Sunday, July 29, 2018

Lola, Dresden & Diamond Tiles!

There are times you have to give up on the New Kitty Chaos, and just lock yourself in the basement and load a quilt.

That’s my theory anyway.

My backing together and ready to load (Commemorating the great kitty acquisition of 2018 - click HERE for more.) and wool batting at hand, I stepped away from begging the cats to like me, and down into my familiar surroundings.  Just to hear a machine running.  Just to see lines of beautiful light turquoise thread laid out in a lovely pattern upon this quilt top.

I’m going simple.  I have been trying to use up the last of a big roll of Hobbs wool batting, and I really like wool when it is allowed to poof a bit – the quilting not so close.

I want to see the TEXTURE between the quilted and un-quilted areas, not have the whole thing mashed flat with too much filler stitching.

Wool is also much more comfortable to sleep under when it is not quilted to the consistency of cardboard.


Side lighting to show texture!

This quilt is for a bed, so needs to be comfy for sleeping.  The edge to edge design is called Tea Lights, by Patricia Ritter and Valerie Smith of Urban Elementz.


Fun fabric combos!

Yes, in this block I have combined some Y2K Millennium fabric (Still one of my favorite neutrals!) with some gifted Pilgrim and Roy fabric, and stuck a modern hounds tooth in the center. A blending of styles, era and colors that really didn’t have much to do with each other.  The different scales of the prints, some geometric, some text, some swirly all work together in this block.

(I spy a slightly chopped off cornerstone.  Do I care?  NO!)


Some more fun ones as quilting happens.

This is the part of the scrap quilting process that I love best.  SO MUCH VARIETY!  Fabrics don’t have to match.  They don’t have to contain the same colors.  They just have to play off of each other in whatever makes the maker’s eye happy.

Because this one kitty guy is NOT happy.  Click to Play:

Oh, Dresden!


I do like you when you are SLEEPING!


One of these days – you’ll trust me for more than just treat time.


And while you’re at it, quit hissing at Lola too!

Today I’m waiting the arrival of my friend Carrie who is on her way here from Delaware with her truck full of ALL of my stuff from Hershey.  We stuffed EVERYTHING but my own suitcase in her vehicle so I’d have room to pick up the beds, mattresses and tables from Jean and Jerry just a week ago.  How can it be a week already?

She is on her way to Sumpter, South Carolina for work this next week, and will spend the night here at Chez Quiltville, and I’ll send her on her way tomorrow.  We’ll have some fun! 

I’m not sure what we are going to get up to or into, but I have a feeling there will be dinner out somewhere as I’m not feeling much like cooking.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Durham to meet up with Pepper Cory and transfer her gifted quilt reference book library from her vehicle to my van – ready for the next big trip up to Virginia.

And in between everything else, I hope to get this quilt quilted, and binding attached so it can come to Kentucky with me on Wednesday.

July 29, 2018 at 07_05AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage string quilt found in Verona, Virginia.

I've got the friends, I've got the fabric. Now all I need is the time to put 2 and 2 together!

I am so grateful for friends who have stepped in, listened and lifted me this week without telling me what I should be doing, when and how.

I just needed someone to listen.

Again, thank you.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. I never had success trying to get older cats to like me. I had a cattery with up to 21 cats at one time and I can say that the adults will come to you in their time. Leaving and coming back as is your habit may make them want you more since they will miss you. They won't run to you the first few times you return, but my experience says that they will get more and more friendly. They will continue to miss Jason and grieve because he isn't there, but will eventually find that they want more from life than a solitary existence. Treats do help a little. Good luck because bringing a cat that misses their person into a new home is just plain tough.

    1. Thanks for the info. I've never adopted adult cats with success before either. But they are too old to go to the Shelter (They are 8 and 10) and they would have just as hard a time bonding with a new family that way, likely separated, than if they are here with us. I'll continue to hope for the best and give it time.

  2. Are the kitties staying with you permanently or just till your son gets settled? My cats have lived together for 16 years and still hiss at each other. Only at me when I try to brush them. Beautiful kitties!

