Sunday, September 02, 2018

Van Tetris, Round Two!

This is a big old place on the corner in Schellsburg, Pennsylvania – a dream place I see every time I drive through town.

“How DEEP does this building go?” I say to no one in particular. 

"How many bedrooms do you think it could have inside?” that same no one in particular queries back.

Count the chimneys – and notice the attic dormers.  I love the round door at the front – and wonder what this building was in it’s original state.  I wish I could see inside!

I know it’s held gift shops and even a coffee shop/restaurant inside.  I don’t think there is anything going on with it now, but it is a wonderful old building.

I said good bye to the building yesterday morning when the light turned green and I made a left on route 30 – making my way toward Washington DC after cutting across a tiny corner of Maryland.

It was a day for round two of Van Tetris, the game we’ve named after seeing just how much Quiltville Inn furnishings can be shoe-borned inside and still leave me room to drive!


Wow, there is a LOAD of space still available!

I may have to make some antique stops on my way home!

My first stop was to Jean & Jerry’s in Burke – and it took me longer to get there than I thought it would.  Dense fog and rain coming out of the Pennsylvania mountains toward Maryland – slow traffic due to wreck related rain, but I made it.

I was at Jean’s just a month ago picking up a pair of hand made cherry twin beds that were made by Jerry’s great-grandfather.  Did you catch that post HERE?

That round of Van Tetris looked like this:

This was one packed ride to the Inn!

Round two was not nearly as full.

This time Jerry was off on a trip, and it was just Jean and I for a while and I loved sitting and talking to her and filling in the details – including seeing her beautiful completed On Ringo Lake top!  I should have thought to get a photo, but it is GORGEOUS.  She says it is up NEXT on the quilting machine.  Hopefully she will send a photo when it is done.

Right on time, her friends came by to help us load a tall dresser, a vanity dresser and stool, and that awesome double-wide rocker into the van.

To get everything in, everything had to come out!  We were making use of every bit of space, including putting quilts inside drawers and boxes in the cubby hole between the vanity sides.

The question was – would I still have room for the stuff I was going to be picking up at Deby’s in Manassas – my next stop? YES!  Deby’s hubby is also quite the engineer when it comes to making things fit –it’s all in there!


And Garf watches on from the front garden!


Spending time in Deby’s sewing room -

I loved her wall of fabric, her organizational skills for small spaces!

I signed a book, and enjoyed seeing her machine quilting in progress.

She also makes great iced tea!


This happened for the next several hours.

I was headed down I-95 to catch I-64 and the rain kept coming in heavy waves.  People don’t know to slow down in the rain.  There were cars off both sides on each side of the Interstate.  FOR MILES AND MILES.  

I think the average speed over 2 hours was about 35.  Sometimes lower, sometimes faster….but by 5pm I’d already been up and at it for 13 hours as I had been up since 4am something.

Finally, finally I got off at 295 which took me to 64.  I found a place for the night.  I stopped just in time as the storms really started to rage once I was checked in, enough that the power went out at the hotel several times during the early evening hours.  I wouldn’t want to be out driving in that.

There are still 4 hours in front of me to get to the cabin and the Inn this morning.  But I’m on my way.  With a full van-load of goodies I can’t wait to unload!

I was going to do the show & share photos from Pennsylvania, but there are more than 100 of them and they need to be edited and put into a slide show and that takes time that I don’t want to spare right now.  It’s nearly 8am and this girl needs to get going.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt from the American Museum in Bath, UK.

Everything that is happening in your life right now is preparing you for things to come!

I truly believe this!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Hi Bonnie
    I hope you will be home safe & sound soon. I just want to share something that happened a couple of weeks ago. I fell and hit my head and had a cut at my hairline. We went to ER. When the Doctor was ready to start stitching my hubby said, " Doc I really need to tell you something about my wife before you start. She is a quilter and she WILL be checking your stitches!" I laughed soooo hard. The doc had no idea what he was taking about or absolutely NO sense of humor which is sad in either case. Have a blessed day.

    1. Alice, don't you just hate it when medical personnel have no sense of humour (once they have determined you'll be fine, of course)? It can be such a stressful time, a smile or laugh can go a long way to relieve tensions and just have everyone relax a little bit -- less scarring too, when the skin being stitched is relaxed. This is something they should be taught in medical school, for sure!

    2. MY doctor would have understood. He is fascinated by the longarm machines on the market.

  2. Bonnie, you seriously need a pickup truck!

    1. Nooooo.....Then her haul would be all WET, silly!

  3. Hope you have help to unload all the Goodies you gathered up. I really dislike driving in the rain. Glad you got off the road to wait it out.
    Enjoy your Cabin time. Labor Day, and stitching are on my agenda.

  4. Safe travels, Bonnie, thanks for sharing glimpses of your adventures with us. And today's quote? Amen, amen, and AMEN!!

  5. I think that beautiful old building you've been admiring might have started out as a school. At least it has the bones of one like in my hometown. Continued safe travels.

  6. Bonnie, glad to hear you made it safely down I 95 in the rain. I've done the same myself, as cherished family lived in Petersburg, VA. and now Midlothian, VA. Both are charming and beautiful areas but the very dickens to get to via I 95. That highway can be a dream or a nightmare, just depends on the traffic and the weather. I once drove from MD to VA in a pouring rainstorm. I was in the right lane, going slowly because it was just raining torrents! Everyone stayed behind me for the most part, letting me blaze the trail in the downpour. It was raining so hard I actually worried about my car flooding. There was no standing water, it was just raining that hard. Thanks to my guardian angels, I made it safely. Don't hesitate to call on your guardian angels as you travel the roads! God bless. Happy Labor Day weekend.

  7. I haven't played Tetris for a long time so when I saw the title, I thought maybe you meant Van Tardis, as in Dr Who, which is "bigger on the inside."

  8. I googled your lovely bldg and found out nothing about it, but the sign on the side appears to be the son of William Galbraith Colvin, born Oct 21, 1852. I so enjoy your love of history that comes out in your writings and photos, Bonnie. Thank you and God bless...safe travels everywhere you go.

  9. How to report spam in comments?? Though I could use a Love-spell....


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