Saturday, September 08, 2018

Weekend Stuff.

Yesterday was a day filled with one phone call after another.  Double checking flight times with siblings all descending on Arizona next Friday.  Who has rental cars?  Can someone pick Rick up at the airport?  No, he’s not flying Allegiant into Mesa, he’s flying Delta into Phoenix.

Why?  Because Allegiant only flies on THURSDAY from Ogden, UT and that will cost him an extra night of hotel -This reminds me of all of the chaos of a family getting ready with all of the details during the beginning scenes of "Home Alone."

Mom, my step-dad Gary, Scott, Alicia, Mike and Nicole are all flying in on Allegiant from Boise on Friday evening getting in close to midnight.  Of course, Allegiant being what it is, it flies from Boise on Fridays, but not on Thursdays.  Should you WANT to fly out of Boise on a Thursday on that airline, you can't.

"Will SOMEONE be around to pick up Rick in Phoenix?"  “Maybe he can take an Uber?” is the reply – and likely a good choice as there will be a plethora of rental cars on the scene as soon as the remainder of the family arrives near midnight Friday night 2 hours after Rick lands. But they are arriving in Mesa, not Phoenix. 

Wait – Joy & Mark Harker are driving in – maybe THEY can swing by and pick up Rick?  Again, it all depends on the time that everyone is arriving.  At 10pm, perhaps Uber is best.  They are getting in some time Friday afternoon, but will be exhausted from all the driving.

It’s been this kind of back and forth on the Sibling Hotline for the past several days as plans fall into placce.

We are linking arms to hold each other up.  These phone calls haven't been quick fact finding missions but long and full of sibling connection, bringing up memories, each one checking in with the other - "How are YOU doing?" 

Taking one more thing off of my sister-in-law’s heavy laden to-do list, I got some ideas from her on what she would like to see for Mark’s flowers, and I ordered them after getting the name and number of a florist from an arrangement that was delivered to her earlier in the week.

Long before there was Quiltville, and when the Hubster was still in college and Jason was just a young pup before Jeff was around I worked in a flower shop.  I can recall the aroma of mixed flowers in the cooler instantly.  I had a great conversation with the gal on the other end of the line as we brainstormed together on what to do for Mark.

Autumn colors – mums, gladiola, some cattails, raffia wisps, perhaps some autumn leaf sprigs, and twig and fern tendrils for a masculine look.  A few roses are okay, but not too many.  Mark’s favorite season was autumn, and it runs through my mind that these flowers are the last gift I can give to him and I want to do it right.

Carnations are great – spider mums are beautiful – casket spray, and two arrangements for either side of the podium during the service.  Yes.  Their fragrant mix fills my senses as we plan.

In talking to my mom’s sister, my aunt Joy who is coming with my uncle Scott, and their daughter Bethany, my cousin (All the way from Minnesota.  We are so touched they are coming.) I have also learned that other extended family members want to pitch in on the flowers as well.  We can do it right.

Flowers have always been such a gift to me – I think because their blooming is long anticipated and we wait for it patiently, and we are able to enjoy them for such a short short time before they are gone.

Flowers give us such great perspective on the beauty, and the fragility of life.

Oh, and I’m rambling because this has NOTHING to do with the photo at the top of this post!

I’ll get there.  Just bear with me.


When all the phone calls were done -

Flight arrangements for Rick finalized, flowers taken care of, details coordinated with siblings, and aunt – it was nearly 9pm before I sat down. I just needed to pull needle and thread through fabric, this binding job still at hand.  

I turned the corner and made it to side 3.  Honestly?  This is the slowest binding I have ever stitched in my life.  It's like slogging through the mire, just to get the stitches in.  I didn't expect that.

There are many comfort foods for stress relief.  Root beer floats have been a staple for as far back as I can remember.

Which brings another family memory – of me being in maybe 1st grade and getting chicken pox.  Mark’s round of chicken box followed within a few days of my outbreak, and I remember being at my grandparent’s house in Minnesota (Auntie Joy was only 5 years older then me – so also in grade school at this time) and there is a picture of us somewhere – maybe maybe my mom has it?  Of us sipping root beer floats in our jammies, likely covered in calamine lotion underneath.

I distinctly remember Mark sporting a sticky root beer float mustache in that photo.  I’ll never look at another root beer float without remembering this connection.


Another blast from the past.

Yes, that’s me in mom jeans circa 1990, Jeff on my lap pulling Jason’s hair. (TYPICAL!) My Grannie, Dad’s mom next to me in the chair.  Above Grannie is Mark holding Emilee, just a week or so younger than Jeff, both born in January of 1990.  My dad , center, and Scott behind me.

All of these photos are flying around facebook as family does the internet version of “Let’s sit and go through the family photo albums.” 

Oh, that permed hair was SO awful!


3 Wilkinson kids July 2017.

So that photo at the top?  That’s my job today.  Unable to sleep, we were up early and off to Jefferson NC (30 minute drive) for a Lowe’s & Walmart run to get what I need to paint the Quiltville Inn kitchen cupboards one more time, and get the shelf liner down – a heinous job.  I REALLY hate dealing with shelf liner, but these shelves need it.  I’m not even sure I have enough, but I have enough to get started.

