Thursday, March 31, 2022

Put A Rug Under It!

Any time you have a hard wood surface, and rolling chairs with floor safe casters - there is always the worry that someone will sit down and go flying if their chair takes off from underneath them.

I've seen it happen!

Add to that scenario a house that is 138 years old, and you've got an uneven floor situation due to age that sends chairs rolling away on their own, even without a person sitting in it.

It's quite funny at times - but also not.

In the Quilting Quarters, leveling the old hardwood floors would also send the walls and ceilings to cracking, not to mention the fireplace hearths and chimneys.

The settled walls would move - and the window frames wouldn't fit the windows the same way anymore.

You can't just level a floor with all of that settling becoming unsettled.

So our situation has been to put rugs under the rolling chairs to hopefully help protect the floor, and to keep the chairs from rolling too quickly.

Our previous rugs are now worn out and it is time to replace them.

Sherry from the Sisters of the Stash brought a little rug she bought on Amazon that had a little lip on the edge that would catch those chairs and prevent them from rolling into a sewing neighbor.

So I ordered up a dozen.  Or so I thought! LOL!

In true Amazon fashion - they showed up in SIX boxes.


And they weren't heavy?

This is the contents of ONE box.

Well this is crazy.  I know the packers at Amazon pack quickly, but anyone can see that this box could easily fit more? It takes much longer to tape up and label 6 boxes versus 2 or 3??

I put 6 bundles of rugs in one box and there is still room.

It was NOT heavy.

But whatever.

I got to work unziptying and unrolling the rugs to put them on the floor under chairs.

It was then that I discovered that they come in a 2 pack.  So I actually ordered 24 rugs instead of 12.  LOL!

(Mad Cow strikes again)

That's okay - I'll need them eventually, and in case they are discontinued I'll have them on hand.

They aren't too big, so they won't be in the way of people's feet.

The only job they need to do is catch ONE of the casters to keep the chairs from moving too quickly underneath someone. 

I think this will do!

What Sherry also likes to do with these is keep one further under her sewing table because the rubber lip keeps her sewing machine foot pedal from slipping back further.  It's got a built in "stop" to it at that rubber edge.

Whatever works, works - right?

I've added these to the Quilting All The Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store. Just remember there are TWO in a package.  LOL!

I spent yesterday getting our Hearts of Hope Sew-Along Part Two post ready to go live tomorrow morning!

Are you ready??  I'm having so much fun with my leftovers that there just may be another option when all is said and done.

I just can't get enough of these cute and stringy heart blocks.

Of course, things would move along a lot faster if I could get Lola out of the string box!

Last night's dinner.

I wish you could smell this!

The wind kicked up again, and it was barely 60 outside - but that's good enough for porch cookin' for me.  I cooked up the chicken thighs in the instant pot inside and then just had The Hubster finish them on the grill to add flavor and caramelize the BBQ sauce.

After spending so much time at my desk yesterday I didn't realize until night time that I hadn't pulled out my camera for anything all day.

Some days are like that!

It doesn't mean that I don't have other quilty ideas floating through my head that I can't wait to work out in fabric and thread.

Today's big job - I'm already at the QPO waiting the arrival of the Lowe's Delivery folks to bring the new guest fridge to Quiltville Inn.

And it is pouring rain.  It started in the wee small hours of the early morning.  I listened to it pour and pound and blow until I couldn't stand it anymore and got up about 6am.  Already there is over 1/2'' that has fallen in just a couple of hours.

Of course that WOULD be delivery day.  It just happens that way, doesn't it?

So I'm tying this from the QPO while the house lights are on next door, my car is parked plainly visible that there IS someone here, and I've put notes on both the front and back doors of the inn that if I don't see them pull in, to come and knock on my back door.

New guest fridge.  YAY!

What's happening with your day today?


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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Just because something is difficult doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
It just means you should try harder! Some results just take longer, but it's worth it!
I always love a classic nine patch and the cheddar background on this one has my heart singing!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!



  1. What would you do without Lola to test your scraps of fabric to make sure they are satisfactory! She is definitely one of a kind cat.
    Susan from Iowa where we got snow last night. :(

  2. I bought the Bear Branch digital pattern yesterday, so on my agenda today is to pull some brown and aqua scraps from my stash and make a few hourglass blocks with my Essential Triangle Tool. Wish me luck!

  3. That is so typically Amazon. At least they didn't stuff the boxes with a gazillion of those air pillows they use for packing. Or did you just not take a photo of those?

    1. I got a big box yesterday from Amazon that was half full of merchandise and the rest air pillows. I will get a cramp in my hand as I cut through each one to put them with my plastic bags I return to Walmart to recycle. Plastic has become our worst nightmare on this planet!

    2. I wonder what happened to the peanuts that were being used a few years back.
      They were biodegradable and even edible. I think they were maybe made with corn starch. I used to toss them in my garden and before too long they disappeared into the ground. Maybe they were too expensive to use but they were good for using to take up space. What ever happened to using squashed up newspapers. I supposed they are being recycled and maybe not available for packing anymore. There must something else that can be used besides plastic filled with air. They are a nuisance to get rid of, I use my scissors to nip holes in them before I put them in the recycler.

    3. I love todays quote. I do more knitting than quilting and the quote for today is great. I head on over to you tube and find a video that suits me so I can learn how to fix my problem and learn something new. May I use the quote on face book?

  4. Last Day of March! Looking out for Northern Lights tonight. Hope hubby will go with me. I got a new fridge that showed up in my memories. Love the rugs under the rolling chairs. We loved the Waxie rugs at the Trail Center. I need a new one for the front door too. BBQ Chicken, yummy.

  5. I thought you were making apple dumplings with caramel sauce on the grill... smh

  6. I just love the "Lola in the box" pix! Lola approved must mean a little extra love goes into each block you make. I've been cutting blocks for LWR quilts and came across some fabric with pet hair. It makes me smile.
    So cat fur, pet hair...who cares! Thanks for sharing your rainy day with us. We woke up to snow this morning in southern WI after rain all day and night yesterday. No daffs here just yet, but hopefully soon.

  7. Y’all must finally be getting the storm that rolled through here earlier in the week. That was some nasty business and is continuing to wreak havoc. Stay safe! We know Lola will be warm and dry..😂😂😂

  8. Hey Bonnie, I didn't see you there when my chair flew out from under me and I broke my back!! Yes, I now have an area rug underneath that chair! 😃🤣😆

  9. Lola looks as if she is daring you to try and take any strings from "her" box. Lol.

  10. An old quilt-cam has been running in the background all day. Love the company as I cleaned, sorted, sewed, found a missing bin of quilt blocks! I'm looking forward to getting those blocks sewn to the alternate settings blocks. Last year I finally found the fabric I wanted for the alternate blocks. Wishing you could still fit in a few new quilt-cam this year.

  11. I didn't know you were in the room when I fell off my chair. :-)


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