Monday, July 23, 2018

A Sunday Journey South!

We made some VERY sweet memories over the past several days during Quilt Odyssey 2018!

And I am really looking forward to NEXT year’s Quilt Odyssey show – I’ll be teaching again, and I’m hoping that we’ll be working on quilts from String Frenzy and string piecing up a storm.

Speaking of storm – I was in and out of it yesterday on my way from Pennsylvania, down through a corner of Maryland and into Virginia where I was stopping for a visit with Jean and Jerry and loading up the van with the bedroom set that Jerry’s grandfather made for him and his sister back in the 1950s.

There was only one small problem…..

That small problem being that the VAN was too small to hold it all!


Oh goodness.  Where are we going to put that double seater rocker??


Well, dang! LOL!

Still, Inside this van you will find the two cherry bed frames and mattress sets, side rails and slats, two end tables, and the big round mirror that goes with the vanity.

My stuff is crammed in here too – and before you think that is an empty spot in that upside down table between the legs – that is where I put my backpack with laptop!  My own suitcase is riding shotgun up front, and the other end table is upside down in the passenger seat as well.

I am picking up Pepper Cory’s book donation for Quiltville Inn tomorrow in the Raleigh/Durham area and was laughing last night when I told her that the best way to fit it in here was to wrap several books in grocery sacks, and we can slide them between the mattresses and on top of them.

Wednesday afternoon there is going to have to be a road trip for ONE NIGHT up to the cabin/retreat house to offload this.

I am not going to unload it all into my garage, and then reload it to take it up there and unload into the house – it needs to be a one trip deal!

And it’s going to be a crazy week as Jason is bringing his cats, Dresden & Lola to come live with Grannie Bonnie on Thursday.  Egad.

Now the rest of the story – As you can tell there is no room for that big rocker – BUT!  I will be coming this way again at the end of August after teaching at Mary’s Quilt Shop in Bedford, PA.  There should be no trouble getting the dresser and vanity and other things in here. 

So - while the beds and mirror came with me, I left the rocker behind with the dressers to keep each other company while I return.

And thank heavens for Carrie who took all of my other stuff and will be driving it down this coming weekend on her way to South Carolina. 


I fought this weather for quite a while!

It came down hard as I was leaving the DC area.  It was a magnificent sky in all of its storm rage – the power of nature is just amazing to me.


Fabulous Santa Fe String Star from String Fling
All in Christmas!


A lovely Talkin’ Turkey in Blue & Yellow, also from String Fling!

So many beautiful quilts came out for Show & Share as we returned from our lunch break and headed back to our machines.  I love seeing them!  I love that Show & Share time gives us a chance to know each other a bit better, and to be inspired and energized by something else than the project we’ve had our eyes in all day.


Tumelo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II!


And a wonderful jacket made with this year’s workshop blocks from many teachers!

Sharon has been making Quilt Odyssey Jackets for many many years, and each year one is drawn as a door prize on our last evening together – someone gets to go home with the jacket!  All of the different patchwork parts on the jacket are representative of the workshops given by the teachers that particular year.  No two jackets are ever the same!

Can you spy the mini Moth in the Window blocks from the Addicted to Scraps book? There are more close up photos of the various parts in the video below.  Click to play:

I can't wait until next year to see the finishes from THIS year's classes!


We are up to here!

Today’s job is to get the remaining borders on Diamond Tile so that it is ready for quilting when I get home.

Also in the works behind the scenes – I planned this time in between Hershey and picking up books in Raleigh/Durham as MYSTERY IMMERSION SEWING!

I am taking a pampering solo retreat day of peace and quiet, sewing myself into happy oblivion.  It made no sense to drive all the way to Winston Salem only to have to turn around and drive back to Raleigh/Durham the next day.  I’d rather spend that driving time driving the machine.  Much better use of my time with my foot on the machine pedal than the gas pedal of my car.

Mystery sewing is in full swing – let the black and white photos begin!

Also – before I forget – I’m drawing for the two winners of this month’s Quilty Box & Quilty Box Mini TONIGHT!  I will be announcing the winners in tomorrow morning’s blog post before I hit the road.

Be sure you get your entry in ON THAT POST!

July 23, 2018 at 07_24AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage string quilt found in Verona, Virginia.

You can't always put yourself last or there will be nothing to give anyone else!

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting those around you!

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!


  1. Love your quote today... you are sure one busy woman. But your dream is coming to fruition..

  2. Enjoy your machine today. Good for you for taking the day. Selfishly, we want you to be around a long time. Wish you the best of everything.

  3. Have a great Mystery Immersion day!
    Big rain driving isn't fun. Nice to have friends helping supply beds and dressers for Quiltville Inn!

  4. Your van looks like my small VW Jetta when my friends and I go on a short trip. Amazing what can be packed into a small space. All the history that is going into Quiltvilla is just amazing it is going to be such a comfortable and warm retreat house. I enjoy all the posts of it coming together, you are doing such an amazing job. I just hope you don't get overwhelmed before it is finished.

    I love the jacket in today's post, does she have any kind of tutorial on how she assembled it.

  5. All that’ll the quilts are so beautiful and the patchwork jacket is inspired, so love seeing all the fun things you do and create, thank you for sharing your adventures with us.
    Quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

    Nd make very inspirational


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