Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Quilting Up Unity!

Doesn't this just look like spring is bursting out all over?

Last year I was the recipient of this beautiful Unity quilt top and I knew it just had to be finished up and quilted  - to go to one special person, and I had that person in mind!

Martha has a sweet granddaughter Jana who is 5 years old - the same age as Casden.

And while Casden may not be thrilled with mermaids, lambs, kittens, fish, birds and flowers - Jana is ALL ABOUT all of this!

Especially mermaids!

(As all 5 year old girls are likely to be.)

So much so that grandma Martha spent hours kitting a mermaid fishtail perfectly Jana-sized so Jana could play mermaid for real.

And then this quilt top arrives on my doorstep - is there anything more perfect for her?

I had the top and backing loaded and ready for the batting to be layered as soon as Martha arrived.

And yes - she came wielding pizza because it just goes so great quilt quilting and conversation!

I am keeping the donor anonymous as she may not wish to be named, but I must say her piecing is impeccable, and the colors are just what we need to shine some light on the darkness in our world right now.

The fabrics are so super fun and springy!

Tulips and funny birds.  Love it!

Lambs with bouncy legs and sweet kittens.

Green limes!

As Jana resides in Florida, limes are absolutely perfect!

This top has Florida all over it!

It was closing in on 5pm by the time we were getting the binding on.

Luckily the "just right" green was in the stash to do the job!

All ready for evening hand stitching!

We quilted this lovely version of Unity with a butter yellow thread in an edge to edge design called Frisky Feathers by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting.

There is a 5 year old in Florida who is going to love sleeping with the mermaids, and making blanket forts with her grandma the next time she visits!

Yesterday Pat Sloan contacted me to help get the word out about a fundraiser through UNICEF for the children of Ukraine.  Read more on Pat's blog HERE.

She is encouraging donations to UNICEF for those who want to help, but don't know which channels to turn to.
In exchange for your donation, you can download the free block and quilt pattern.

Visit the Quilters Stand for Ukraine UNICEF page HERE.

I know we all want to do what we can to help, and if your heart is where mine is - it's the thoughts about the innocent children that hit the hardest.

You can set your donation to whatever amount you are able. You can keep your donation anonymous.

Please donate - and keep sewing!

Hello, Wednesday!  What's up for your day today?

The sun is shining, the March Quiltvillians will be arriving this afternoon and spring is arriving.

It's a busy day ahead and I'm about to throw myself into it wholeheartedly. 

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Love this quote!
And while doing all of this, don't forget to breathe!
Vintage Maple Leaf quilt found in Wilkesboro, NC
Alamance plaids or Dan River plaids?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone -



  1. Beautiful and cheerful, just what is needed!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Love the placement of the plaids & stripes.

  3. Glad the gifted Unity quilt is going to a Special Granddaughter in Florida. Pizza and a day with Martha sounds wonderful. I didn't get my quilt loaned as planned. Too many Squirrels on the 1st Day of National Quilt Month. A lot of Facebook lives and new things to watch.

  4. Thank you for posting the Quilters Stand for Ukraine block. I can't wait to see what all the Quiltvillians will create with their scraps! And what a great Unity quilt. Colors and prints are perfect for Martha's granddaughter.

  5. The colors on that quilt really opened my eyes! Wonderful and how nice to know someone who'd enjoy it.My Unity is on the list for finishing this year, and hey- we're still in pandemic mode. I will be donating.

  6. I love this quilt so much! The fabrics are so pretty and it is so wonderful that a little girl will enjoy this treasure! It inspires me to finish my own Unity quilt.

  7. Need to start my Ukraine block. donated & pray this ends soon.

  8. Bright and beautiful Unity quilt. Thank you for today's uplifting blog. You have brightened my day!!

  9. OMG! The colors in that quilt are gorgeous! I am sure Jana will be so happy to receive it!

  10. thank you for sharing Bonnie!

  11. I am currently hand quilting my blue and yellow GFG quilt and think of the people in Ukraine .

  12. My small quilt group all made a block yesterday with L/O fabric from another quilt. It worked up quickly and we are making hangings for our doors to show support for our fellow humans in Ukraine. May God keep them safe.

  13. Love your quote for the day. It brought back a lot of good memories, since I worked with Bill Ward. He was such a delightful person and so fun and witty. He could always make you laugh with a funny saying or pun on words. He is missed.


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