Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Rainy Days, Mondays–It’s All Small Stuff!

This was me last night at the end of a very long day of playing catch up.

These days never go smoothly – imagine it.  You’ve been gone for a week, mail is piled up, you find that everything on your to-do list of things you wanted to get done before the next big trip (CHINA!) have shifted to afterwards and you are trying to get the word out to those who were going to be wondering just what was up and where was their package – and it snowballs.

Not in a complaining way, just a throw your hands up in the air and keep laughing because it’s now been dubbed the DAY OF RIDICULOUSNESS!



I needed to print stamps.  I do this from Stamps.com with net stamps, and print sheets of whatever denomination I need.  Only Stamps.com was DOWN for whatever reason. And I thought the errors were coming from the several updates that Windows did, or the Express VPN that I had installed yesterday in prep for my trip to China.  So I uninstalled everything.  Now I’ve got to reinstall everything – and I just kept laughing at this ridiculous day!

Yes, my address is on here.  This is a business.  There is a business address. You can find it through anywhere, even google.

I hope that someone enjoys having their invoices printed on net stamp pages!


This is what things look like around here!

This is the last batch I'll be finishing today, everything else that could go to the post office by end of business day went yesterday –

And in the midst of it all…..that dang crown popped off again!  Can you believe it? 

I called the dentist right away, and went through all of their phone mail jail telling me to leave a message ….BEEEEEEP!  “We are sorry, this mailbox is full.  Please try your call again later!”

Laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing.

I finally did get through and have an appointment for Wednesday morning.  Super glue this thing back on, it’s got to last at least until I get back from China because if it comes off there, I don’t know what I’ll do.


As I’m nearing this end of  attaching the border last night…OH NO!


Right on cue!

I am one rosette short of a full long border!  LOL!!  (Yes, more laughing and shaking of the head.)  This is a par for the course day, what else is a girl to do?


Unstitch, rotate…and today (MAYBE) I’ll turn the corner where I should and all will be well.


I’m getting closer though….it will get done.  Just a small hiccup.

Click the screen below to play, and make sure sound is ON!


After all of yesterday’s computer stuff, I thought all windows updates were done, but NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Hahaha!  It’s a head banging Tuesday!

So this is my thinking.  How about we put an end to this silliness (or continue it!)  With a Quilt-Cam tonight at 8pm Eastern via Facebook Live?

It’s likely the last chance we have to stick another into October.  I could use some machine-consolation time, couldn’t you?

This post also comes with a disclaimer.  I know people who are dealing with real problems.  Life threatening issues.  I know I’ve got it good, way good.  I am grateful for every hiccup along the way.  I just needed a little bit of levity due to the situations with my sweet brother and my wonderful father-in-law.  One is fighting to hold on to his life, the other at 93 is mentally and emotionally and physically adjusting to letting it go.

Why do I feel the need for a disclaimer at all?  Because of things I’ve been confronted with on my side of the inbox.  I don’t want anyone to think I don’t take real problems seriously.  If my fuse is short, if I fly off the handle – it’s because of these things that you can’t see.  And I realize that is for everyone.  All of us have things going on that others can’t see. When your plate is too full, things tend to fall off the edges.

And no matter what, sometimes you have to just shake your head, laugh when you can, find joy when you can, and keep on quilting on.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Norma during our New York workshops.

As stories unfold I am thinking of firefighters, medical teams and law enforcement as well as everyday ordinary citizens who are doing what they can to help those in California.

Everyday Heroes, we thank you for your extraordinary efforts!

See you tonight -


  1. Bonnie, a sense of humor takes us a long way. You don't need to explain yourself- those who know you don't need it and those who don't know you won't get it right (their minds are already made up). Thank you for sharing your valuable time in Rochester with me. The plastic foot stays off and the vintage one is on the 301. Enjoy your day whatever it brings and ignore senseless comments.

  2. Oh, Bonnie... I don’t know how you do all that you do!! I so enjoy all of your blogs and being able to be your “friend through quilting”. You sure do have the right attitude and compassion for so many. I hope to be part of quiltcam tonight..... never know until it happens!
    Keep on smiling!
    Betsy Davis

  3. sometimes you just have to laugh at how bad of a day we have or it is almost to the point of a melt down and a crying jag - laughing is better. I hope today runs more smoothly for you.

  4. Dear Bonnie, know that you have a lot of company with having one of "those days." We ALL have them. You're right. You just have to laugh at it, shake your head and say, "Tomorrow will be back to normal" (whatever that is). Ignore the negative comments, or at least put them in their place, waaaay down on the list. We share receiving those with you as well. Those of us who love you and so enjoy all that you do for us and share with us support and lift you up. Just say a prayer of thanks for all His wonderful gifts, health, friends, work you love, etc. Have a good one, dear, and a much better one tomorrow!!

  5. Thank you for the laugh today, Bonnie! That piano music with the computer "wheel of death" was perfect! Bahaha! Some days are just like that!
    Praying for your brother and Father in Law and so many others today. Hard stuff, right there. Thank you for lighting up my day each morning with Quiltville! And I'm glad I finally saw the little note about clicking x on the ads! What a simple way that we get to say "thanks!"
    Have a blessed day! Looking forward to Quilt Cam!

