Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Bye Bye, Gail's Quilt Buddies!

There was so much lovin' coming from the Quiltville Inn oven over the past week!

I think it is fair to say that if a quilter goes hungry at retreat - it's due to their own choices!

I love that the kitchen is such a place of comfort and creativity - and so much good food!

Part of the fun is sharing dishes that may be new to many - tried and true family favorites that are best when even the recipes end up being shared.

Sunday turned sunny - but still freaking cold!

Our overnight temps dipped way low with a Windchill of -1. MINUS ONE!  That so rarely happens here.

But quilters are resilient - even with wind and cold, and when the sun had dipped low enough to shine light on the west facing side porch, out came the quilts!

Bundled up Quilt Babes!

Trying to catch photos between the gusts!

Gorgeous colors, ladies!

Triangles, Carolina Crossroads from Scraps & Shirttails , and Rhododendron Trail!

Hooray for a fantastic retreat!

Hurry up and take the picture, Bonnie - it's freezing out here!

Very unhappy daffies on Sunday morning.

What a difference 48 hours makes!

Though some of the blooms look a bit frost bit, there are many new buds that haven't yet opened and I think they are going to bloom just fine!

Keep it up, you little busts of yellow happiness!

Droopy, but blooming!

This morning the Valley Quilters are on their way and will be arriving around 4pm.  Another retreat week is at hand!

Today's challenge?  RAIN.  I'm just hoping we are in between showers when cars roll in and begin to offload.

This happened last night!

I still have 3 sides to go, but things are coming together for the Hearts 0f Hope Sew-Along intro post to go live on Friday. I can't wait to show you the whole thing!

You'll find more info under the Hearts 0f Hope Sew-Along tab at the top of the blog, including info on my joint effort with Gudrun Erla and our GoFundMe Quilters For Ukraine

You have helped raise more than $44,000.00 to date! ALL of this will be going directly to Together Rising in their continued efforts to provide real support - boots on the ground support - for the people of Ukraine.

Gudrun is hosting a HOPE Sew-along using her HOPE pattern.  Many of you will already have this pattern from a previous fundraising sew-along she hosted.

 ALL proceeds for both printed and digital patterns and the Hope for Ukraine fabric bundles will be donated to Together Rising through our joint GoFundMe, Quilters For Ukraine.
We are doing this jointly, because we are stronger and can make a bigger impact when we work TOGETHER.

Of course you don't have to purchase anything to have your donation count.  Just donate whatever you are able from your heart.

And in other big Quiltville News:

Your response on our March '22 PDF pattern releases has been fantastic!  Thank you so much!

The Quiltville Etsy Store has been busy for those who prefer to order from Etsy and like the way that PDF patterns are delivered.

I will slowly as time allows put up other PDF patterns there as well.  Right now there are just the most recent dozen or so.  I have added an Etsy tab to the top of the blog for easy access.

The patterns for Monkey Business and Bear Branch are both marked 25% off in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store No coupon needed.

Save even more with the Monkey Business & Bear Branch Pattern Bundle, only available for a limited time, through 3/31/22.

Of course, books, rulers, notions and other goodies as well as PDF patterns are available as always in the Quiltville Store on my website.

Did you enter the gift away yet?

I will be drawing for TWO winners who will each receive the Monkey Business & Bear Branch Pattern Bundle with one winner receiving a Facets of Brown Color Roll, and the second receiving a Facets of Aqua color roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Winner must have fabric prize shipped to a USA address.  If you are outside of the USA, we can send it to a friend within the USA who can forward it on to you.

Head on over to the Gift-Away post and enter to win.  

I'll draw for our two winners on Saturday, 3/26/22.

Good luck, everyone!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Well, isn't this just the eye opener?
We are all in this together, and we all feel unsure of ourselves sometimes.
Remember this before you take anyone else’s opinion or advice to heart!

And did you hear?  The Senate passed a bill that we will STAY on Daylight Savings Time permanently, beginning Spring of 2023.  YAY!

As someone who is restricted to daylight driving, an extra hour of daylight in the winter months will be WONDERFUL! (Yes I know that morning will be dark an hour longer.)

What are your thoughts?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, folks -



  1. Bonnie, My grandmother always said it has to snow three times on the daffodils. That's one for you

  2. my opinion is and has always been, stop trying to pretend you are in control of the daylight and leave us alone to manage ... sigh... even when California voters over-whelmingly voted to stay in DST, the electeds in their "wisdom" were too busy to talk to the Feds and get us out of the madness (?? 4, 5? years ago)... Can't come too soon... what's next in order for it to happen? Thanks for asking... Cats in Carlsbad, CA PS: Thanks for what you do, I also am restricted to daylight driving!...

