Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wee Small Hours in Beijing!

Hello from me and my friend Jill! I snapped this photo when she picked me up at my hotel which seems like days ago and a whole world away!

It was an extremely long travel day and though I have been able to connect with the VPN and the hotel WiFi on my phone, I can't seem to get the laptop to connect.

So here I am throwing up some photos by email to the blog. This may limit what I am able to share while I am on this trip, but it will give us enough connectivity so you get a glimpse of what is going on here.

Our plane! We flew Hainan Airlines, and it was a great experience. The seats were quite roomy and actually had almost 2 inched more seat space than the US Airlines have.

We also upgraded our seats for a little bit more leg room in an exit row! Jill and I are both tall girls and we're grateful for this upgrade.

The food was great! No complaints here on that front either. I love anything with sesame oil, and this was delicious!

Evidently the airline also knew that I would be working on hexies and made sure that the in-flight entertainment screen matched what I was working on!

The flight was nearly 12 hours long, and after about hour five you really are pretty much done with this flying thing.

Sleep is nearly impossible, as we chased the sun the entire way. It never got dark the entire 12-hour flight period after landing and going through customs and picking up our luggage and meeting our guide, we finally walked out into the evening Darkness as we boarded our bus for our hotel in Beijing.

This hotel room was such a welcome sight! We only had enough time to drop off our bags and get ready for our group dinner in the hotel restaurant. I've got a wonderful group and I can't wait to start exploring Beijing today.

After dinner Jill and I took a short walk to find the ATM.

We saw several different kinds of street dancing happening on our walk through the shopping district. I have shared these videos to my Facebook and to my Instagram but I can't embed them here because I am uploading this by email.

I am suggesting that you follow my Facebook and Instagram feeds so that you don't miss out on these little video clips and any other photo shares from our day in between blog posts.

Posts will be coming at crazy times as I am able.

News from the home front: the hubster is with his family in Payette, Idaho having arrived yesterday. Hospice has informed the family that my father-in-law is likely to not make it through the weekend.

He is surrounded with much love and now covered in my quilt. And all we wish for him is a gentle and peaceful passing.

At this time we are thinking that instead of me returning to North Carolina after landing back in Seattle, I will instead fly directly to Boise for the memorial service and then go home from there. It's too much to think about right now, and my heart is hurting that I am here instead of there. I feel so very torn.

However, my father-in-law knows of my trip and was excited for me to do this so I am carrying his love with me in my heart.

Thank you so much for your extended prayers and well wishes for my family while I am so far away.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Much love from Beijing, 



  1. I know this post is riddled with typos and Alignment issues. Working from my phone and doing much of this with voice to text, we are just going to have to hunker down and know that if I could access my laptop I would fix it but I don't have the time or the patience for it right now. Thank you for understanding.

  2. That you even took the time to share with us is a gift! Thank you!

  3. You have a good heart! Prayers go to you and your family in this difficult time. ❤️

  4. The last thing you should worry about is typos or how things present themselves to us. Enjoy your trip and "get lost" in the special moments! Prayers for you and your family.

  5. Love your posts however you can do them!! So interesting! Prayers for your husband & family as they travel this journey. Losing a parent is life changing no matter how old you are. 💕🙏

  6. Safe travels and much love

  7. Praying for you and your husband at this difficult time. Enjoy China, as much as is possible in the circumstances, and don't worry about the presentation on the blog. We understand! It is an awesome thing to give up your own life to fulfill this previous commitment so others aren't disappointed. Not many of us would do that! You are appreciated and prayed for.

  8. Hugs and prayers for you and your family. Thank you for all you do for the quilting world. Enjoy your trip. Blessings.

  9. Love and prayers for peace and mercy for your father in law. Being surrounded with loved ones is the best for his mind.
    As for you, you do what you do best. Be with him in thoughts and texts, be with your group in reality. Take each day as it comes, document your journey for those of us who could not attend. Be at peace yourself, as your FIL knows you love him. Blessings and as much joy as is possible.

  10. Praying for you and your family at this difficult time.

  11. Prayers peace be with your family at this difficult time

  12. Oh Bonnie it has to be so hard for you at this time when family is a far with a lot going on. Just know that he loves you and knows you are thinking of him, and most likely didn't want your life to stop just because his was. Just know we are all with you during this rough time and a great big hug to you and your family.


  13. Be safe and have a wonderful time. I'm so sorry about what you and your family are going through with your father-in-law. Know that our hearts are with you.

  14. Thinking of you and your family at this time! Blessings to you, and safe travels, always. Julie


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