  3. Yay! for you and Jason for not taking these kitties to the shelter. You are honoring a worthy commitment to these beautiful kitties. Stitchinpenny is exactly right and you are so good to give them all the time they need. I've adopted older animals a lot. Older is Bolder :-) They are always grateful in their own way =^..^=

  4. Dresden doesn't know why Jason is gone. It will take time but he will know he is loved.

  5. The texture looks great on Diamond Tiles!! Here's hoping you get the quilting finished in time to take it with you to work on binding.

  6. It looks like the kitties have found places to feel safe in their new home. They will think of it as home after a time.

  7. I feel sorry for Dresden, my grandkitty grew up in this house, yet when we babysit him these days, he behaves just like Dresden. So set in their own world of cat control, they don't like change. I hope he overcomes his kitty stress or Jason finds a pet friendly home quick smart.
    I wasn't too fussed on the aqua border on your new quilt at first but today's photo changed my mind - love how it looks. I am not good at colour choosing, that's why I like scrappy quilts.

  8. Bonnnie, once again you leave me in awe. I hope I am as good a person as you are.

  9. Jean and Jerry keep making me think of ice cream......

  10. The way you make a pile of scraps into a beautiful quilt has me in awe. I wouldn't worry to much about Dresden as long as he eats, drinks and uses the litter box like he should. Poor guy is missing his person & his home and is just letting you know. He's so lucky to have you instead of going to the shelter. Older animals have a hard time getting adopted.

  11. Dresden might not be happy with you (yet) but he is very happy with your quilts!!
    There is a product you can get from your vet that plugs into a power point diffusing pheromones that will help both newbies settle. Emmy Lou will benefit too. It is "Feliway" in Australia but may have a different name in US. It is also available in a spray. They don't understand where or why Daddy has gone but your love will win them over. Lots of treats will also help. Do they have a piece of clothing of Jason's with his smell on it? T-shirt, socks or an old coat maybe?
    Hang in there, just keep o stitchin'. :)

  12. I've heard that it is easier for cats to change people than it is for them to change houses. Moving into a home with preexisting pets must make it even harder. Just give Dresden more time. I think you and he are doing great under the circumstances.

  13. Just finished reading and laughing at your adventures with the new kitties. How can a cat named Dresden dare challenge YOU??!! Maybe you will have to threaten to change his name to Puss in the Corner!
    Diamond tiles is my current favorite I have just made 4 but they go together so beautifully that I will keep going. Thanks for that pattern in Quiltmaker

  14. Loving the cat tales (tails)

  15. I expect Bonnie will have the cat permanently. Transporting them to Oregon would be extremely stressful for them, too.

  16. Love that panto!! Thanks for sharing. As for Dresden— I love that name. Maybe he is holding out for some tuna! =)

  17. I can relate to your cat family blending woes! We added my son's cat to our household. He couldn't keep a pet as he is always traveling for work. Abby took a long while to stop hissing at the other 2. We lost one of our older cats earlier this year, and a couple months later, added a kitten. OH WOW!! The 2 current older ones seem to think its a personal insult that we have this now 5 month old kitten who really tries hard to play with them. I am finding its an adventure every day with the 3 of them. We have 2 dogs too, and they are fine with all these cats!
    Love the quilting on the Diamond tile. looking forward to quilting mine soon.

  18. "I want to see the TEXTURE between the quilted and un-quilted areas, not have the whole thing mashed flat with too much filler stitching.

    Wool is also much more comfortable to sleep under when it is not quilted to the consistency of cardboard." I like this statement.This is the way I want all my quilts unless they are an art/wall hanging. judy j

  19. I am a new subscriber and I'm so impressed by your daily blog. When do you write it? At the end of each day? At the beginning of the next?

  20. That edge-to-edge looks great on your quilt! Love the quilting + wool combo!

  21. then and now, no matter what batting, i prefer more open style, easier draping quilting... art quilts with close stitching are beautiful, but for snuggling throws & bed qilts... give me the soft drape every time... thanks

  22. Wish you were closer. I would gift you my 10 boxes of quilt books I don't have room for anymore.


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