Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Tuesday With The Cows!

Yesterday was a back-and-forth from the QPO studio to the inn next door -

The Sisters of the Stash had bundled up and left early - so early that I barely caught the last vehicle as it was backing out of the parking lot.

And here I thought I hurried fast enough to catch them!

What then began is a routine of putting things all back together to get ready for the next group.

Quiltville Inn will be hosting The Quilt District, arriving next Wednesday - I've got a week off to catch my breath!

Tara Miller of Altanta, GA heads up The Quilt District and also serves on the Board of Directors of the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG), is a member of the Modern Quilt Guild, and founded the Atlanta Quilt Study Group in 2019.

I understand there will be a "quilt turning" of antique quilts and I am so excited.  I'll have some of my own to throw into the mix.

So back to those cows -

And that storm that looked ominous -

I trundled back and forth about every 50 minutes or so switching loads from washer to dryer and started new loads.  It's a joy - not a drudgery.  I have always loved fresh laundry warm from the dryer and setting things right in anticipation for our next guests just ticks all of the boxes in my book.

I listened to the mooing going on down below.  It just makes me smile!  Click to Play:

My only wish is that it were a bit warmer!

The daffodils are about on their last legs - if there are some still hanging on next week I'll cut them and put them inside the inn.  The poor darlings, they've had a rough go of it this spring!

There was some fabric fondling happening yesterday as well!

Three boxes of gifted stash made their way from California to me via UPS and I dug right in to see just what was inside.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Loads of neutrals, a whole pile of greens, plenty of blues and reds - and a whole array of 1930s type prints that will be so fun to play with!

Sometimes it is the fabric combinations in front of me that start me thinking of what I might like to do next.

I've been dying to get back into the recycled shirt plaids - and perhaps using the toasty sandy darker neutrals as background.  We'll see.  There are other things in the making right now that need to come first - but oh, the possibilities!

I have had questions on what to do with "theme" type fabrics and I took photos of this one just to show you:

This is 1/2 yard of Secret Garden.

It would make a GREAT quilt back - there is so much going on.  The vignettes are precious.  But what to do with 1/2 yard besides back a pillow or placemat?

It might look too bright and busy to cut small on the front side - but don't forget to look at the BACK SIDE of anything that tends to read as a neutral ground, but has a lot of busy on it. 

The underside is much more subtle!

I stripped this up and will use it as a neutral from the back. I love the low volume colors in it this way much more than I like it from the top. I like it better in pieces than I like it whole.

What do you think?  Can you see yourself doing something like that?

Some also went to strings - it's really going to make things more interesting this way.

You know how it is "Always Something?"

The basement fridge at home (That was the kitchen fridge when we moved here 5 years ago - before we upgraded with a new fridge a couple years ago) was making a clankety racket.  The compressor was going. It was singing the death dirge.

It was 20 years old at least - it had served us and the past family who owned this place well, but it was on its last days.

A plan was hatched to take the back entry guest fridge from the inn home to live in the basement here, and to have a NEW guest fridge delivered to the inn.  That one needed an upgrade too.

So last night we hauled the dying fridge over so it can be picked up by Lowes when they deliver the new one to the inn on Thursday.  We trailered up the guest fridge from the inn and brought it home where it is now humming quietly in the basement.  So far so good!

On the way home - Who let the cows out???

There are two outside of the fence!

This brings my day full circle as I'd been talking to the cows all day.  But the reaction from the dogs?

Nope, can't be bothered. LOL!

They wouldn't even look out the windows!

The plan for today is to set the fabric fondling aside and get back to those step out photos and graphics for Friday's  Hearts of Hope Sew-Along, Part Two!

How are you coming along on Part One??

Only a few days left to save!

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Of course, digital patterns, books, rulers, notions and other goodies as well as PDF patterns are available as always in the Quiltville Store on my website. 

I think that catches us all up for now!

What do you have on your own plate for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The older I get, "the more the merrier" has less and less pull.
I've come to realize that it becomes less important to have more friends, and more important to have real ones.
The circle may decrease in size, but it has increased in value!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. So much for Mabel being a "cow chaser"! Lol

  2. Every day I look forward to your common sense wisdom for a joyful thankful living.... you really spoke to my heart today and I thank you gratefully
    ALSO the tip on reversing your fabric was an answer to my prayers of needing more neutrals - who knew I might ALREADY HAVE them!!!! ha ha hugs prue

  3. We live in the rurals and it’s always harrowing when the cows get loose. There is a highway close by and you don’t want them out there. It’s always exciting to see the roundup when we find the owners. City life can’t hold a candle….😍. Have a beautiful quilty day everyone!🌺. Bluebonnets are sprouting in Texas, so we are enjoying this short season.

  4. Love the busy fabric backside as a neutral tip! Thanks Bonnie!

  5. After the tornado hit us last Week we are thankful for a few very helpful good friends. So much loss but our houses and people are mostly OK. And we only have one cow that is limping in our livestock herd of Goats Cows and Llamas. Barns and sheds and storage buildings are damaged but mostly total loss items.

  6. I love folding Warm towels! Lucky to get more scraps. I have enough! Sew many Quilts! I made a list...oh my.
    Can't start anymore SAL.

  7. I learned to check the reverse side a while ago and it really is great for adding to neutrals. Sometimes the reverse of a solid helps to lighten it up too!

  8. so i guess mabel mae has been cured? LOL...too tired after playing with zooey no doubt...too funny!

  9. I sprained my ankle doing a stretch that I've been doing for at least a year last Saturday. Not much sewing has been happening. Now that I know it's just a sprain and not a destroyed tendon I'll get more adventurous.

  10. "the kitchen fridge when we moved here 5 years ago" - I was shocked when I read that - where has the time gone!! It's passing too quickly for my liking haha :)

  11. I'll never learn about pointing to things to get my dog's attention. I'll point and holler "Look, look!" and the dog looks at my finger and then at me with that eye-rolling thing.


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