Monday, September 03, 2018

A Huge Round of Bedford Show & Share!

And the quilts kept coming – from day one all the way through our workshop day number six -

Our excitement grew with every reveal – so many beautiful quilts, the work of your hands, hours and hours and hours -

I love to think how far it would stretch – if we were to lay all of these bindings end to end to end – MILES of binding, hours of productivity, each one adding their own artistry and twists and vision to their projects.

And I know a whole lot of living has happened between each and every stitch.

What memories are recorded between the pieces as they were sewn together.

I am astounded and grateful and so proud that these wonderful quilters brought their quilts to share at our “after lunch” show and share time.

Shown above is Jill with her On Ringo Lake quilt – FABULOUS, my friend, FABULOUS!


It’s getting down here to Pumpkin season!

These two quilts were made from my Punkin’ Patch pattern that appeared in the Sept/Oct 2017 issue of  Quiltmaker Magazine, and my expanded version will be featured in my new book, String Frenzy releasing this coming December.

I can feel fall creeping up on us!


Even PARTIAL quilts i progress are welcomed!


Wild & Goosey from the Addicted to Scraps book!

Row by row this quilt is coming together – I love the limited color palette!


Sue finished her Fair & Square quilt from Scraps & Shirttails II!


Also from Scraps & Shirrtails II – a gorgeous Tumelo Trail in blue!


And yes, even *I* Joined in – requests to see Jeff’s Hexie coaxing me to get it out of the van!


Antique quilts were extra special to see!


A close look at the fabrics let us know that this was 1940s!

There are many more in the slide show below – close to 90 quilts!  So pour yourself a cuppa, settle in on this lazy Labor Day and enjoy.  Be inspired.  You may find yourself cutting up  some fabric today and digging in, or find an old UFO resurfacing now that you’ve found the ooomph to pull it out and get working on it again!  Click to play:

Or maybe after seeing all of this productivity, we just decide to go have a nap instead! LOL! Well done, everyone -- truly fabulous!


Fog and clouds in the mountains on my rainy way home.


So happy to see this girl!

I pulled into the drive at Quiltville Inn by 1:30pm.  Just as the sky decided to open up above us – we waited out the rain storm in the house moving furniture around before the rain had subsided enough to let us unload the van.

With the addition of the tall dresser and vanity with large round mirror, bedrooms needed to shift.  Turns out that bedroom 3 with the large bay window is the only room that can hold 4 twins, a vanity and a dresser – the turret for room 5 just doesn’t work for that.  Beds were disassembled, moved and reassembled…we’ll get it eventually.

I’m not even promising that things will stay as they are – I am woman, with free reign to change my mind without notice or warning.


Binding – finally binding!


I love how a striped binding miters at the corners!

Don’t let this little bit of productivity fool you.  I finished up one long side, and turned the corner.  That was it.  All of the exhaustion from the past month on the road has caught up with me and I am barely moving this morning.

There may be more than one nap to happen.

Isn’t that what Labor Day is for??

Which reminds me: I want to remind you that ALL digital patterns in the Quiltville Store are STILL 50% off through Labor Day (TODAY!) using code AUG2018 at purchase.  Code must be used at time of purchase, no refunds if you forget, okay?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

My mantra for Labor Day weekend -

No Hurrying, and definitely no SPARKLE!

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!


  1. Definitely inspires me to make more quilts. Love the many pieces in the patterns and seeing the quilts done in different colors from the original.

  2. It must do your heart good to see all the quilts people have made from your patterns / books. Have a great day.

  3. I am glad to see Jeff's Hexie quilt shown. Lots of Quilty inspiration. You can do whatever you want on this holiday. Bonus weekend for stitching a little more.

  4. Beautiful work, quilters!!

  5. So many beautiful quilts shared! Loved the Tumalo Trail in blue! So many of them on my list to do!

  6. Glad to hear that an expanded version of your pumpkin quilt pattern will be in the new book.

  7. Every time I see Jeff's hexie quilt I love it more, it is the inspiration for my hexie and other epp projects. I never tried it before I saw the posts of you working on it and fell in love with it. I have made several projects but none can come close to this hexie quilt.


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