Monday, July 30, 2018

Last Stitches!

I put the last stitches into Jeff’s hexagon quilt top last night.

There wasn’t left to do – just a couple hours of attaching that last border section, and I was done.

I haven’t counted the pieces in this one.  I’m not sure I really want to know at this point.

But when I think of the 6 or more years that went into making this top – all of the changes it has seen in our family, in my own life – in Jeff’s….I marvel at all of those beautiful vintage quilts that also hold a story that no one knows.


Putting in the last stitches with my friend Carrie!

And Sadie Jane, too.

Carrie arrived yesterday afternoon after a very long drive from Delaware.  Let me tell you, I-95 to I-85 is NO picnic.  I usually avoid it at all costs because the traffic is horrible, the semi-trucks know nothing about courtesy, and it is a white knuckling experience.

She came down into the studio with me where I was running more quilting into my Diamond Tile quilt before we headed out to dinner.  I said I was not in the mood to cook, and I meant it!


Advanced to the last border!


Quilted and trimmed, waiting for binding!


Such great quilting texture!  I’m happy with the light turquoise thread, too!


Thinking this gold may just do the trick?

There is a lot of yellow/gold in the quilt – and it looks so great up next to the borders…we shall see.  I’d like to have the binding attached and ready for hand stitching before leaving for Louisville on Wednesday.

When we got back from dinner, the sky just opened up out of nowhere – and we got this!  Click to play:

When it rains it POURS here in the south, and I love it.  It was still pouring a bit ago, and I had to leave the back porch because the noise on the metal roof was just deafening.

How is this going to affect Carrie’s drive to South Carolina?  Luckily today is only a day to GET THERE for her, so she isn’t on a time schedule, though she wants to make a stop off at Mary Jo’s in Gastonia before crossing the state line.  I figure we have some time to let the rain stall out before she leaves.

Like wise, book pick up in Durham has been postponed as well due to rain – which is fine with me.

It gives me time to put a binding on!

July 30, 2018 at 07_31AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage 4 patch quilt found in Verona, Virginia.

Rainy days and Mondays are wonderful in my book!

Make yours amazing!


  1. Heading out shopping to hit some summer sales before the winter clothes come into the stores and then an afternoon of hand quilting I think!!

  2. I would never have thought of using the binding fabric you selected. One of the things I like about your blog is that you make me think outside the box.

    I read a comment that Mary Jo's has scaled back on their quilting fabric. I'd love to have feedback from Carrie on what she finds during her visit.

  3. A few people from my quilt guild says Mary Jo's is not like it used to be. Not a lot of quilt fabric selection. They thought the place looked more like they were going out of business.

  4. Oh I would love to have a rain like that in Topeka, KS right now. We have been teased with a chance of rain for a week with non falling in this area. Above us, below us, around us but here it is dry, dry, dry. Haven't mowed the grass in almost a month and still don't need it. Sure liked the sound of it. Thanks Bonnie

  5. mary jos was a dissappointment after a recent visit...after just moving to s.c the first place i wanted to visit was there....got there, looked around & said 'is this it?, what is everyone talking about?'...but found out mary jo has died & someone else is scaling back the quilting fabric...sad, but i saved a lot, only an $8.00 purchase, not worth the hours drive & wont be going back....

  6. That border fabric is just perfect--makes it such a happy quilt! Good thing God blessed you with the gift of multi-tasking! Keeping busy keeps the worry at bay, too. Lots of people praying for your family.

  7. I was in a LQS for Christmas in July a few weeks ago. They had little ornament hexie kits..... you had me intrigued with your updates on your hexie quilt.... I bought 3..... oh my! They are addicting. Have 6 out of 10 made. Totally enjoying. Thank you Bonnie for pulling me out of my comfort zone and adding to my quilty fun.

  8. We like to say that in the South, it rains like it means it! I love the hexies. I also love love love your blog, get so inspired.

  9. HOW FABULOUS.... twin quilters in a twin recliner... what could be more lovely???

  10. Loved the sound of the rain. We are DRY, DRY, DRY here in mid-Mich. Only can hope we get some raindrops!

  11. Bonnie - Your Diamond Quilt has turned out Marvelous! I do LOVE the turquoise, and I, too think the gold will look good with it! Great Job! AND Congrats on finishing the top of Jeff's Hexie quilt!

    Kasilof, AK

  12. I could put that sound of rain on autoplay every night and use it to fall asleep my favorite sound in the whole world is rain coming down :-) not much here in Utah these days but hopefully will get surprise with a storm .


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