Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday: Sew Day!

It's very early in Beijing right now, my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. and we will be off to the airport shortly to catch our flight to Xi'an. The Terracotta Warriors await!
We've had a couple quilting sessions so far, one evening one and yesterday's morning one are seeing everyone closer to completing one of the seven hexie stars they will need to complete the center medallion.

Many in my group have never done English paper piecing before so we are starting them off with a bang and 60 degree diamonds.
 Two diamonds become a Chevron! Three chevrons are needed for each star.
After several days of traveling, these folks are in their happy place with needle and thread!
This one is coming along nicely.
One tumbling block unit made two more to go!
After spending weeks to pull these kits together it is fun to see them being sewn up while making memories!
Way to sew ladies! Since each block is kitted individually, we are able to take just a little bit of stitch work on the plane this morning with us to Xi'an
No scissors required. All pieces are pre-cut and all you need is a simple and save thread cutter or a dental floss container with thread and a needle threader and you are good to go but don't forget your thimble!

Denise, Jill and Karen all celebrate birthdays while on this adventure! Of course we were happy to share their cake with them during class!
Handwork class is very relaxing and a great way to continue to chat with your neighbor. The room was abuzz with much chatter and laughter.
I'm so happy this is going so well, we'll have another Workshop opportunity from our hotel in Xi'an.
Yesterday's afternoon and evening were filled with a ride to another section of Beijing where we were treated to an hour-long foot massage, a wonderfully tasty dinner, and an evening acrobatics show.
The time is flying by so fast, and I have enjoyed Beijing to the hilt! Time to get this luggage out the door and make our way to the airport - I will catch you from Xi'an!
The backdrop from this quote is of one of the tiled walls from inside the Forbidden City.
Much love from Beijing in the wee small hours!  5 a.m. as I hit send.


  1. a lovely time! I wish one of these trips I could go along but it isn't likely - those cakes look great

  2. Awesome! I’m enjoying your trip!! lol

  3. You all look so happy and relaxed in the pics, enjoy the next pert if your trip xxx

  4. now that tiled wall would make a gorgeous quilt! Love, love the colours! And, the quote is spot on as usual.


  5. Love the updates. Just wanted to let you know I think I found your famous new shoes on a website https://www.wish.com/ (Wish . com) they showed up in a side banner on my computer and knew I had seen them before. $11.00?????? Seriously.

  6. I see a mystery quilt in those gorgeous tiles in Chinese Red, Deep Jade, and Gold! I can't wait for you to come back and surprise us with your inspiration!

  7. They're busy stitching. How fun to Celebrate birthday on the China trip. A Foot massage sounds great.

  8. What pretty diamonds! Love..

  9. Thank you for posting the above quote. A great reminder for everyone. Wish I was with you all on the trip. What a fabulous experience. X


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