Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Quilting Over the Fourth!

My Leader & Ender  project has been growing on the side while working on other projects (Soon to be seen, read on!)

The large triangles in my Jewel Box Stars blocks are from the scraps of Tie One On fabric by Banyan Batiks that Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios sent in the mail!

Check out the grumpy cats (upside down!) as neutral to the batik print.  SO MUCH FUN.  That was also a gifted piece while in Mississippi.

I spy an Alabama ROLL TIDE in that same block in the upper four-patch.  Keep going up to the top block and you’ll spy a four-patch square of millennium as a neutral.  (Will this stuff ever be used up!?)  And there is also a Sloth fabric – far bottom right corner, given to me by my friend Jamie after my visit to Napa, California this past April.

I love the memories being sewn in with every patch!


Flowers bloom at Quiltville Inn!

That mail box post needs a new paint job, but it is too dang hot to want to do it now.  We will have it touched up before we open – it will be a quick fix once we are touching up porch rails as well.

Why was I here at the Inn?  I met with the Window Guy who came to measure for window estimates for the post office.

And as is custom in these here rural parts, he brought his wife.

It turns out that she is a realtor, and has been in business in this area for something like 29 years and has ALWAYS loved this house.  So I asked her – “Would you like to see inside?!”  And she took me right up on it, telling me the story of her grandparents and other relatives who had lived in this area since the beginning of time.

She remembered her grandfather putting his goats on an island in the middle of the New River to graze during the summer months.  And one year – it rained and rained and rained, and when they went to check on the goats, they found the island was no longer there (under water) and of course the goats and floated away.

I just love the stories that spring forth from folks as I get to know who is who and their backgrounds.


IN the post office!

We found this desk on Facebook Marketplace – and it will be perfect for my office space in the Quiltville Post Office!  Windows have been measured for and we now just wait for estimates.

This post office dates likely to the 1940s – 1950s.  These windows have been there that long, and it makes the building look more like a jail than an office space.  Government facility?  Bars on windows? Old inefficient glazing falling off and breaking away?  Single pane glass –air leaking between the cracks?  The windows are definitely first on the list of things to fix before I can move into here.


4th of July Happiness!

This box was waiting for me on the porch when I arrived to meet Window Guy.  OPEN BEFORE THE 4th OF JULY!  Looks like I just made it!


This brought tears!

Donna Johnston in Florida, I can't thank you enough! Even more important to me is the long handwritten letter you wrote telling me your story and how quilting has changed your life. I am forever grateful and hope I get to meet you face-to-face to thank you at some point!

We are sewing through the next couple of days - crazy woman finished not just one, but TWO tops last night!


Sewin’ at the cabin!

Quilt top photo to come!


This is what’s happening for me.

Diamond Tile blocks are getting an attic windows treatment -

And I am considering using this deep red/orange as my final sashing.  The jury is still out.  But the attic window setting adds a 3-D effect, and makes an easy way to see that all blocks are the same size, and I can get by with fewer blocks instead of making more.

This afternoon’s plans are to head on down to Boomer for a cook out with friends Rick & Mona, which means Sadie gets a play date with Beanie and Max.

July 04, 2018 at 07_28AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

"It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you."

Grateful for the freedoms we enjoy!

Happy Independence Day, America!


  1. LOL...Every time I saw a photo of the post office, I had to redirect myself to post office because my mind said 'jail'! So anyway, now that you have said it I can now tell the story in my head without hurting feelings! It is going to be a great space for your office and the house is amazing! It is so much fun to watch your delight in bringing everything together! Have a great holiday!

  2. Well said Bonnie! Sometime I think people don't understand what was sacrificed to give us such a great country!! Have a fun 4th of July!!!

  3. That is one gorgeous flag quilt. I wonder if the maker would share the pattern information?

    1. It is in the latest edition (July/August) of the Quiltmaker magazine on page 66.

    2. Thanks so much, Violet!

  4. Donna Johnston - that flag quilt is gorgeous!!

    Bonnie - I'm a homeschooling mom, and my desk is identical to the one you have above, only with a darker stain. I LOVE it. Nothing beats these heavy, solid, vintage desks. You'll love those pull-out breadboard things above the drawers - great bonus workspace that can be tucked away. Is it weird that I'm almost as excited about your Post Office as I am about the Inn? I'm kind of a nerd that way. ;) Happy 4th!

