Thursday, September 27, 2018

China Cabinet, Thread Cabinet, China Hutch, China Buffet -


This is NOT a China cabinet.

Evidently it’s a thread cabinet – oh, my stars! 

Melinda stood there patiently, right next to it – just waiting for me to round the corner from the next booth where I was poking around – in search of the right China Cabinet, Hutch, Buffet for the long wall in the dining room at Quiltville Inn.

This is NOT a China hutch, and I don’t think I could even fit a teacup into it – but again - Oh, My Stars!


Can I just sit here and breathe for a minute, please?

This is the ELVIS of all thread cabinets.

Roll up side panels and all!

A thing of beauty -

I am filled with abundant reverence and wonder!

And unabashed thread cabinet lust.


Door up – oh wow!


Inside storage, thread sizes numbered.


And we turn the tag over to find….

It’s $700.00.  *SIGH*

I love it dearly – but it would just be a “sitting it out and having it do nothing” thing.  A space taker-upper.

There are no drawers to hold Keurig pods or rulers or pencils or stencils – it would just be a big box of a thing to collect dust with no useful space within it – but oh, what a thing of beauty!

I’m thinking of the shop counter on where it once resided.  Can you see it in your imagination?  

Bolts of fabric-of-the-time on the shelves behind the cutting counter, other sewing notions of turn of the century or 1910s or 20s all around – the dress patterns, the buttons, the needles– 

Another sigh escapes me as I round another corner into another booth once again on my mission – I need a China cabinet for the dining room at Quiltville Inn.


Too small, not in great shape -

And I want things more "visible."


Too fancy and WAY too pricy!

There are others, but I’m not a fan of the “federal” style that has those curly ornamental things on the top.  

Who wants to dust those?  

And it makes it hard to use the top of the cabinet as a display area if everything has to go behind those curly bits.



This is mirrored in the back.

I like the open airiness of this – but the shelves are clear glass, and if you think I hate dusting federal curly things, you should see how I react to dusting glass with every bit of fluff that shows.  I like it though – but I don’t think this is it.


OOooooh!  Wrong style, but look at that tin punch!



It looks like it just dropped out of a scene from Alice in Wonderland.  Can’t you see the Queen of Hearts plopping herself down into this hounds tooth chair?  No, it didn’t come home but I loved it!

I’m afraid to say that the only thing that did come home is a big china platter – marked $8.00 and when I got to the counter, I found it was 20% off.  I left with only 6 bucks and some change out of pocket – not even enough to pull out a credit card for.


But there were beautiful quilts to touch -

Lovely 1900 Double T -


A slinky rayon spiderweb!


A delicate chicken scratch embroidery on the hem of an apron.

(I have one of these, do you?!)


We thought this was a cool way to hang wine glasses -

But you can only really fit 5 per rake or the bases of the glasses would overlap making them hard to remove.

And the weird or fun thing of the day to search for – and the thing that made us all laugh at once?  “I had one of those!!!”


The first generation Ipad!  LOL!

We all agreed – if our childhoods are now found in the antique mall, that must mean we are antiques too!  And that makes us limited editions, one of a kind, and priceless as well!

Or at least worth $12.00 as the tag on the Etch-a-Sketch says - 

I did some more antique mall wandering yesterday after a very painful visit to the dentist – I’ll share those finds with you tomorrow.

It’s raining, raining, raining outside today.  I think it rained most of the night, and that softly falling autumn rain played it’s magic on me and I slept all the way until 8:30am this morning.  This NEVER happens.  But maybe I needed it.

And this makes it a very good day to stay in and stitch.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This much is true! It would be really easy to lock myself away in a closet and use every reasoning in the book on why I have every right to do so right now. As it is I slept until 8:30, which never happens!

Sometimes we have to work even when we don't feel like it because the working makes us feel better.

Push through!

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends.


  1. Good morning, Bonnie. Hugs to you this morning. Don't you just love waking up to the sound of slow, steady rain? Thanks for starting my day off with a bit more zest for life than I might otherwise have; your enthusiasm for life with all its good and bad moments is contagious.

  2. I am so happy to see you back to your routine of blogging...missed my morning “Bonnie” fix while you were absent, but completely understand the need to regroup. Your comment for today about working through when we don’t feel well is going to go front and center on my frig! I very seldom feel well, so I find I get little accomplished. Maybe this will be th incentive I need to push through...even if just for a brief period during the day. Thanks for inspiring us all!!!

  3. Etch a sketch brings back so many memories. Sometimes one has to work through the painful times physically and emotionally to feel right with the world!

  4. Interesting finds! I wonder what sort of room that hounds tooth chair would work in?!? I believe there is still an old Etch-a-Sketch hanging around here somewhere. It was my kids'.

  5. Great finds. Catch and release as needed. Love the chair and quilts. The Antique China cabinet it out there, keep looking. Work or play, Stitch is the best Therapy .

  6. Bonnie, I love antiquing along side you. It's so fun!! I think the best is having the luxury not to buy until you find the right piece. Enjoy the ride.

  7. I really enjoy seeing all the antiques that you search for - and then I saw mine! My china cabinet is the federal style cabinet with the scrolls on top. It was my grandmother's and will someday belong to my daughter. Yes, I guess we are antiques! :-D But that's ok - yes, we're one of a kind like you said but precious one of a kinds! YOU have a wonderful day too!

  8. i have that exact thread cabinet bought 15 years ago in Atlanta paying almost double this price! What a deal! Have never seen another, thanks for posting! What a find.

  9. Wow what a price for the thread cabinet! Call and ask an antique dealer elsewhere how much the item would sell for in another town area. Ask if it was marked properly. Then offer the current place a smaller amount. Too bad it is sew expensive.


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