Friday, July 27, 2018

Drop Off’s and Drop In’s!

I spent about 45 minutes at Quiltville Inn yesterday.

I wish I could have spent MORE time, but the truth of the matter was – I had a quick drop off to do of the wonderful hand crafted cherry beds from Jean and Jerry – and then hit the road toward home.

Jason was already on his way up from Columbia, South Carolina with his cats Dresden and Lola meowing up a storm in the background.

I know some folks who travel with their cats all of the time – but my cats have always been home-bodies who didn’t like the car, and could care less what was going on outside in the world around them.

These beds are SO wonderful – and the story that goes with the beds is the icing on the cake.

Made by Jerry’s great-grandfather for he and his sister in the 1950s, I got the story of who has slept in these beds over the decades, and things Jerry remembers from his childhood surrounding this furniture.

I also saw many other pieces that are in use in their home, also made by this great-grandfather.  Just beautiful.


How to know who’s bed was who’s?

Check the finials!

It’s the only different feature in this pair!

One style for his sister, and one for Jerry.


These are two of the lovely quilts from the 10 I obtained from the collection of Pepper Cory.

I LOVE this album block in orange and white,  Signatures and all.

Made for Reverend and Mrs. A. A. Horner.

By Mrs. Otis G. Moore.

We don’t know her first name! But could this be a 50th anniversary gift?  Look at the dates. Could it be a golden wedding anniversary?

It was a sign of the times that women were known by their husband’s name, rarely using their own. So we don’t know the name of the reverend’s wife either!



"If things never changed, there would be no butterflies."

I am keeping this in mind with Jason heading to Portland, and things with Mark.


There was enough time to snap this photo over the porch rail before heading home.

If you are wondering what is holding the quilt on the rail – two antique sad irons will hold just about ANYTHING down!

Next up is backing (I have a plan and have started in on it) and quilting, hopefully between now and the time I leave for Kentucky.  I think this just may be a handwork trip.


Vines have been growing happy with the heat and rain!

I laughed as I walked around the porch to get the mail out of the mailbox – holy moly.  These were NOT here the last time I was here. Hopefully they won’t be there when I come back either – son Jeff is on his way up to do a round of lawn care, much needed.  

He may need a hay baler after how much the lawn has grown in the past couple of weeks.

While Jason’s cats are doing fine, and I’ll post a bit more about them tomorrow when they decide to come out of their hiding place, it’s this guy that is truly on my heart:


Enjoying some early morning back porch sitting.

He left just a few minutes ago.  He is headed first to Charlotte, NC for a farewell party his good friends are planning for him and other friends are flying in to Charlotte today for the festive send off.  I love that he is part of such a supportive creative community. 

Then he will head back to Columbia, SC – pick up his rental U-haul and start his journey toward Portland, OR. 

Good news for those who have been waiting so patiently for the Triangle Booty Rulers to be back in – they were waiting on the front porch for me when I arrived from Virginia.  All back orders were filled last night and will enter the postal system as soon as my mail person scans them at pick up time.  Please check your tracking numbers later today so you can follow your package to its destination.

I have put more Quilter’s Date Keepers and Quilty Pencils in the store – limited to what is in the store.  I will add more when those are processed, working around my out of town time.

And I have a NEW item you might be interested in!  I picked one up for me – and quickly got them in the store:


There are 110 blocks given in 5 sizes each complete with really fun project ideas.  It’s a wonderful guide for any quilter’s library.  Great cutting charts, and much  needed reference tables – and it’s on sale for $16.50.  I’ve only got 36 in stock, but will get more soon.

July 27, 2018 at 07_20AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage quilt found in Verona, Virginia.

(LOVE the stripes!)

Finding peace with this today.  I needed to hear this.

Maybe you do, too.

Have a wonderful Friday, friends.


  1. I did need to hear that this morning!!! How did you know?? lol My baby girl moved to Denver far anyway from us. I tell her if she needs me, MapQuest says I can be there in 18.3 hours!!! That's a little family joke - whenever she went to Girl Scout Camp or off with a friend, I would look up to see how long it would take me to get to her. All I ever wanted for my kids was for them to be happy and content. And she certainly is!! Congrats for raising a child who knows what he wants and isn't afraid of seeking it out! Nice job!

  2. I know your time is tight right now, but you need a photo album of quilts hanging from that railing. It would make a great coffee table book.

    1. I am not listening to "YOU NEED" from anyone right now. Thank you for understanding.

  3. Hugs and prayers for your family. Godspeed for your son Jason.

  4. Wow - I LOVE that butterflies quilt! Looks like a grandmothers fan block with added pieces :). Will have to try and figure that one out. Thank you for still doing your blog posts with all that is tugging at your heartstrings now....hang in there :)

  5. Portland, Organ is a beautiful place. My grandaughter moved there from Pennsylvania 4 yrs ago after graduating from college... The city is very different than the east. They have signs up that says KEEP PORTLAND WIERD!!!