  5. I don't have Quiltville, but I do have The Bedwarmer Quilt and Sew to be with like minded quilters. Spent Monday and Tuesday working on projects. Got 2 tops finished (need backing made) and worked on a paper piecing top in Batiks. This group gets together and sews all day, picks a restaurant to eat and goes back to sew afterwards. I got home at midnight but felt so good for the fellowship and what I was able to accomplish.

  6. Hi Bonnie, your desk is beautiful and a perfect addition to your lovely office space.
    Here in Guernsey we celebrate liberation day on May 9th, this was the day we were liberated from German occupation at the end of WW2 and is a nice holiday and important to ensure that the suffering will nor be forgotten. Hope you and all the Quiltville followers have a wonderful 4th of July.
    Quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  7. The desk looks like the ones in Government offices when I first started working as an intern years ago - 1974. Later they got ugly gray metal desks and lots of people thought they were an improvement - I love this version of the wooden desk so I thought the metal desk lovers were nuts. I hope this desk makes a perfect place to distribute mail.

    1. I also moved from one of the beautiful wooden desks, to one of those "improved" metal ones... It was always so COLD! I had to put a throw over my legs....

      Bonnie.... things are sure looking great around there... I need to start saving money for a trip to your corner of the mountains...

    2. Bonnie, If you look at those two blackish labels on the right end of your desk, they may say US Government property. It does look like a Post Office desk and was probably sold at an auction of surplus stuff. I would love to get one for myself. Polly B

  8. I love that you get to spend your day in rural America!! Have a Great 4th of July! The flag quilt is perfect for today.

  9. ❤️❤️❤️ from hot, hot PA ☀️☀️☀️

  10. Love the desk. It is great for an office. Can't wait to see finished product! It is a beautiful quilt and a very thoughtful thing Donna Johnston did for you. But, you know, kindness begets kindness, and you bring so much joy and goodness to us all, it is only right that someone would do something good for you.

    Thanks for your joy and inspiration.

    Loretta McGinn

  11. What a wonderful surprise to see our 'sloth connection' mentioned in your blog! You made my day . . . twice! We'll always have Peru as a great memory together.
    I am still sitting on the fence about signing up for Kenya . . . wish I had a crystal ball.
    We could end up with elephants, giraffes and sloths in our barnyard :)

  12. Forgot to add Happy 4th of July and that quilt you just received is just Fabulous!!
    Huge hugs, Jamie

  13. Happy 4th Bonnie. Hope Sadie makes it OK through the fireworks. My DDGS joined the Army in Sept. I worry about him daily, but so far PEACE!

  14. Happy 4th of July Bonnie. May your family have fun times. Love that desk. That flag is so beautiful and thankful that she would send it to you who appreciates so much in your life.

  15. The flag quilt will be a wonderful touching addition to your sweet retreat! Sweltering heat keeps most (who are not near water) indoors with the A/C running. Keeping it cool in S.E. MN.........

  16. That desk is a typical teacher's desk from the 60's and probably earlier. My first teaching job was in 1966 and I had a desk just like that.

  17. That "don't hate" hashtag just SLAYED ME! Bahahaha! Looks like you're having a great time!!!!!

    That flag Quilt was in one of the most recent Quiltmakers, I think? Prob can get it off the stand, still.
    Happy Independence Day, Quiltville friends!

  18. What is the name of the flag quilt I love it.

    1. It is in the latest edition (July/August) of the Quiltmaker magazine on page 66.

  19. "Your" desk is sitting right beside me, even as I type, with a darker stain. Love it! Thanks again for sharing your journey as you furnish the Inn!!

  20. Love what's happening at the Inn! You MIGHT want protection from thieves for your goodies being sent out from that post office. Exciting to hear the stories too from the NATIVES! Are you planning a next quiltcam time?


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