Saturday, September 01, 2018

A Day Filled with Wanderlust!

Workshop number 6 and our Quiltville Summer Series hosted by Mary’s Quit Shop & Mary Koval is in the rear view mirror!

We had such a great time.  It’s been so memorable!

Folks from Texas, Utah, Idaho, Tennessee, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia, North Carolina and more --

Canada was represented from East to west with contingencies from Vancouver BC to Ontario -

This was a week for the books to remember!

So many fun instances – and funny moments to record.  I should write a book on “Things Overheard in Quilt Class….” that just left me rolling with laughter.

I know I have a good life.  I appreciate it every day.  But especially on the leaving days when I pack everything up and know I won’t be seeing these folks for another year.


Cutting, cutting, cutting -
Essential Triangle tool at work, making a hard job easy!


Sewing, sewing, sewing!

My friend Jen who was on the Mediterranean cruise with me 2 years ago!

She lives in Illinois and I was so happy to have her join me here!

Way to sew, girl!  Have a safe drive home.


Arranging all the pieces -


And before long – blocks are happening!


Awesome day, everyone!

You’ll find the rest of our day in the video below.  Click to play:

I loved how all of our blocks looked together!


That’s a lot of pieces!

On my way back into the classroom after lunch – I had another little visitor:


Hello, beautiful!

I was laughing because my friend Mark Sherman posted about his butterfly whispering capabilities in a Facebook post earlier in the day. 

And here I was having the same experience!

This butterfly was determined to land on my shirt. I stood stock still and when it finally landed on the ground I was able to get this photo. Look at the color!

In every day there is at least ONE small moment of joy.  This was my #joyinsmallmoments hash tag. 

Another Joy in Small Moments:

August 31, 2018 at 07_50PM

Thanks, everyone!

My students showered me with friendship blocks and I love them so much!  I’ll be turning these into something for Quiltville Inn – whether it becomes one quilt, or two by adding alternate blocks or sashings remains to be decided.  I just know there is a whole lot of scrappy love traveling home with me today.

I’m stopping by Burke to pick up a dresser and vanity, then on to Manassas to pick up a guest book table and some other “smalls”  and then making my way south to I-64 and across to I-81, going as far as I can go before I’m too tired to drive any more.  If I’m too tired, I’ll stop for the night and continue in the morning.

More than a month of constant travel, a total of only 2 days home the entire month of August with 10 days in England, a flight directly to Arizona to be with family, one day home to pack the van and a long day's drive up to Pennsylvania followed by 6 workshops and a lecture.  I'm ready for a break.



Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Pursue your passion, no matter your ability! This girl is homeward bound!

Happy Labor Day weekend!


  1. Lovely gifts. Maybe several small quilts for the stairs. Have a safe trip. Happy holidays

  2. You deserve a rest Bonnie!! What a whirlwind month!! One of these days I’ll be in one of your classes! Blessings to you and your family!

  3. yu deserve a break from your "labors" even tho it's your passion... safe travels, prayers and blessings, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Safe travels home Bonnie! It was so good to finally meet you and I’m planning on coming back next year. Enjoy your down time.

  5. Enjoy your holiday and time at home! Safe travels and take the time you need to recharge! I am looking forward to seeing you next year in California!!

  6. "Overheard in Quilt Class.." Could be another category at the top of your blog, I love stories and bits that make me laugh. That butterfly looked so beautiful! Great Photo! Happy Weekend!

  7. Bonnie, the butterfly that visited you is a Red Spotted Purple (red usually appears on back side of wings). How appropriate for a butterfly with such a colorful name visit a quilt class with a myriad of bright colors. Have a safe trip home and a restful holiday. I'm so looking forward to your class in Indianapolis in November.

  8. I loved every minute you shared about this journey, wish PA was closer, but even that should not stop me next year!

  9. So happy for you that the last leg of your August whirl wind was at this particular venue. Seems like you had the greatest host home and awesome giving and loving students. Enjoy your weekend and take yourself some great cabin naps!

  10. "over heard in quilt class" In Kent WA today, it was called the "stories over heard in quilt class". Amazing some of them :-)

  11. So happy to have spend the day with you on Friday! What a great class full of sweet people!

  12. I've been wanting to take a workshop with you for years, and was so glad to find out that there was space in the Friday class! I had a fantastic day, and I hope to see you again next year. I really appreciated the time you spent patiently explaining why you do things the way you do (sewing flying geese, pressing directions, lining up the 'lines' on the ruler, etc.) You deserve some time off after such a crazy August, and I hope you get it.

  13. I was at Mary's a day before you were. I decided to go because you mentioned you were going and it fit our travel plans. What a wonderful and magical place it is. I live just a few miles from Quiltville. Blessings to you.

  14. This post really made my day, Bonnie! I will definitely have to find a way (and maybe a friend to come with me) to get to this week-long retreat in Bedford PA next year! Toronto's not THAT far away... from anywhere! Hope your brother is resting peacefully ... mine continues his immunotherapy and modified chemotherapy treatments, and his LKCS (white blood cell count) went from 101.7 (scary!) last week to 14.6 today -- so I thank God for even this slight reprieve! God bless you and yours, Diana

  15. Don't forget to be thankful that you can still sit cross legged on the floor! Not all of us have that ability as we get older.


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