Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Finally Finished!

The last stitch was taken.


14+ months later –which really isn’t too bad considering that all of the seams (or most) took place as Leaders & Enders while working on other main-line things over the course of a bit more than a year.

One simple shape – a quarter square triangle.

A rainbow of colors, anticipation mounting as each new color round was started.

I love the light airiness of this quilt – and the fabrics?  Everything from old to new – the earliest pieces dating from the late 1970s to early 1980s, all the way to fabrics from today.  A Chronicle of Triangles.

SO much fun!


Just pretty.  Some quilts are just pretty.  And I love this.

And with a sigh of relief I can also say that this year’s Checkerboard Rails Leader & Ender is also well underway.  I bet I’ve got close to 300 4-patches made as well! I’m thinking of cutting into my layer cake squares for the rail parts….cutting what I can from them to use them up. 


Antique Mall Rail Fence Find!

If you look closely you’ll see these are set “pinwheel” fashion.


I also found this lovely!!


Several of the fan blades have been worn away.

But aren’t the colors great?


What came home.

I love crockery bowls.  Not matched sets, but different ones for interest.  This one is a blue salt-glazed bowl and the design is a bit lopsided and it just called to me. 

The doily?  I have a plan for that, I’ll get to that in a second.


3 different blue striped bowls up on top!


4 different crockery bowls up here too.

The blue one I just bought is going over the cabinet above the fridge.  My cabin kitchen is looking quite cute with these vintage additions!  As for the doily?


It’s going here in the guest room basin!

Every time I walk up the stairs and across the floor I hear the pitcher in this bowl just a vibrating away. The floors are pine, there is no cushioning or shock absorbing carpets….just “rattle rattle rattle!”


It rattles no more!


Yesterday’s drive home was lovely –leaves are turning!

All was smooth sailing until:


Oh dang!

There is a long and windy steep pass that I travel down from Sparta to Elkin, NC ---and if you get behind a lumber hauler going only 15 mph it can take a long long time to get down that pass as there are no passing lanes going down at all.  There is nothing to do but smile, relax, enjoy the drive and the scenery as you wind your way down to the flatlands below.


This happened last evening!

I won’t get too far on it today as there are about 150+ mail order packages to get out after being gone for the week – but perhaps this evening after post office hours are over I’ll get some stitching in.

This is quilt #12 for the next book project – the plan is to get it quilted and bound before I leave for New York next Monday (Stress?  Hurry?  BREATHE!) so we can get it off for photography while I”m gone to China.  I’m loving everything ABOUT this quilt and it is so hard to say STAY TUNED for this pattern, but you can start saving those neutral strings and stock up on your indigo blues.

Quilt-Cam?  Give me a couple of days and I think we can do it – how about Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern?  I’ve got plenty of Sugar Bowl Blocks to keep working on.  Join me via Facebook Live at at the time – and we can visit for an hour or so.


And hopefully by then THIS will be back on my back molar where it belongs :(

I swear this has been the year of dental nightmare. Hopefully it can just be glued back in place.  Appointment tomorrow morning.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

A bit of humor needed, I think!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Hope they can glue your crown back on. Mine fell out during Harvey and they managed to glue it back on. Will get a new one next year when my dentist gets back in their office(they were flooded and lost all equipment). Hope you have a great day!

  2. A Chronical of Triangles? A Game of Triangles.

    Truly lovely!

  3. Lol Dorothy - like the Game of Triangles!!! It is such a pretty quilt too. The colours make it a happy quilt!

    But ouch not again!

  4. I think your Ring of Colors is your prettiest quilt so far. Makes me smile.

  5. I am still in the midst of my first tooth implant experience. I am amazed how fast you got yours. I started this whole process in January and I am still waiting to get the actual tooth.

  6. I hope they can just glue your cap back on. I've also had a lot of dental trouble the last couple of years. I'm hoping I'm done for a while.

    I will be in your classes in NY next week and looking forward to meeting you.

  7. I pray that will go back on. My tooth cracked at the base when the crown came off so I ended up with an implant! Never want to go through that again. Love that gold and blue quilt. I have a collection of those colors sitting in the stash. How long before the pattern's out? LOL

  8. I love your Hourglass quilt. So pretty. I'm going to have to stock up on neutrals!

  9. Your quilt is not just pretty, it is stunning!

  10. Lost an implant at a sew day, they were able to glue it back. Note to self, stay away from tootsie roll pops...

  11. A jam packed post! If it wasn't for your blog and me reading it first thing, I would not have know about yesterday. Congrats on your L& E quarter square triangle finish -- stunning is right Pat!! Fun antique tops. The bowl and doily that came home with you. Loved seeing your displays too. You are so clever to use that pretty doily to solve the 'rattle' issue. Ah, the log truck -- or tractor, or vehicle with flashers on. Hurray for quilt #12 for your next book being on the machine!! Oh darn the crown . . . hope that is resolved VERY soon. The quote was perfect because that is why my Sweet Man does for me. I'm a happy gal!! Hugs, Allison C Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  12. I know I'll never be able to make all the quilts in the copies of your books I already have, but I'm still looking forward to your next book! Today I'm off to buy neutrals at the local quilt store which is closing down. Because you can never have too many neutrals.