  6. That quilt looks even prettier hanging from the railing at Quiltville Inn.

  7. Wishing safe travel and wonderful adventures for your son and peace for your heart and mind while he travels. I hope your time in KY (my home state) will be great. Prayers for Mark continue.

  8. It's always hard to see our children head off in another direction but isn't it wonderful that he is an independent person who has a life apart. I have a dear friend who is fighting brain cancer. It's so difficult to see her downward spiral and how quickly it has debilitated her. Keeping Lois and your Mark in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Oh, that butterfly quilt!!! I grew up with Grandma's quilts, always pieced squares in no planned pattern, usually just tied. I loved them anyway. Then, one day in my early 20's I saw this butterfly pattern in a quilt and fell in love with quilting. The colors, the patterns, wow! Been searching for this pattern that gave me "quilt pox" ever since! Loved seeing it at Quiltville Inn!

    1. I too fell in love with this butterfly quilt pattern years ago. One day I found the pattern, published by C&T Publishing...but the copyright is 1999 so it is no longer available. However, if you Google Laura Wheeler Butterfly Quilt, a couple of sources come up offering a pattern for the same or similar butterfly. My pattern lists the pattern being from the book, New England Quilt Museum Quilts #10195 . Hope this information helps your search.

  10. I'l bet your creative child was so happy with yesterday's side trip... mine was certainly in awe, thank you. My heart aches with your latest news about Mark, prayers for all; have you thought perhaps Jason's girls would like to take up residence at the Inn? Just an idea if the two current residents are very very resistant to cousins coming to visit. OMGoodness, new tools! so tempting... love and thanks for all you do and sharing your heart with us. Cats from Carlsbad CA

    1. No pets in the retreat house. That goes for my own. No pets belonging to guests, and none from the owner either.

    2. copy that, better idea, actually... will avoid many many potential problems... better thinking than mine..

  11. Re: Cats from Carlsbad CA. I don’t think I’m the only one who would not stay overnight somewhere where cats live due to severe allergic reactions.

    1. Not to worry, Quiltville Inn is pet-free.

  12. I enjoy reading your blog each day. I identify with all the feelings of letting go and moving on. Life cycles. I call them heart tugs. Thanks for sharing your life with me and others who come here to learn and to be. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you Bonnie.

  13. Your orange quilt really caught my eye. Reminds me so much of the quilt I have from two women in my mither’s family. Great grandmother made the pieced blocks from men’s shirts but she died in 1883. My Grandmother finally got the blocks from her older half sister in the 1930’s and put the, together with that orange between the blocks. She had her church ladies quilt the Baptist fan. I have the quilt and labeled it with a brief history and tin-type photos of both ladies, with Grandma still a young girl. It is one of my treasures. How could I send you photos?

  14. Bonnie - you could sure write a book about the history attached to all of the treasures that will come to reside at Quiltville Inn. It is so much fun to hear the stories! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share all of this excitement with us!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  15. I love watching the Quiltville Inn come together. I doubt I shall ever make it there to be your guest, will have to enjoy it vicariously.
    Your son is a lucky guy to know what he wants and where he wants to be--maybe the stars will align to let him get his cats from you at some point. Until then, they'll jazz up your life as only cats can.
    I'm so sorry about your brother. Cancer is the pits.
    I read your blog every day, and enjoy it so. It's nice to get outside my own zone sometimes.

  16. Have a Happy Weekend, Bonnie! Prayers for Jason and a safe trip west. Prayers for Mark, You and the whole family. You are quite right. Knowing when to let go is hard. It has been a year since my Baby sister left us. The family is all finding ways to move on and also letting go. Remember, we always have the memories. Cancer is an ugly thing.

    Kasilof, AK

  17. Blessings and prayers be with you and yours!
    Thank you for all you do.

  18. I'm going to guess - Jerry's bed has the larger finials, ya know being a guy and all. I bought the Quick and Easy 15 years ago and it has been a source of inspiration since.
    Bonnie - prayers for Mark, for you and the family and for all the medical people involved with his care.

  19. My son and family (with our 6yr old granddaughter)moved to Houston from where we live in Washington State, last November. They have always been near us. We were saddened by the move but it was good for them economically. I made myself think about a lady that worked for me and the fact that all her kids and grands lived in Europe. I feel thankful that mine are somewhere that I can go to visit. It could be so much worse. Hugs to you. You'll just have to come to the NW more often.

  20. Bonnie, prayers for your brother Mark and the entire family. I wanted to thank you—I lost my Daughter and my grandchildren lost their Mother the day after Thanksgiving after a five year battle with MBC. They are all doing well but have struggled. I have been sharing your daily quotes with my oldest granddaughter to use as motivation in her workplace and then realized she could follow you on Instagram! Now she tells me what your quote of the day is—just wanted you to know how much your messages have helped me through the loss of my husband and daughter and now you are helping my grandchildren. ❤️

  21. Dear Bonnie, you were sharing about Rev. A.A. Horner and the Orange quilt, and him being a Methodist minister, set me to thinking if you have watched the old film called One Foot in Heaven, I'msure you would love this movie. Bless you Bonnie you and all your family, furry ones included💕


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