Monday, September 24, 2018

Hello, Monday!

There is something very satisfying about putting the last stitches into ANY project – whether big or small.

I finished the binding, hanging sleeve and label stitching on my Heritage Quilters, Illinois signature quilt last night with a smile.

I re-read each name, each wish and word.

I was transported back to March of this year, iffy weather that included snow flurries (and total snow dumpings!) and the promise of spring around the corner.

A week of beautiful clear skies and lake views – but that Chicago wind – oh, boy!

But mostly I remember the smiles and the excitement and the fun of being in the midst of all of this constructive creativity.


Ready to hang at Quiltville Inn!

I’m already dreaming up what my next small project will be. 

I also received a lovely stack of gifted “thinking of you” blocks while teaching in Pennsylvania for our Summer Series with Mary’s Quilt Shop.  Ladies and gents, these blocks are WONDERFUL.  

I haven’t decided if I will do several different small quilts with them, or make them into bed quilts for the Inn for others to snuggle under – i am letting the ideas percolate and hopefully will be able to dive into them during our long winter months ahead.


I’m also playing with my Leader & Ender units!

These are growing nicely as Leaders & Enders in between the other project piecing I’m doing.  There is quite a stack here on my table, and on my design wall.  Final layouts for this project are as of yet undecided – but this challenge goes all the way until next July – so there is no rush.

if you build the units, the quilt will come!

Have you joined in yet?  You’ll find the pattern and instructions for Jewel Box Stars under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog. 

2’’ squares + 3 1/2’’ strips + Essential Triangle Tool will have you on your way in no time.

But remember – it’s not a race – it’s a Leader & Ender project and it is supposed to take A WHILE for these units to become enough for a quilt.  It’s not the main course.  It’s the dessert!

I mentioned yesterday about the problem with the automatic gate to the laneway up to the cabin.  Turns out, a whole new gate was needed.

The old one was about 20 years old, rust had taken over in places, it was heavy and causing a strain on the automatic opener -

Now check THIS out!  Click to play:

Much much much better!

And once the leaves are gone, the solar power will keep the battery charged and we won’t have to swap it out every couple of months the way we do in the summer when the leaf cover prevents the sun from hitting the solar panel.


Things are starting to yellow -

Leaves are becoming evident on the ground!

Yesterday afternoon there was quite a breeze and I actually witnessed a flurry of leaves on the air – flitting this way and that until they found a place to land on the lane way.

It’s going.  Summer is actually gone – I’m not quite ready for pumpkins yet, but I will be by October 1st.  Just give me another week of September please!


Other signs of fall on the way -

This photo was actually taken by trail cam in August – but look at the rack on this guy!  I think he was surprised by the click of the trail cam – he looks startled!  Look at the velvet on his antlers – a 6 point!  Not quite in the rut yet, but soon.


And there are still bear in them woods!


Oh, baby!

This is a young one – so where is mama?

Yesterday afternoon we went to meet the contractor at the Quiltville Post Office to establish a plan for replacing the windows  - we are down to the wire and I hope that they can still be done by Thanksgiving time.  They want to get them installed before we get too cold and rainy as the old windows have to be OUT before new ones can go IN – there is drywall and repainting to deal with as well.

You know all of those best laid plans with home remodels?  Double it for commercial things like this.  Windows are on order and we should be going shortly.

Meanwhile, the electrical guy said he should be able to start on the floor plugs for the Quilting Quarters within the next week or so as well. 

I’m just anxious for something to begin – somewhere.  Soon.


Just a few new things…

The dresser goes with Jean & Jerry’s bedroom set.  I have paired it with a vintage oak framed mirror that was hung yesterday – a piece that was given to me by Holly when I was in Louisville at the end of July.  It’s perfect here.

The beautiful Victorian style lamp is one I picked up from Wendy on Friday – I’m in search of someone who does lamp repair – there is a spot on the metal piece between the two globes that needs a bit of repair, and to have the electrical checked out.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL lamp – and it’s GREEN.  So it goes in the green bedroom #2 don’t you agree?

I’ve spent the weekend at the machine working on projects – and it feels good to be making some positive progress on things that needed seeing to.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have my “moments.” but I’m getting better at taking things one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time.

And it helps being here surrounded by these mountains.

