Tuesday, March 29, 2022

From Hen Den to Front Porch!

How toasty is this scene?

I've mentioned enough over the past handful of days how cold and blech it's been here including our snow on Saturday.

Yesterday we seemed to be pulling out of it - bright sunshine and no clouds at least - but that WIND~

It made for an interesting day, let me tell you!

I love the warm cozies happening in the hen den in the mornings as quilters gather and snack a bit with their morning coffees - jammies still on in many cases and the gas stove casting a comforting glow.

I heard tales of some staying up as late as 3am to keep sewing - as for me, I turn in to a pumpkin by 10pm!

And when I come in the next morning around 9:30am it's like the quilt faeries have been busy at the machines because projects have been completed and new ones begun!

Yesterday's beauty on my appointment time out!

The sky was incredible and this tree was in the parking lot.  now if only the temps could start to behave a bit better I'd be able to enjoy it!

While I was out and about, there were shenanigans going on!

Including brownies and whipped cream!

Raucous high stakes games of left-right-center!

What a haul! 

The wind though - the wind!  I stopped at Walmart on my way back to exchange a pair of sandals I had bought in the wrong size.

When I went to open my door, the wind caught it and banged it right into the car next to me!  You can't believe how strong that wind was.

Of course, the lady was sitting IN the car - which made things easy for me to exchange names, phone numbers, insurance information - and I just felt so sick about it.  But some things are out of our control, right?  And that is why we HAVE insurance, right?  It was a scrape of paint on her passenger door, and it will be taken care of.  

But that WIND!  By the time I got back to the house in time to do porch photos we know we'd have to do something a bit crazy to get it all done.

The wind came from the west!

Which meant if we did individual photos up against the brick of the turret part of the porch, the wind would blow the quilts against the brick and they'd look fairly flat.

A couple of Rhododendron Trail quilts and a Rivanna in aqua!

Garden Party from the Addicted to Scraps book, a gorgeous string quilt top, and Frolic!

Grand Illusion, On Ringo Lake and Patches & Pinwheels from the Free Patterns tab!

Frolic, Old Tobacco Road from the Free Patterns tab at the bottom where old mysteries still dwell!) and a beautiful basket weave!

Yes that is Jacqueline standing next to Jacqueline through the magic of photo editing! LOL!

Many moons ago (many, many moons!) Jaqueline traveled with me to Bali where we had a workshop day doing our own batiking.  She AWESOMELY used her batik sample on the back of the basket weave quilts

As to my own batiking?  Well, it's somewhere.  I'm not sure where!  But when I find it I think I'm going to do this same kind of thing.

We inked, we stamped and drew with wax. We dyed and overdyed. What a great way to capture those memories!

A bit gusty, but they are all here!

Thanks for visiting, Sisters of the Stash!

Last night's activities after I returned home!

Cars were all being packed before and after dinner last night for an early departure this morning.

It was a designated handwork night in the dining room with Irene's projector showing Pitch Perfect on the wall while needle and thread stitches bindings, applique, or pulled paper from paper pieced string blocks.  Some were too exhausted and just settled in to watch and enjoy.

I don't blame them - it's been a busy week with so much going on!

I love this photo!

What a full and busy weekend was had with the Sisters of the Stash in residence at Quiltville Inn!

There was plenty of quilting and good food at hand as Irene from Cotton to Quilts  catered all of the lunches and dinners for this venue!  

That means no cooking for the quilters - it's delicious food and pampering all the way! (We even pulled out the GOOD china!)

Irene hosts 3 quilt retreats here at Quiltville Inn throughout the year - March, June and October.

If you are a single person who doesn't want to cook - drop her an email HERE. Get yourself on her mailing list for future retreats.  We'd love to welcome you at Quiltville Inn!

I arrived at the QPO at 8:45 this morning - blog post not finished - so I could wave everyone off, but there was only Irene's vehicle remaining and she, Michelle and Sherry were already pulling out.  It's a 6 to 7 hour drive home for them, but there are 3 quilt shop stops planned for the ride home so it may be bedtime before they get there.  Enjoy, ladies!

As for me, the laundry is already running - today's plan is to take care of the graphics and step out photos for this Friday's Hearts of Hope Sew-Along, Part Two!

How are you coming along on Part One??

This one is begging for a bit of attention, and I just may decide to sit in my comfy chair and give her that attention and let my brain stop spinning for a minute.

Until it is time to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer and start the next load -

What do you have up for this Tuesday? Anything fun happening in your world?

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I think that catches us all up for now!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Our sense of humor is one our most important defenses!
Life is so much better when we don't take things so seriously, and can laugh at ourselves along the way!

I'm telling myself to loosen up and lighten up and find some humor in the way the wind took the door from my hands and caused that little accident.  In the whole scheme of things I am reminded often of -

"You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from!"

Let your giggle out!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Your blog is amazing, what a commitment! I enjoy the peeks into your life and the retreats. My life is not generally exciting, not complaining, just saying. Although I am going to Georgia this month to meet a new great granddaughter. That is a wonderful trip to look forward to and I have to finish her quilt. First, I have to finish 2 quilts for my twin granddaughters. They are leaving to be National Park Rangers, one in California and the other in Washington state. Labels are my least favorite thing in quilting. That's my project for today.

  2. Trying to get motivated today to put bindings on a couple of quilts for an Afghan refugee family we will be sponsoring. ..I hate bindings! Trying to decide what to bring as a second back up project when I come to Quiltville Inn in Aug....

  3. Gotta get a Bobbin set do the quilting looks as good on the back as the front. Don't know what happened to Betsy. Lots of Flimsies to play on. Getting ready for Grandma Camp next week. Making a plan for the Granddaughters 2022 projects.

  4. thanks for sharing the use of the batik 'square', I did a class as well last summer and have been thinking about how I should use my pieces, this was a great idea to add it to the back of a batik quilt!

  5. I've been complaining about the winds for what seems like weeks. This morning a neighbor reminded me about the March winds "roaring like a lion", but I think they have been here longer than early March. We'll see what April brings. Happy quilting!


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