Monday, March 07, 2022

Quiltvillians on the Town!

Saturday and Sunday included outings with quilters just dying to get out, see the area, and soak up some much needed vitamin D!

All I needed to do was mention the word SHOPPING and the van was full to capacity.

We had a great time wandering Main Street in nearby West Jefferson, North Carolina.

No agenda really, other than to hit some fun gifty type shops, the antique mall, and make a stop at Bohemia, our local great coffee shop for a foo-foo coffee and a snack.

We spent a lot of time in The Cotton Quilt booth at Martha Mae's Emporium vendor mall.

No one left empty handed!

There is more in this booth than you think you can fit in a 10' X 10' space - precuts from fat quarters to half yards, to full yards - in so many varieties. I found a couple of neutrals that just had to come home with me -

Along with a package of cinnamon red vines from the booth's neighbor!

From here we hit up the antique mall, and it is so fun to watch OTHER people wander and see what they are interested in.

I can go fairly quickly.  I've been here before so I kind of know the things that have been hanging around a while - but there were some new items!

I nearly bought this drawer cabinet - it's not a thread spool cabinet, but it was so interesting!  Still - no place to put it so I left it there for someone else to repurpose.

I love jars stuffed with sewing notions!

I took the photo for the idea - knowing I have enough of this stuff laying around to do one of my own and place it somewhere in the inn for fun.  But what a great jar!

Shoo Fly quilt!

1960s fabrics - and I have to say that that one Oops block on the bottom row brought such a giggle and a smile and a "Yeah, been there, done that!" nod of appreciation.

Check out that cheater cloth one on the far right!

I love the splashy mix of fabrics and know this one was loved to death by someone.  The quilt is so soft, and the binding is shredded at the fold from years of loving use.

After our round of antique mall wandering, the back of the van full of goodies - we drove to the top of Mount Jefferson for some long range photo op views.

The day was kind of hazy, but the temperature was warm at 60 degrees - it felt so good to have sun on our faces and the need for sunglasses.

This was from the first lookout spot with a west facing view.

Further up the mountain, with a north facing view.

I'm ready for things to start greening up here.  It will come - and quickly!

Wind in my hair - messy Saturday cheesy smile.

Packed into the van on our drive home.

Yesterday's drive up to Grayson Highlands!

Jennifer and Tonni brought their Rhododendron Trail quilts to get photos with mountains in the background - in the place where it all began!

It is quite a hike to get to any sign that says "Rhododendron Trail" and not wanting to hike 1/2 mile or more in WITH the quilts (Our hike is 2 1/4 miles in a loop.) we chose this spot as "close enough."

And then we took Mabel and Zoey out to see the ponies!

Mama grazing.

Baby not far behind.

We were curious show Mabel would do on her first trip up - I'm glad I had others with me so I didn't have to be in charge of two leashes.  

But I needn't have worried - Mabel was so mellow and did just great!  Click to Play:

The "being bored with it all and laying in the dirt" that Mabel did was SO funny!

Good girl, Mabel! We are so proud of you!

This morning's sunshine.

We will enjoy it while we can as thunderstorms are supposed to roll in this afternoon.

It's the last full day with the March Quiltvillians - they'll be on the road tomorrow by noon.

I'll be back at the QPO studio today taking care of Monday stuff - and enjoying with time I can with the "girls next door" until it is time to come home this evening for dinner.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - did you get up to anything fun?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
Allietare was an earlier Quiltville Winter Mystery and is available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy- even small ones when times are tough - and keep choosing it every day.
Not only for ourselves, but for others as well.
Celebrate someone else's accomplishments today. It will mean the world to them! And the joy is contagious!

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!



  1. The sunrise over the mountains is such a pretty photo!
    Enjoy your Monday with the quilters!

  2. i LOVE Allietare! One of the first MQs completed, even scalloped the border! It's one of my favorites, managed to use a batik gold/red narrow border and matched it for binding! It just pulled the whole thing together... I envy (without wishing to harm) those who can manage a trip and retreat at the Inn, i so enjoy the photos, the animals, the camaraderie! Thanks for sharing, hugs to Mabel! i believe the "down" and watching is just to hold the herdees... and wait for direction to move 'em out or ??? She is so mellow and so well-trained I'm confused how she became untrainable, HOWEVER, she's your bounty now and I'm so glad you found each other... I'll bet Zoey is too, and look, Lola has mellowed as well.. (or is it Ivy? sometimes I get confused) again, i appreciate so much all you do for all of us, am making some quilted Ukraine hearts to share withy the neighbors!!! Hugs and happy.. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. Love that vintage Churn Dash - especially that mod diamond print in sherbet colors that's repeated in several blocks. I could put a few yards of that to use! :)

  4. Shopping with Bonnie, Sew Fun! Yep, the Churn Dash - turned wrong happens way too often. I got a small Project almost to the DONE, finishing the tacking of the binding this morning so I can get it in the mail. Thinking my Challenge Quilt needs a wavy border like Allitare. Happy Monday.

  5. Bohemia is the best! If you bring a group to West Jefferson on a Saturday morning between mid-April and October, stop by the Farmers Market on Back Street - loads of good food, music, crafts and fun!

  6. I thought of doing a jar and having a sign "take a sewing notion, put one in." The results might be interesting.

  7. I made a keepsake jar and put my mother's scissors and sewing items in it after she passed away. It reminds me of her when I look at it. Your shopping trip looked like so much fun. I like that wooden drawer cabinet.

  8. My "jar" is when I put all the selvedges. They have somehow become the "string" to tie the tomatoes up in the spring. ;)

  9. This Sunday was the last game for our grands - for the season anyway - with twin 6 year olds playing hockey. They attack the ice like the pros! Such fun to see them growing and getting better at it. Cannot wait to see the porch photos from this group!!

  10. Bonnie, I've been "Out of commission" for a while and missed some of your wonderful news!! Tell me about the ponies. I am so happy for your life that is filled with so much joy!!!

  11. I love your post! Such a fun time. Great quilt with the oops. Been there done that also! have a Great Day!

  12. I always have so much fun with you, shopping, eating, and ponies with herding dog. Oh yes, I do learn some quilting. Thank you.

  13. The Ponies are sp cute!
    - Yes- I got the quilting finished on my heart table runner, and I got the binding put on it. Now for the hand stitching; and the last border of my All Stars quilt!

    It snowed all day Saturday, big fluffy WET flakes. It is snowing again now, but will be above freezing tomorrow, so it shouldn't last. But snow in the forecast the next three days! Winter is still here!


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