  3. Love to see the happy smiling faces and all the beautiful quilts!
    So excited for the Friday reveal!

  4. Daylight Savings - we're the only country that changes time like this, yes? I'm guessing it'll make it a lot easier for folks on other continents to work and communicate with us, if our time stops flip-flopping twice a year.

    1. Actually Australia changes time like us. I always have to check before calling my sister.

    2. Most of Western European countries also have the clocks change twice a year. Even though there is a debate whether to continue or not.

    3. all of Europe changes too, just not the same weekend, another headache

    4. UK and Europe go on Daylight Saving time at the end of March to October. This is why NASA (who I work for) works on Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

      I grew up in Arizona, and it doesn't change, so it will be interesting to see what the state does next Spring.

    5. New Zealand changes also

    6. It changes in Mexico also. It changes on April 3 this year!

  5. DST doesn't bother me in the least. My circadian clock seems to adjust during the night. It will be interesting to see if the House also passes this bill. I wonder if AZ will become part of the pacific time zone?

    I know lots of people are tired of winter but we really need it to continue in Idaho. The snow pack is abysmal and our farmers are at high risk of a poor season. Last year water was shut off mid September and many crops were lost and Farmer's Market folks couldn't grow fall crops. Many families suffered. Please pray for more snow here!

  6. I just want them to pick one and stay there!!! This Spring forward business is doing me in!

    1. Amen to that!! I was a bump on the log all day Sunday! HAHA!

  7. I see pretty quilts. No blustery windblown pictures. The pro is taking the pictures. Happy that daffodils bloom in snow. Still a promise of Spring. Watching a Squirrel in our backyard, wondering if he's going to eat my tulips like the derr in Nebraska. Shoo away, Mr Squirrel. Happy Wednesday.

  8. I just have to speak up about DST as my opinion is to stick with Standard time. It is ridiculous that we change clock times twice yearly; however, several studies have shown that for most people sticking with standard time is healthier. It is more in tune with our circadian rhythms.
    Regardless of opinion, I agree that the most important thing is for us to quit changing those clocks!
    Bonnie, you are truly a ray of sunshine on a daily basis - no matter the time of day. Thank you :>)

  9. Germany is also on DST, but start a couple of weeks before we do. I hope that Bill passes because, I like it to be light longer.

  10. Beautiful quilt display. Do you know the name of the dark one with the stars & stripes?

  11. Personally, I like Daylight time, but I am concerned about small children here in Minnesota where I live waiting for school buses on dark, and 1 hour colder, winter mornings. Perhaps the schools will need to change start times for the winter and back in the spring?

  12. I hope the House votes to stay on dst year round! I don’t understand why it won’t go into effect until fall of 2023

  13. Yes! Pick one and go with it. I'm happy with the plan to stay on the DLS choice. Hope it works out. Praying for Ukraine and Idaho's snow pack!

  14. I would be grateful to have the time set one way and leave it that way year round. However, I would prefer it be standard time. Yes, there will be an extra hour of daylight in the evenings on permanent DST, but kids will be getting onto school buses in pitch darkness in the mornings. Not good.

  15. Actually New Zealand has daylight saving.... the whole country, whereas Australia is divided and only some states have daylight saving. Queensland,where I live, doesn't have it...yay. I used to live in NZ and absolutely hated daylight saving!

  16. DST is not to my liking. Wlould prefer they just leave us on standard time year around. I live so far north that we stay light until after 10 pm! Kids can't adjust very well. Why do thet have to go to bed when it's still light out? Messes me up as well.

    Gorgeous quilts once again. Really love the purple log cabin chain. Wow! Enjoy the new retreaters. Look forward to Friday!

  17. I can't drive in the dark either, but still would rather stay on standard time. I loved the bright baby quilt. Definitely not traditional colors, so pretty.

  18. Well, I am happy to leave behind the twice a year change. However, I am reading your blog at 430 am so that confirms I am an early morning person and love standard time. We won't get an extra hour of daylight; it will just lighter longer in the evening and darker in the morning. So, I wish they had left year round where it "should" be; hah, I am not in charge here and will have to adjust. And for those who have early morning chores in winter, it will be challenging.

  19. As a morning person and one that grew up on a dairy farm I really prefer ST all year long. I remember my dad getting up with the regardless of what the clock said.

  20. Yes, I say stop changing the clocks twice a year but whey choose to stay on the manmade DST. Same amount of daylight. The sun doesn't change; the tilt of the earth doesn't change. I too am concerned about the younger children leaving for school in the dark.

  21. I am for going on DST FOREVER! The children that ride the bus have to get OFF the bus in the dusk/dark. They never have even 30 minutes to get outside to enjoy it to run and play and get rid of that built up school energy. Praying it passes to get on and stay on. Thanks Bonnie for all you do making us beautiful quilt patterns. It is so fun to watch the different groups and their choices to sew during their retreats.


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