September 24, 2018 at 08_21AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

I love the simplicity of this cozy four-patch!

As we start this new week ahead, remember to take some time not to be anything, to do anything but just to simply BE.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Happy Monday to you!

  2. Day by Day. Piece by Piece. Four-patch by Four-patch. Things take life and grow. And then Fall comes, ready to start the cycle all over again. Happy Days Bonnie!

  3. Bonnie, I know how much those minutes, hours, and days add up until you get used to the "new normal" in your life. My sympathies are still with you and your family in your recent loss. I am so happy that you are back to posting again. I did not realize how much I look forward to reading them over my morning coffee. Mornings just have not been the same. You have definitely been missed, but we all understand. HUGS!

  4. Today’s quote, perfectly said. Have a good day Bonnie.

  5. The mountains around you and slipping back jnto a routine - even though your emotional landscape is forever changed - can be healing. Quiltvilla is gathering steam. I so hope to visit one day. Hugs.

  6. Yea for new windows going in. Nice to finish the small project. Love the dresser in the green room. Home and gate repairs keep your Hubster busy so you can Stitch!! Enjoy your Monday.

  7. Laddie Carter in Carrollton, GA, home of The Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum, is an expert at lamp repair. Email me if you want her contact info.

  8. I hope and pray your properties have eluded any flooding! Been thinking of you. Nel from Nebraska

  9. What’s being planned for the P. O. building? (What will it be used for?)

  10. Beautiful quote. It's very close to my favorite quote which is, "Stop trying to make everyone like you; you're not chocolate... or wine!"

  11. Mountains do have healing power for my heart. I love the quote "The mountains are calling and I must go". I need to look up to mountains, so majestic, huge, old...permanent. Still holding you and your family in prayer. Quiltville Inn will be a blessed retreat for all who enter.

  12. Every thing is coming together piece by piece just like your heart Bonnie. Let the mountains sooth your soul!!

  13. Bonnie, I think it would be wonderful if you would tell us the size of those "thinking of you" blocks you pictured. I would love to add to your collection in memory of your brother if you would be okay with that. Can you share the size? I believe you'd have enough for a quilt in a snap if people knew you'd like it. If you aren't interested, I can totally respect that. Wishing you all things good!

  14. Bonnie a quick fix on the electrical for the lamp.. buy an extension cord to replace wiring. I have done this for a few lamps my self. Just cut off the plug, thread it thru the lamp (after removing old) and strip back the coating an inch or two to expose the wires. Finally, connect the wires to the screws in switch socket. And easy peasy.. done

  15. Just take it day by day, we will still be here when you are ready

  16. Love the chest with new to you lamp!!! Shady Ladies in Winston-Salem can hook you up on lamp repair! And, it's on the way!! I think a Bear Paw needs to hang at the entry in honor of your "neighbor" --- Mr. Bear!!!

  17. Everything is looking marvelous!

  18. LOVE your finished signature quilt for the wall, NICE! It will be beautiful at your retreat house! And it was so nice to have a place for you to retreat to when the gate would not open!

  19. Love,Love, your lamp! Everything is coming together beautifully at the Quiltville Inn! I'm glad that you got your fence fixed. Everything looks so peaceful at your cabin.A great place to quilt!

  20. Wish this was last year. Ha a beautiful old dresser that came from my grandparents on my dads side, and a corner cupboard. We were selling our house & my kids didn’t want them. Gave one away & sold the other for so little. I would have loved to gift them to Quiltvill Inn.

  21. I looked for the free pattern for JEWEL STAR BLOCK as mentioned in your blog. It referenced one of your books rather than a free patern. Would love to make use of my scraps and follow along.Please advise, thank you.

  22. Love the green lamp. We have two that my "Cowboy" inherited from his grandmother (many years ago). They are hand painted with yellow & brown roses, and they are electric. At first we thought they were too "ugly" "gaudy", yet to our pleasant surprise, they look beautiful in our new townhouse here in Santa Fe. We have custom cowboy style furniture that he designed & built, and the previous owner had painted an accent wall a lovely deep teal. The lamps shine in this setting. You are making the inn shine with all the wonderful pieces you are placing there.

  23. Can't wait to finally meet you in Denton, Texas in February - already going thru my stash to figure out what I think I can cut up because you know us quilters we don't want to cut the stash up!!!!


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