Sunday, July 15, 2018

Out and About: How Now, Brown Trout!


As Jean and I walked around the Brown Trout Festival area, I noticed this tailgating party of “Good Ol’ Boys” And had to get a photo of their team shirts.

Uff Da Fishing Team!  Oh, my – you are NOT in North Carolina Anymore!

My inner Minnesotan was smiling.

I was thinking of “Grumpy Old Men” movies and throwing myself right in to small town festival life.

How fun this was to feel a PART of things while I was in Alpena, Michigan.

Uff Da, indeed!


Probably my favorite photo at the docks.

The bay just visible beyond.


Downtown Alpena for dinner at a sidewalk café.

Like all other vibrant small towns across America, Alpena has wonderfully upkept streets lined with shops, blending the more modern with the Alpena of yesteryear. 

The State theater marquee is an icon in town, and they still show current movies – though parking is one of those things there is never enough of.

Jean and I enjoyed our stroll down the street, stopping into the yarn/fabric shop – the art gallery and even an antique mall.


Yesterday’s quote came from this beauty!

Improved 9 patch, 1950s likely.


Oh yes, Festival time!  Shirt and all!


Music and dancing under the big tent!


Having a grand time with buddy Jean!


I love old fun buildings – this “flat iron” style is no exception!

It says “Centennial, July 4 1876” in the brickwork on the side.  Once an Odd Fellows hall, it has been a bar, a gentleman’s club (no real GENTLEMEN would dare set foot there) and any other number of things.


On our evening walk back before the rain.

Back at my hotel, a quick google search found a 4 part series about this building and its current owners, and the plans they have for this building.  Click HERE.

Now, this Brown Trout thing will go on all week – I caught just the beginning of it, but had enough time yesterday morning to check out the Art by the Bay before heading to the airport!


The iconic Alpena trolley!


booth after booth of local craftmanship!


I love all of the Michigan “Mitten” shaped things.

And the GOT SYRUP? yard sign!


Oh, lovely reclaimed furniture!

Sorry, you won’t fit in my suitcase!

But I did find some things that did – and I will share them when I unpack them!


Deep fried Oreos, anyone??

We opted to not, and instead made a run through Culvers on our way to the airport.

Which is another story, that I think I’ll save for tomorrow – because there is MORE to this day and it is already long enough.

I arrived home last night about 11pm.  I’m moving a bit slower this morning.  It’s a rare Sunday at home, and my plan is to putter and unpack, putter some more, and eventually settle in to writing some directions for a  “Surprise” class I’m teaching at Mary Koval’s in Bedford, Pennsylvania at the end of August.  I know it is going to come up all too soon, so I need to get this done.

I should have more Quilter’s Date Keepers and Quilty Pencils added to the Quiltville Store TOMORROW as soon as I talk to Yellow Freight and get a delivery date from them.

Thank you so much for your patience!

The load of Triangle Booty Rulers I have been waiting for showed up yesterday as well, and those orders needing Triangle Booty Rulers will also go out in tomorrow’s mail - with the remainder being added back into the store because it says "Sold Out." And they have been.

And our brand new week ahead will kick off with a bang and a flurry of activity – but NOT today.

July 15, 2018 at 07_22AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Thank you Aesop!

And that goes with taking the time to be kind to yourself as well!

Vintage applique quilt found during my travels somewhere – I’m thinking it was Washington state back in May -

Have a lovely Sunday, folks!


  1. What a fun day. Glad you got your flights arranged to get home last night. Have a restful Sunday. If you tap on the 3 dots on a picture in your Gallery, you can find out the date the photo was taken. It works on my Samsung.

  2. Oh love the Improved Nine Patch, it looks so much like one my husband's grandmother made, even with the Pink fabric. She was a Tennessee transplant to Alamosa Colorado and my husband remembers her and her friends pulling down a quilting frame from the ceiling to do their hand quilting.

  3. We went to the quilt show in Sparta NC yesterday. It was a great show. Yadkin Valley Quilts was one of the vendors. First thing I spotted was your new Quilter's Date Keeper and your playing cards. You must check out their store in Elkin NC. Tim and Andrae DeHaan are so friendly and rave about all your quilts. Can't wait to find out if your last mystery quilt won best of show yesterday.

    1. Can you please change your name to your own identity, and not to mine? Thank you. Your ID should not say Quiltville.com

  4. Too much fun, Bonnie, in Alpena, MI for the Brown Trout Festival!! Back in my hometown in PA, anglers joke about a whole other meaning for 'BROWN TROUT." LOL

  5. It's funny. You like Michigan-shaped stuff and my nephew-in-law, who is from Duluth, loves anything that is shaped like Lake Superior. I didn't even know that Lake Superior shaped stuff was a thing until I met him. LOL Their home in Green Bay has all sorts of Lake Superior shaped stuff in it. :)

  6. Rest up! Looking forward to the Surprise class with you in PA next month!

    1. I've been working on handouts for that class today! EXCITED!

  7. What does "uff da" mean?


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