Thursday, March 03, 2022

Daffies on the Hillside!

It looks like these daffodils may explode into bloom this weekend.

Oh, I hope so!  The world needs to experience some loveliness amidst the ugliness of war and Covid conflict right now.

This is the hillside just off the back yard at Quiltville Inn leading down to Wilson Creek.  

These pretty babies are wild - and wonderful!

I look forward to this every year.

You can see a bit of the creek below the hill in this photo.

No, I'm not getting in there to separate bulbs and plant them further apart.  They are wild.  And they have done just fine for decades.

I'm going to let them grow free and uncultured - just bloom where they are planted.

("Bloom where you are planted!" is one of my mom's catchphrases from when I was growing up, and it still makes me smile today.  Thanks, mom!)

They are coming up in the front yard at the inn too!

Little clusters of prettiness, just about to happen.

When I lived in NC - it was the Forsythia that would bloom first toward the end of February.  Up here in the mountains that doesn't happen until later, so it's the daffies that pop up to let us know that winter is on its way out the door.

These ones even found their way up through the sand we ran along the foundation to help with drainage!

Yep.  Push up through whatever is holding you down and bloom where you are planted.

At home in Ivy's world, things have taken a turn for the friendly.

With Ivy still feeling a bit punky from the upper respiratory episode and heavily medicated from the vet, she has taken the stance of " Go on and sniff me, I don't care!" when it comes to Mabel.

Mabel is all in, having assigned herself the title of nursemaid while Ivy resides in the chair in the loft office.

I think IVY has given her the purr of approval as she was even seen arching her back, flicking her tail and twining herself in between and around Mabel's legs.

It took about 3 weeks for this to happen - but it did happen.  They've accepted each other.

So much so that last night on my trip to the bathroom and neglecting to completely latch the door closed - I was invaded by two bumbling barkers AND Ivy.

All must be well in their world if a girl can't use the bathroom without company.

You are such a funny girl, Mabel Mae!

I've received word that her DNA test has been received and is in the processing stage.  We should hear within a couple of weeks just WHAT she is.  So far all we know is that she has become Zoey's best friend and they are inseparable.

She's just all things sweet, brown sugar and cinnamon all rolled up into this rambunctious mess of whatever she is.

Peace for Ukraine blog by Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky.

I have received several messages letting me know of this wonderful block you can make to show your support of Ukraine.

Berene states: "I designed this little block to share with you in the hopes that quilters might make something beautiful with it and flood the internet with pictures of their support. It is a simple message: “мир” means “PEACE” in Ukrainian, and the word is imposed on the Ukrainian flag."

Head over to her blog post to read more, and to download the free PDF paper piecing pattern for her block.

Blue Skies from String Fling.

I have taken this quilt out of the quilt vault and placed it on the bed.  If you have previously started Blue Skies and it is in a time out box - perhaps with what is going on, now is the time to pull it out and work on it.

It may just be the right place to pour all of your thoughts.

If you finished yours in blue and yellow, maybe it is the right time for you to have it out where it can be seen as well.

I never realized how perfect this quilt is to represent Ukraine and our hope and support for the Ukrainian people.

In between getting things ready at the inn for the March Quiltvillians' arrival, I was able to work on my hearts just a bit more, cutting into some fun neutrals I received for my birthday from a special friend.  She knows me well!

I'm getting there - 

When there is nothing else we can do, and our minds and hearts just won't settle due to too much chaos and pain in the world, quilting is a balm to my soul.

I don't know what I'd be doing without it.  Seriously.

Most of the ladies arrived last evening, with a few more coming in this morning, and the house will be full of quilty companionship once again.

The weather is supposed to be nice enough that I'm hoping for long walks and hikes to begin as things are finally drying out from Muddogeddon.

Today will be what today will be.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I love this quote by Steve Jobs. What an amazing man.
Where will your heart and intuition lead you today?
This table runner lives on my dining room table at the cabin. It is made with some leftover Wild & Goosey blocks, combined with some Idaho Square Dance blocks all from my Addicted to Scraps book.

However you spend your Thursday, find some time to enjoy nature's beauty.

Love from SWVA -



  1. Love the blue skies quilt, may have to make a smaller version since I really don't have a large stash.
    I love your wild daffodils. It seems that we are the only ones in our park that don't have any, my husband isn't fond of them, but this year he admitted that seeing them was a welcome sight after all the wild weather we have had. The lady across the street got tired of the ones in her yard, planted by a previous owner; after pulling up about half of them, she covered the yard in rock (river rock not gravel). The following year, up popped even more of them.
    Thank you for your inspiration and all you do, glad the critters are getting along.
    MaryAnn in Oregon

  2. Such good news that Ivy and Mabel Mae are now friends! She has just the sweetest face and eyes-who could resist? You just have the best luck with animals!

  3. I would guess Mabel is part German shorthair, reminds me of my father's best pups

  4. They say the "rule of 3's" helps in rescues. The difference you see in 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. It takes time for adjustment and with good support you can see successful harmony. Mabel is a lovely new family member.

  5. Wise words from your Mom. My tulips and Daffies are coming up with all our rain this week. No puddle jumping today. Just smelling the freshness of a cleansed earth. Peace and love for those who suffer.hope to play before day is through. Started another scrappy project.

  6. We used to have daffodils in our front yard under the pine trees. Two years we were down to one. Last year it sprouted but never bloomed. I don't know if I should blame the deer, the raccoons, or the squirrels. Not sure if I wanted to try planting more. Guess I'll talk to someone in the know next fall. We're still freezing at night so too soon to start thinking about flowers.

  7. The day I emigrated from England to Ontario in Canada there was a row of blooming daffodils along the side of my parents driveway. The date was February 14th 1977. I arrived in Sarnia, Ontario to 4 feet of snow, and I thought what the h--- have I done. I still remember that clearly. My parents lived just outside of London and winters were mild there.

  8. Our Daffodils are buried in the snow. Thank you for sharing about yours.

  9. Me gustaría saber la raza de Mae. Hace años tenía a Linda, muy parecida a ella, pelo corto y duro. Era Grifon alemán y era distinta porque era de color marrón. Estuvo conmigo 12 años. Me alegro que Ivy vaya mejor.

  10. My husband recently told me that dogs in the wild watch out for each other so they can "relieve" themselves - explaining why my dog always always follows me into the bathroom - your brood is watching out for you.


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