  13. Your quilting abilities are legend! And you bind quickly too. I am binging and labeling a few charity quilts, no where near as fast, but loving the handwork.
    You are not the only one losing. Dental crown! Lost my temorary crown Sunday, dentist re set it yesterday... l can now happily chew food. 😄Your Indigo quilt is. Calline my name! Can not wait fort he book. Enjoy home time, drive safe and breath easy.

  14. What a lovely doily! Makes me want to get my crochet hooks out! I like the unique use for it, too. I'll have to remember that, in case I ever get an antique bowl and pitcher set.

  15. I am so looking forward to the new book - but saying that, I also know I have to get the ones I have on the go from your other books done, before this one is in my grubby little hands!!!! AND, there is a certain little blk from a new magazine I got in the mail the other day that is calling my name - louder now that you showed it again in this post!!! LOL Ah, Bonnie. You are such an insperation to me. LOVE your finished quilt. Was just thinking, eh,what is the big deal, while I looked at the pics you showed as this quilt was being created. Now, oh my goodness That is one BEAUTIFUL quilt. It is just so pretty, calming and feels like a way to feel peaceful when you see it. Yes, now I want to make one too!!!! See!! Addicted to scraps here big time!!! And I love it. Thanks for being you and letting us in on your creativity. As the snow is melting off my roof, it lets me know I should just go sew and maybe when I come out of my room, it will be gone. And with that, you have a great Tuesday!!

  16. I so love your latest Leader and Ender quilt, SO light and pretty. Just right for a little girl.

  17. Here in North East, PA it is grape harvest time. Just like the log trucks, the semi trailers of filled bins of grapes tie up traffic on all the 2-lane roads. But it smells so good! And the income of all the farmers depends on the success of the harvest. Love the indigo and cheddar quilt! "Cherry boom"

  18. Log trucks to slow you down. Glad you could have the Cabin time. The Hourglass quilt is so pretty. I'm glad I got to see it in person at the PNW Retreat. Gotta make some neutral ones to put mine together. Have a Happy Tuesday.

  19. Yikes for the crown---I recently had one that had to be glued back in, (was eating a carmel). Good luck at the dentist !!!

  20. Beautiful Hourglass. Mine is only half done, probably another year before completion. Need a lot more scraps. :D Hope the tooth can be repaired.

  21. The tops of my kitchen cabinets are lined with old blue crockery bowls. I had the hardest time picking out a paint color for the walls when I painted the cabinets and trimwork white. Finally settled on a terracotta color that sets them off nicely.

    And somewhere I have a doily just like the one you found....or at least I did have one. Haven't seen it for a while. May have to do a little digging!!

  22. Bonnie,

    I love your quilt getting on the quilt frame. I too can't wait for this one to come out in your next book.

    And I made one of those doilies and it's around here somewhere too.

    Thanks for Mr. Rogers words yesterday. I am doing that in all things.

    Barby MH

  23. I love your leader ender quilt! It's so happy! I have a hard time envisioning the finished quilt or what I want it to look like. Yours is gorgeous. I also love your new quilt. Looking forward to your new book. Thanks for all you do for us.

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  25. My grandma made many doilies like that one, with pansies around the edge. The white center was a double thickness, with a "rim" on the back to hold a hot plate mat. As I recall, those mats were made of asbestos! Couldn't do that these days! Dot

  26. The QST quilt is a beauty. Definitely has an airy quality.
    Love the crockery bowls and your use of them around the cabin.
    And the doily was a great idea!

  27. We have the same long arm. What do you think of Quilt Path, the computer that would fit on y our machine? I've got a hip that doesn't like to stand for very long and a vertigo eye problem.

  28. Great post, lots of interesting things going on. I especially loved the idea of the doily in the basin. I have the exact same situation, when the big guy walks by I hear it rattle every time, I'm always worried about it. I have plenty of doilies on hand, to do exactly what you did. Thanks so much for the idea.

  29. I have to say that I wasn't in love with your triangles quilt to start with, but I should know better and wait for the finish, because I just love the completed quilt. You are so good with colours, it's so interesting to wait and see the finished product, because without fail they are wonderful. Keep up the good work I don't know how you manage to do everything that you do, you must be a little whirlwind as well as being extremely organised. Can't wait to see your pics from China - living vicariously again.

  30. I have the same beautiful doily! I love it!


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