Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Those March Quiltvillians!

Rhododendron Trail quilts  - porch rail style!

It's finally "Quilts Over the Porch Rail" season!

Hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago it was so awful out that we were doing photos in the dining room instead.

This weekend temps reached 73?!  I know that is unusual and we are in for a bit of a cooling down, but the daffodils are in bloom and spring can't be stopped for long now.

We had a great showing of quilts off the rail on Sunday afternoon!

What was extra funny - just as we were doing this, the Hubster rode up on his motorcycle, having waved at us from the road.  I guess he was feeling the need for some out and about as well.

Rhododendron Trail, Catching Rainbows,  Grassy Creek, and a couple Daybreak starts from String Frenzy!

Bitcoin, Grand Illusion, a lovely Christmas sampler, and Orca Bay from String Fling.

Star Struck from the Free Patterns tab, Carolina Chain from the Addicted to Scraps book, Beautiful unknown hanging diamonds, and Wonky Wishes.

Evening fun:

There were two winners in Left Right Center who scored all the fat quarters!

Such a haul!

This button got quite the workout too.  LOL!

Front of the house photo op!

Who wouldn't want to retreat with these ladies?  It's been a party all week long!

Thanks for including me in your crazy fun!

The packing up started yesterday - there was a storm incoming in the afternoon, and when it hit, it hit!

The plan was to pack anything that wasn't going to be needed for the last night so that cars weren't needing to be packed in the rain.

I ran to the dentist, and on my way back:

I ran through Goodwill and Salvation Army on my way back from the dentist - coming home with this score!

Two of the hard-working irons from the ironing stations at Quiltville Inn gave up the ghost this weekend!
Irons are generally hot and running 18 hours a day while retreats are in session.
New expensive irons generally don't last any longer than second-hand ones!⁣

If an iron will last a few months at least, I've gotten my money out of them at $3 a piece.

I think we are good for irons for a while. Total spent? $15.00.

On the home front -

Mabel is not understanding Zoey's upside down instruction. LOL!

Today is going to be a zoo - ladies leaving, laundry starting, cleaning beginning, and getting ready for Gail's Quilt Buddies to arrive Wednesday afternoon.

Set the revolving door on SPIN!

How is your own week coming along? Are things popping up in your yard? Are you starting any new projects?

Are you planning on joining us for our Hearts 0f Hope Sew-Along?

For those who follow Gudrun Erla of GE Quilt Designs I have a treat for you!  I'm making an appearance on her Tipsy Tuesday broadcast tonight.  You can follow along on Facebook.

It's all very much on the fly, but I hope to see you there.  If you miss it, I'll be embedding it in tomorrow's blog post.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage 25-patch quilt found in North Carolina.

No one holds the keys to your happiness, but you!
Loving yourself might mean saying no to opportunities that don't feel quite right and trusting that something better will come.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. The diamond quilt goes by 2 names, Chandelier done as a tutorial on Missouri Star and Beads done by Lella Boutique. It's a great looking quilt in any fabric.

  2. I used to have an iron just like the stainless one in the middle. After we moved 12 years ago, I couldn't find it. Maybe that's it??? Good score on the irons, though. I love a good thrift store iron.

  3. Upside-down Zoey makes me laugh Every. Single. Time. 😆

    1. Me too! And now Mabel gets to enjoy it!

    2. I love seeing both of them, they make my day start out with a smile. In this picture I can't even find either one of their heads, they are just so funny and adorable.

  4. Oh my goodness these ladies look like they are great fun to be around! And their quilt show is spectacular... so many beautiful treasures they have created!

  5. Living the quilty life vicariously as we are packing and putting the house on the market. With a full time job and packing i haven't stitched in a few weeks. Avoiding withdrawals by following your daily posts. Now if we can only find a house in Franklin TN!!! Then I will work on finding a group of quilty peeps.

  6. So nice to see quilts over the railing again. Come on Spring, we are ready.
    I love today's quote, BTDT, won't do it again.

  7. oh my goodness... too often we look for approval from others to signify we've done well or are "good" people... thanks, Bonnie, for reminding us the keys to our happiness lie in our own approval from our ownsweetselves!!! I fail to see how you get anything done with those two clowns, Zoey & Mabel, rattling the 'keys' !!! thanks again, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  8. Oooh, the Daybreak with the sort of periwinkle/marine blue solid is going to be really pretty!

  9. Do you test them in store or for $3 cross your fingers? I have to have auto shutoff, for safety, but my current one doesn't get as hot as I would like. Enjoy the warm days!

  10. I appreciate your osng statement about the keys to happiness keep them in your own pockets is true.

  11. Yea for over the porch quilt show time. We had rain all day. So it was a sew day in my basement Quilt Zone. I took a few small finishes to Quilt Guild. My Challenge Quilt for our March Quilt Show is now finished. Next week the prizes and Ribbons are awarded to 3 winning quilts. Black and White with one other color. Mine was PURPLE, of course.

  12. I Love That quote!
    I have a final birder to put on All Stars, then back to a Patriotic Stonhenge "Trellis" that is barely started. I have a couple new mysteries to start, Rhododendron Trail to work on, etc. I have enough to keep me busy, along with starting garden seeds. These are for indoors, greenhouse next month. We still have 2-3 feet of snow and it is snowing now!

    I Love the pictures and videos of Zoey and Mabel!
    Kasilof, Ak
    Kasilof, Ak

  13. I'm looking forward to the blue and yellow heart quilt. It's something I can do. I have plenty of blue, but I will have to shop for some more yellow. Oh, the hard part *ha, ha)

  14. The iron pictured in the middle is a treasure. My mother-in-law used hers for 40 years and now I have it. I think that one will go forever!!!!


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