics in the Ukaraine! Not getting political, i love your posts and positive thoughts AND quilting "stuff" (I'm just adding grey border to Grassy Creek, with lots others in the wings) and hoping to hear Mabel's DNA results. Good catch on Ivy, cats are pretty stoic and can hide an illness until it becomes huge! Good catch mama!! If we pay attention, we know when somethings not right! How can people dump a living breathing animal, and it's "just a cat" or "Just a dog" gets my hackles up... sigh... It's a gorgous, sunny, March 1 here in Carlsbad CA and I'm off, soon, to Grassy Creek... have a splendiferous day, all y'all..

  15. So glad to hear that Ivy will get better! So envious that daffodils are ready to bloom there!
    Susan in "No daffodils Iowa"

  16. Over here in the Pacific Northwest we are getting a load of rain and low gray skies. Our field and yard are swamped and I was on the verge of being grumpy about my wet shoes and the pile of wet "dog towels" when I remembered the wise words of a dear local quilt shop owner. When she used to send customers back out into the pouring rain she would remind us, "We have to water the garden we live in."

  17. It is MARDI GRAS here in south Louisiana, and even though we don’t go to parades it is a day off. It is a beautiful,60 degree sunny day! Happy MardiGras to all!

  18. Hope Ivy feels better soon! That calico would be a wonderful addition to the group. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next!

  19. Oh my, calicos melt my heart! So very pretty!!

  20. The Hubby let me sleep in, so my day got shortened a bit. I'll be loading something on my Betsy. He's fixing our railing on the steps. He always has a self-appointed Honey-do list to work on now that he is retired. The sun came out today, it rained a lot yesterday. I saw some Tulips popping up through my garden. It makes me so happy that Spring will be here soon.

  21. The primary thing one needs to get cats adopted is social media to get their photo and story out... Bonnie, you GOT that covered ! Just post her gorgeous photo, and see if you can get her to let you touch her, and someone will adopt her - i guarantee it... even if she needs to be a barn cat somewhere - she will have medical care and food. BUT - she will be pregnant as soon as your jonquils bloom - so unless you want kittens, you have to do something about that ! Cats have two litters per summer...
    you can usually get a live trap from the county extension office and a humane society may have a free or inexpensive neuter program. She picked you and needs your help. Lucky Bonnie :)

  22. The Calico Kitty is beautiful. I would keep her in a minute. Lol. Hopefully your Kitty will be feeling better in a couple of days.

  23. I have been working on my version of your quilt block as well. Hand pieced and now quilting. It is slow and calms my own ❤️ In these terrible times. Thanks for the inspiration. πŸ’›πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ’™

  24. Oh, Bonnie, that calico is gorgeous! If only I weren't so far!!!

  25. Hello Bonnie:
    Weare still under 2-3 feet of snow here, but the temps are warmer than average for this time of year.

    Yes, I think your plan on the Calico kitty is a good one. Eventually maybe it will find a home that way. Unless you keep it as an outside kitty.

    Yesterday I had studio time at Nancy's Nook in town. Today I am finishing the binding on my QAYG Serging quilt. It is mostly Christmas fabrics, but, Hey, it is getting finished. I did get the middle border on my patriotic All Stars Quilt yesterday, and I am ready to quilt my 4 heart table runner for my LIL SIS. Thos three items will be finished soon. Then it is time to get my long arm going and practicing, so I can quilt the 6 quilts I have ready to go. I am getting things finished.

    Time to go sew.

    Kasilof, AK

  26. Glad to hear that Ivy is ok and on the mend! Your heart blocks are beautiful! Can you share the pattern?

  27. Ohhh, that calico sure is pretty!!! Still working on RT!!! But had a meltdown at work today, was not feeling well, finally told my supervisor I had to leave. Turns out I had a whopping UTI, probably from being in the hospital a few times last week. Went to urgent care and am on antibiotics. Still called out sick for the next two days, have to get my energy and feel a lot better before I go back to work. I work in a clinical lab and you need to be tip top shape to hand out good results to patients. I have been through the wringer in the past 10 days, ICU, regular floor, home, then back for a procedure for stenosis of my larynx caused by being intubated 6 years ago after a thyroidectomy. I know when I do not feel like sewing that I am not well!!

  28. You have a bunch of us wanting that beauty. If I were close to you, I'd be begging for her. I've never had a calico. Now I'll be thinking of her all day.

  29. The cat is soooo pretty! And I love the sheep in your Ukrainian blocks. Cute!


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