Thursday, March 24, 2022

A Bloomin' Recovery!

Remember the polar vortex that paralyzed the Southeast a couple of weekends ago with wind chills of -1?

Yes, yes I know.  Those relatives of mine in Minnesota are going "That's nothing - that's balmy!" But it's also devastating for those of us who thought we were getting an early taste of spring and then BLAMMO!

I'm happy to say that the daffies are back!  We lost some blooms due to the deep freeze, but those who hadn't emerged yet are popping right up and doing what they were meant to do - create oodles of happiness every time I see them!

From down below, looking back up toward the back yard.

From further away, trying to catch the creek in the background.

Even better - as the Sisters of the Stash were offloading vehicles in the barely-a-sprinkle yesterday afternoon, I could hear the sound of peepers coming from the creek for the first time this spring.

If daffies don't bring a smile, the sound of peepers do.  Music to my ears!

Still a bit droopy-

But blooming for all to see beyond the Quilting Quarters windows!

Yesterday's long awaited and much put off job:  

Ironing scraps to be cut down!

I went through a bin of lesser loved neutrals including hunks, chunks, partial fat quarters and leftover pieces.
I pressed them all and proceeded to cut them to fill up my neutral strings while watching the justice Katanji Brown Jackson hearings.
Strips range in width from 3/4" to 2" with many of them falling in between.
They aren't all straight, they aren't all on grain. Some of them taper and lean.
I do a lot with neutral strings and I will have a good time watching these find a fun place to land in future quilts.

Some days are sewing days. Other days are fabric prep days. This worked well with the remains of getting the inn ready for the Sisters of the Stash to arrive.

Now I have PLENTY of new variety to do more of THIS!

And through it all, it wasn't until evening that I realized yesterday was International Puppy Day!

So here are Mabel Mae and Zoey Jo finally both looking at me while I attempt to take a nice photo.  Because usually they are like THIS:

Zoey is a bit disgruntled that Mabel Mae doesn't understand the assignment.  LOL!

Closing in toward the next corner - I'm on side 3 of the 2nd round in.  Once I finish this 2nd round, I'll be done with the borders and fully into the blocks.  I love the texture this is creating!

I'll also be able to put binding on and get rid of the itchy batting and excess backing. That's another benefit to quilting from the outside in.

Are you ready for TOMORROW?!?!

Here it is - Our Hearts of Hope quilt!

Quilt Size: 56'' X 56''

I've had messages asking where to buy the pattern, etc.

There is NO PATTERN to buy.  It's a complimentary Sew-Along and I'll provide the instructions for each of the 4 parts here on the blog on Fridays starting 3/25/22 until we finish up on 4/15/22.

Print and save the PDF copy that is provided with each part by May 15th when this Sew-Along retires. 

All parts will be linked under the Hearts 0f Hope Sew-Along tab at the top of the blog.

The introductory post from last Friday is already linked there and contains yardage requirements and more information.

French and German translations will be linked a day or two AFTER the Friday releases as it takes some time for Elisabeth to work those out and get them back to me.

Thank you for your continued efforts in donating to our Quilters For Ukraine GoFundMe.

In lieu of purchasing a pattern for Hearts of Hope from me - my own hope is that you will donate as little as $10.00 to Quilters For Ukraine simply because you are participating in this Sew-Along.

If your guild or group makes our Hearts of Hope quilt - perhaps they can do it as a "donation" quilt (otherwise known as raffle but renamed for those whose laws state they can't say raffle.) with all funds going to our GoFundMe, Quilters For Ukraine.

Every little bit is helping.  ALL of this will be going directly to Together Rising in their continued efforts to provide real support - boots on the ground support - for the people of Ukraine.

The response on our March '22 PDF pattern releases has been fantastic!  Thank you so much!

The Quiltville Etsy Store has been busy for those who prefer to order from Etsy and like the way that PDF patterns are delivered.

Just remember that you need to download your files through your computer browser after logging in to your account. It doesn't work from the app.

I will slowly as time allows put up other PDF patterns there as well.  Right now there are just the most recent dozen or so.  I have added an Etsy tab to the top of the blog for easy access.

The patterns for Monkey Business and Bear Branch are both marked 25% off in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store.  No coupon needed.

Save even more with the Monkey Business & Bear Branch Pattern Bundle, only available for a limited time, through 3/31/22.

Of course, digital patterns, books, rulers, notions and other goodies as well as PDF patterns are available as always in the Quiltville Store on my website.

Did you enter the gift away yet?

Our Drawing happens THIS COMING SATURDAY!

I will be drawing for TWO winners who will each receive the Monkey Business & Bear Branch Pattern Bundle with one winner receiving a Facets of Brown Color Roll, and the second receiving a Facets of Aqua color roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Winner must have fabric prize shipped to a USA address.  If you are outside of the USA, we can send it to a friend within the USA who can forward it on to you.

Head on over to the Gift-Away post and enter to win.  

Do you have any plans to work on a project today?

I LOVED the comment exchange in yesterday's post regarding too many UFOs.

Thank you to those who commented and replied to other's comments.  I think we are all in this too many UFOs thing together, and the encouragement to keep going on some, weed out others, repurpose some is really going to help.

Our weather here in Virginia is on the downslide - today will be fair at 60, but from there we go back down into the 30s over the weekend so if there is a hike to happen, it has to happen TODAY.

After yesterday's constant rain, the trail to the ponies at the park is going to be too muddy for my liking, so it's likely to be either down by the river on Round House Road, or through the holler on Bear Branch. 

And there are plenty of gals to go along - I think I can get some of the Sisters of the Stash to leave their machines and come with me.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Irish chain quilt found in Cincinnati, Ohio.⁣

Progress is a process and it takes time! Sometimes progress happens quickly, sometimes it takes longer.
Slow progress is always better than no progress! (This could be related to our UFO stacks!)
Make *SOME* progress today!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


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