Saturday, April 24, 2021

Quilters on the MOVE!

You can't sit & sew ALL of the time -

You've got to get out and MOVE!

Needless to say - our lovely spring weather in Southwestern Virginia has NOT been giving the best warm welcome to this group!

I think they've had 3 seasons in one.  We've definitely had WINTER with temps as low as 28 f with sleet and spitting snow, not to mention high winds.

We've had grey skies and threatening rain. (Which hasn't happened yet but may today.)

And yesterday afternoon, even though skies were not blue, we got out to stretch our legs.

Down Round House road along the river -

Where the "Mouth" of Wilson Creek empties into the New River!

This is THE spot - right here at the junction that gives "Mouth of Wilson" it's unusual name.

Someone's up there getting a close up!

Say cheese!

Two are down there getting selfies!

Roadside wildflowers blooming yellow -

This is the steepest part of our jaunt - everyone did great!

Seeing the Halsey House in photos is one thing -

Taking your OWN photos is another!

Cows looking back!

And we are all hoping the skies don't open up and drench us!

Big hoorays at the NC/VA state line sign!

54 degrees turned out to be JUST RIGHT!

All of this moving forward and upward warmed our bodies and energized us to get back to our projects.

Feeling in a funk?

Take a nature break.

It's good for your body, mind and soul -

And THEN you can go back and tackle big projects like Deb's Xing quilt from my book String Frenzy.

Looking grand, Deb!

(Tiaras and all!)

Ramona with her Fourth of July quilt webbed!

And all together!

Ramona has been working on Quilts of Valor tops - and is on a roll.  This pattern is from the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Jennifer is working on Zuckerwatte from my book String Fling

LOVE those pinks and purples!

As for me?  

Much excessive and loud laughter caused this!

But they are done!

(And yes, the millennium Y2K fabric lives on.  Will it ever run out?!)

As I look out my window while typing this the grey cloud cover continues - but temps should be improving (likely bringing the rain.) The high today is 50.  But tomorrow that increases to 60 - so I think that Sunday afternoon will find us up at Grayson Highlands in search of the wild ponies.

Monday afternoon will have us biking the Virginia Creeper Trail if all goes well weather wise.

And if the weather craps out?  There is always more sewing - it's a QUILT RETRRAT, right?

Any fun things for your weekend ahead?

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Bow tie quilt found this week in West Jefferson NC.

Whatever makes you smile today - Do more of that!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone -

I'll catch you back here on Monday!



  1. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful & productive retreat including you, Bonnie. So glad you're able to bring the retreat center back to real, live LIFE! Enjoy your weekend. See you Monday!

  2. Spring is fickle, but good you found a window of pleasant weather. Those sashings look so great. Waiting for the rest of that projecr reaveal. Looks like 4th of July!!

  3. Looks like a fun group!

  4. Looks like so much fun, Bonnie! I'm getting ready for my retreat next week also. We to, are going to have yucky weather next week, up here in northern Wisconsin. Perfect for quilting! So grand to be able to get together again. Time to go forward! HAPPY DAYS AND HAPPY SEWING!

  5. What a delight to see everyone’s adventures and all the beautiful projects!

  6. I am multi tasking today while a prepare for an afternoon weaving workshop via Zoom. I have sorted my yarn for "class' I sorted through a pile of patterns & paperwork. Then there was a closet sorting moment. I now have a bag of patterns, t shirts and yarn for the local thrift shop. Off to sew!

  7. Looks like a wonderful day! I love seeing the landscape on your walk! Love the cows, & old buildings!! And of course the QIP’s!! (Quilts In Progress!)

    Looks like an awesome time for all!!

    Marci H.

  8. The only "fun" thing planned for this weekend is grouting the tile in the laundry room. Then I have to seal the grout and install the quarter-round. I expect to re-install the washer and dryer on Monday. Lots of rain expected this weekend. Maybe a little sewing late tonight.

  9. Hope to come to a retreat there some day from west coast of Vancouver Island๐Ÿ˜Š. Today I just want to thank you for Blogloving link for getting your posts, I know you needed to but it is great as I now get your posts as soon as they are up not the next day.
    Also love your .pdf patterns as I can get them direct from you here in Canada.
    Thanks. Have a great weekend with your “girls”๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Sounds like everyone had a great time. And I love seeing the pictures of all the quilts in progress! You have such beautiful scenery around you! As for the TROLL! MYOB Lady! Bonnie is obeying protocols and just because you have nothing better to do! Go back under your bridge!

  11. WE FINALLY got a much needed thunderstorm last night! Hoping for more, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it in the forecast. Today I am heading down to the quilting machine to get my project finished. Keep having fun, ladies!! Love seeing the finishes going on. I did the 4th of July; it was fun. I might have to do another! Have a great weekend!

  12. I agree with Smiley Quilter...would love to retreat with you, from the Washington state it’s a dream and an item on the bucket list. We are blessed with a week of rain as it’s been dry for 3 weeks which is so unusual. So I’ll continue to square up some string blocks. Then I’ll play with them on the design wall to see what inspires me. Enjoy your weekend ...

  13. Have fun and Quilt on. The quilts all look amazing. Great to see everyone back at the Inn & can't wait to see more happy retreaters. Congratulations again on the Anniversary.

  14. There is so much JOY in these photos~ I couldn't be happier for your quilt campers or for you, having a full house once again. Three cheers from here!

  15. I wish I could accomplish as much as some of these ladies do at retreat. I need to take projects that do not require concentration. I missed not being able to go last year and not this year either. Last year cancelled and this we are playing it safe and not having one either. Hopefully next year. So much fun living the retreat through the wonders of technology and your generous supply of photos, thank you for sharing.

  16. Hi Bonnie:
    We are having beautiful weather in AK, too. It finally has turned spring and is melting all of our snow.
    -I sewed all day yesterday in a Studio day in town, working on layout and putting my "Trellis" quilt together. I got the horizontal rows done, now to finish the vertical rows by next weekend (April UFO challenge). BUT- You would be proud of me- I used the little triangles from the "stitch and Flip" corners to make HST triangles as leaders and enders. I didn't do your yearly challenge when you did them a few years ago, as I wasn't to that point in my leaders and enders journey yet. I will use some in Placemats and table runners, some will be used in the backing for the Trellis Quilt, and I will continue this learning journey from you!

    Thank You Bonnie!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is sunny and the mid 40s.

  17. Up here in New England we can have all 4 seasons in one day! Lol I love, love love the quilts of valor quilt Ramona. I see you found the missing piece Bonnie! Happy sewing ladies.

  18. (Virtual) Sew Day today with my Quilt Bee. Lots of good productivity. Can't compare to the fun you must be having, Bonnie!!

  19. I went to a quilt retreat last weekend and it was such fun to see what others were sewing, laugh and share stories, just be together! So nourishing! Inspirational to get me sewing more, creating. I would love to come to your Inn on a retreat! Heaven! Love the pictures u posted of your quilt ladies, adventures!

  20. I LOVE seeing pictures of your quilters again and the beautiful countryside!! Thank you Bonnie!

  21. wonderful fun times! Thank you for sharing lovely pictures of your patch of earth, Virginia is a beautiful state. I love seeing these happy faces!!๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ and masterpiece quilt tops.

  22. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. Such beautiful quilts! I even see some fabric I have had also since 1999.

  23. Looks like SO much fun!!

  24. A "Thank you" to your quilters who allowed you to post pics! It is always fun to see what everyone is making.


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