I took this little video at Lowes -  Click to play:

And then since Sadie was such a good girl, she got THIS treat when we got home – Click to play:

As soon as this posts, I’m off to the Inn to get started.  And a special treat – Sharon and her daughter Melody were not only on our Mediterranean cruise 2 years ago, but they were just with me in England last month.  They have been to Asheville to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Biltmore Estate – and they are driving up for a tour of Quiltville Inn, and dinner (steaks on the grill!) at the cabin!  I'm so exited to see them.

September 08, 2018 at 08_08AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I love everything about this quote and also this quilt! It has lived in my house for a long time and I've always wanted to recreate it but never have attempted it.

Some day, maybe - some day!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


  1. I ablolutely love looking at old family photos. I have a box of my grandmothers pictures, but sadly, everyone who knows who these people are are long gone. They are still special to me because they were special to her. My favorite still is a 4 generation picture of my great grandpa, my grandmother, my dad, and me. It warms the heart! Looking at your family picture does the same...and I actually like your permed hair! Have a wonderful time at the inn and meeting up with friends....and I vote “yes” on the remake of that quilt. I have a picture of one in my files of quilt patterns I would love to do.

  2. While I was reading this I am watching The Pioneer Woman. Their family lost their mother/mother-in-law Nan in May and since her film crew for The Food Network has to come over from England they agreed to film a tribute to her MIL Nan. Two great losses for people I do not know but admire you and Ree Drummond. Praying for you and thank you for sharing. So so sorry for your family, but the memories go on and are to be cherished.

  3. I hate shelf liner too. My MIL used flooring for hers, a tip I stole. Glue down and it never needs replaced. I don't think the perm was that bad. Just signed up for Wonky Wishes in Bloomington, Indiana in March. Looking forward to taking another class with you. Still keeping you and the family in my prayers.

  4. Bonnie, you raise us up creatively with your classes and we are your cutch with love and support as you deal with your loss. Here is another cyber hug since I can’t give you one in person like I did at your classes in Bedford. We all love you.

  5. I am so glad that you are sharing this journey of rememberances. It brings back my own memories of family loss and gathering to say good-bye. Family is so important. You have a very loving one. May God bless you all during this time of gathering.

  6. What fun dinner plans! Tell them I said hello.

  7. Reading this, I was brought to tears. It made me remember all the stuff I was going through with my dad before he passed. Root beer floats opened the flood gates fully! One week in particular, the weather was really hot, so I thought I would take home the ingredients for root beer floats. After I fixed dad dinner and we ate, I told him I had a surprise for him and made the floats. He was so pleased! I think we had one almost every night after that, because well...it made him happy! Good memories, really good!

  8. I am much the same age as you 57, I have memories of chicken pox aged 5 having to sit in the Care with my preschool buddy at the End of year party awaiting a visit from Santa. Wild permed hair of the mid 80s don’t know what I was thinking I have curly hair end up a frizzy mess. Harry high pant jeans oh the memories, stitching is great for letting your mind just wander, so important as say your good byes.

  9. I waited until I was through with my stuff to do before reading your blog because I have shared so many tears with you. No you are not doing anything awful, I just cry easily. Watching your family patch your hearts through pictures, flowers and plans reminds me of the times I have had to take charge in my family. Funerals were always overwhelming in some ways to my siblings and with my dad's we had to care for my fragile mother and do the planning, but getting pictures ready for display, planning food and just the normal stiff seemed to heal a little. The person is always at the front and the best things about them are shared. It is funny that you mentioned scents tangentially because I had a sense memory of the scent of my father's greenhouse. Sadly the day of the funeral someone stole most of his prized ferns and bromeliads, but as it was investigated I sniffed the wonderful earthy smells and thought of him.

  10. I too cry easily and have shed tears with you over your untimely loss, keep sharing I love your family pictures it brings beck my memories of childhood and when my eldest daughter was born in November 1990 I had a perm back then too lol. Your flowers sound beautiful I’m sure they will help to fill the room with beautiful aroma.
    Hope you have a lovely steak dinner with your good friends
    Love prayers and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. Someday I will have to tell you about my shelf liner story. It involves curry powder:-/
    I live out in the east valley. If you need someone to pick up family I am more than willing to do that. Love to help out my quilting friends!!

  12. Bonnie, first, may his memory be a blessing. Additionally, there is a light rail from the Phoenix airport (the 44th St Station connects with the SkyTrain from Terminal 3) that can take your brother into downtown Mesa (I think as far as Mesa Drive) and Main. That might be a cheaper option and be somewhere that he can be picked up

  13. Dear Bonnie, As you described ordering the flowers for your brother’s casket spray it brought back memories of me doing the same for my brother a few years ago. As you said it was the last gift I could give him and I wanted them to be perfect, and they were. Many prayers for you and your family in these trying days ahead. May God comfort your hearts and give you all safe travels. With love.


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