Thursday, March 10, 2022

Two Hearts Short!

"You need to learn to count!" says Lola.

Tell me about it!  

Either I can't count, or blocks and/or units just up and walk away.

Unless this face also says "You'll never find where I've hidden them!"

And it's something I wouldn't discover I was even short on until I got home last night.

The last batch minus 2!

The most important thing is that I did indeed get some sewing time in yesterday in between getting things ready for the arrival of Gail's Quilt Buddies.

They are in the house and settled!  Let the next retreat fun begin!

So all in all, minus two blocks isn't the end of the world and I can finish those up quickly today and get to putting this top together so I can share it with you next Friday.

"Your blood pressure is a bit high" stated the dental hygienist when I had my appointment last week.

"Tell me about it!" I said.

There is just A LOT going on in the world right now, isn't there? And for most of us - there is not a real thing we can do about it besides love those in our own communities harder and help where we can HERE.

You've helped raise over 11,000 in just a couple of days!

(Click the photo go go directly to the page.)


Every little bit is helping.  ALL of this will be going directly to Together Rising in their continued efforts to provide real support - boots on the ground support - for the people of Ukraine.

Gudrun is hosting a HOPE Sew-along using her HOPE pattern.  Many of you will already have this pattern from a previous fundraising sew-along she hosted, but for those who don't have it - ALL proceeds for both printed and digital patterns and the Hope for Ukraine fabric bundles are going to be donated to Together Rising through our joint GoFundMe, Quilters For Ukraine.

The Hope for Ukraine Mini Mystery Stash Builder Bundles are 6 half yards of blue and yellow fabric. This is 3 yards of high quality quilt shop fabric for $30. The Stash Builder Bundles are currently listed as a preorder while we await restock. Our original inventory sold out in 10 minutes on Friday thanks to you awesome people! Fabric is on it's way, as I type.

We are doing this jointly, because we are stronger and can make a bigger impact when we work TOGETHER.

Of course you don't have to purchase anything to have your donation count.  Just donate whatever you are able from your heart.

Russia bombed a MATERNITY HOSPITAL yesterday (As if women in labor and newborns are such a terrorist threat) and our donations are severely needed.  I am just beyond sick with this.

We must continue to help where we can.

Some yellow loveliness from the yard at Quiltville Inn.

The buds are opening!

These are the traditional single head blooms from the front yard.

Down on the hillside by the creek -

These are heirloom double blooms1

They are my favorite by far.

We will be enjoying these over however long they last.

Just gorgeous!

And to take my mind off of bombed out maternity hospitals - this made me smile:

Zoey is captivated by the squirrel on the screen.

She kept trying to look behind the tablet to find where it was hiding.  LOL!

Mabel Mae couldn't be bothered.

The thing is - which is the smarter dog?  Zoey for thinking the video was real, or Mabel saying it's not real and not worth her time??

Hoping the DNA results are in soon - I can't wait to see what secrets it holds for Mable Mae.

Today's plan.  Get those last two blocks made, and sew that quilt top together while still spending time with Gail's Quilt Buddies next door.

Oh, the feral kitty that showed up a couple of weeks ago? She hasn't been seen again, so I think she just stopped by for a meal and to say hello and moved on.  She hasn't been around anywhere.  Happy travels, little one.  I hope you find a forever home.

There are also a couple of quilts that need pattern writing completed for releasing next week, and I'm behind the 8 ball once again on my self-imposed deadlines because the Hearts of Hope quilt became forefront.  SO - yeah.  Deadlines are meant to be moved.

I'll keep you up to date on that one!

What do you have in store for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Today is the day to raise the bar! Don't set your expectations of yourself too low! 🤗
Antique star quilt found in Louisville Kentucky.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!



  1. i think you'll find Zoey is largely sight hound; while Mabel mae will probably be predominantly a scent hound... she knows there's nothing behind the tablet cause there's no squirrel smell, no matter what Zoey says she sees!!!! and with that content sweet face she has declared "end of discussion" -- Oh, Bonnie! When I finally pulled Emerald City out of the UFO pile and started to assemble those large blocks, i was short so many little pieces -- mostly HSTs... and boy howdy, making 1,000 of 'em at one time is much easier and less stressfull than 28!!! thanks to your strippy method! LOL... btw, she's labeled and being bound in the TV/Evening time right now. I pre-ordered the bundle, do believe I'll be making quilted hearts to distribute to friends who want 'door hangar' support items... only a bully like Putin would kill women and babies and then deny the deed... hopefully, the Universe will suppport those fighting to keep their homeland and those putting financial stress on Russia. In the meantime, Bravo to the Polish folk and all otheres who are taking in the refugees and helping them pass thru to other free harbor... we'll do what we can, and keep counting those parts... sigh... hugs & love Cats in Carlsbad, CA.

  2. The daffodils seem a beacon of hope not only for the weather; but also for better times for the Ukrainian people. I weep for the end of such an loss of life and such destruction. Enjoyed your episode with Gudrun.

  3. Their faces are priceless. Such personality. My prayers are with those affected. Heart breaking to watch the news. The daffodils spring up with Hope! Enjoy the Retreaters.

  4. Mabel reminds me of Brittanys

  5. The photo of Mabel is gorgeous!

  6. I love your girls' shenanigans!! They always make my day!! Prayers for the women and children affected; that was just terrible. Have fun with your new retreat group!

  7. 'Twas quite crass of Russia to bomb a maternity hospital on International Women's Day, which used to be quite a great holiday celebrating women in Russia! I first learned about IWD when I was in Russia 16 years ago to meet my kiddos that I was adopting. Right now, They can't even claim their heritage due to backlash from the invasion they had no part in creating! I would beg people to not blame the ones who are not the instistigators of the this horrible attrocity (my spelling goes downhill when I get upset.)!!!

  8. Love Lola's expression!. I completed Serpentine Web this week from Strip Frenzy. Unfortunately my book was water damaged ( twice) when I had a water line in the basement overhead rupture. I had copied the pattern and put it with the fabric in project container that was also damaged. Thankfully I had copied the pattern so I was able to complete the quilt. Thank you Bonnie for what you do for the quilting community.

  9. Working today to get backing ready for last year's mystery so I can get it to the quilter. She has this year's already. Both will go to an Afghan refuge family we are sponsoring....

  10. Hoping the new patterns are the orange/green and teal/brown ones you were working on last year. I’ve already put those colors aside!

  11. I counted sashing units for On Ringo Lake and was ten short. I made ten more and then when I started putting it together, I had ten extra!! Ordered my fabric bundle from Gudrun and pulling my yellows and blues from stash.

  12. The picture of your hearts gave me a great visual of what you consider "neutrals" vs. what you call too-dark-to-be-neutral beiges. That's a question I've been pondering for a while. Thanks!


  13. Thank you for all your work! It's helping me learn a lot.

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