  6. Oh, Bonnie, when you said "When your plate is full, things fall off the edge," It just stunned me. That is so profound and to the point. That got me right where I feel it. Thank you for your frankness and kind spirit. As always, I am looking forward to quiltcam. See you there!

  7. Buy apple....iMac ...none of those problems. Tax deductible. Coming upon good time of year for buying with sales.

  8. I’m with you about the endless update wheel that never stops...why doesn’t it do that at night instead of when you need to use the darn thing??? I’ve gotten to where I only use the computer when I absolutely have to. EverythIng else is done on my tablet. It’s much more user friendly. I hope today is better and look forward to quiltcam tonight. We’ll keep our fingers crossed it goes smoothly, but if not, then I will be laughing along with you cause that’s how ALL my sewing days go...
    Prayers that you and your family have a calm heart with regard to family medical crises. I too have a FIL with prostate cancer. Sad part is he’s endured endless surgeries and radiation for skin cancer, even losing an eye to it, and he never stops. The man still works on a lathe and does upholstery with one eye. However, it looks like this might get the best of him. It’s sad to watch.
    So we’ll all get in the boat together and encourage one another through our quilting and keep rowing!!!
    Thank you for allowing us into your life and being able to share the good and bad times together. You’re a special lady!

  9. You can laugh at the small things or cry. Crying gets you wet and makes your face ugly. Laughing is much better.

  10. Good morning Bonnie, hope your day is turning around for you....it never rains, it pours! i have been watching the progress of your octogon quilt with great interest. I have a GRANDMOTHERS'S Garden queen/king "top" done but have no idea how to finish it, so am waitimg patiently to see what you are planning to do re: quilting and binding. It has been suggested that I CUT the edges straight. Unfortunately, I cannot do hand quilting any more because of arthritic hands and so will have it machine quilted. I think the octogon edges would be a nightmare for my quilter. Second question, will the colours and fabric requirements for this years mystery quilt be coming out soon? We will be leaving Nov. 1 to winter in Florida and would hopefully be able to use "stash" fabric/scraps as much as possible, getting antsy to get that box packed!

    Have a wonderful trip to China, I will be waiting to read your posts from there.

  11. You might want to take some Polident denture paste (not cleaner) to China with you. It is what my dentist recommended to stick a crown - bridge back on that came off during a holiday.

  12. I love your quiltcam! Someday I hope I can watch it live. I am glad it gets archived for later because I hoard them like boxes of chocolate for a time when I can sit down and sew with you. I live in the northwest and maybe I can get dinner done early to join you tonight.

  13. oh my. if you don't laugh you're crying and laughing is much better. good attitude, Bonnie! power through. :)

  14. Days like that, you really have to laugh! Sending love your way, use the delete/ hide button as much as you can. The Haha emojis is my favorite.

  15. All that craziness and all you want to do is sew. Can't the world just let you sew. Smile and move forward. You've got this. Prayers for your family. Judy Davis

  16. Oh Bonnie. I so identify with those days. Couldn't help laugh at the computer update since that always happens at the time when you need to get something done now!! Too much overload will drop off the edges!! Love your spirit and laughter. Pray for your family and wish them recovery. Have a great China trip and stay safe. You are such a special spot in my life so keep it going.

  17. Bonnie, when you see the dentist, ask for some dental glue to keep in your wallet. My dentist gives me a two part epoxy in a foil packet about the size of a quarter. It has saved my day many times!

    Love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  18. Hugs, Bonnie! I just went through the Windows 10 update nuisance. In my case it worked but took hours. I have an older laptop and I think that contributed to the slowness - lack of enough free memory. I keep thinking I need a new laptop, but I mostly use my tablet and phone which makes me wonder if I really need a laptop anymore at all.

  19. #thechallengeisreal Keep on laughing, it helps us get through challenges both big and small, serious and not so much!

  20. My mother always reminded my younger self that you can't always SEE the cross that the other person carries. She always said it when she thought I wasn't cutting them enough slack. she was and is right. I find that I am able to laugh more things off when I have had time to sew. that is my excuse and I am sticking to it! LOL

  21. You are so more patient and positive than I! Too many things happening at the same time. I hope you have set aside downtime just for you before your travels on Thursday. Please take care. Mary in Az

  22. Bonnie, when I was going through my third bout of cancer which took my right arm, I was told, "You can do hard things." So, when I returned to wanting to enjoy life, I put a note strip on my computer screen at work and on my sewing machine at home, "I can do hard things!" No matter where I am, I know what I will try to do will be hard, but at least I can still do it. Keep your happy, sunny attitude. I so enjoy reading your blog daily because it always gives me the positive outlook to start my day. Please be safe and enjoy China. I know I will through your travels. God bless you and yours. Jayne in Utah

  23. Take a bit of sugar free gum to stick that cap on......it may last til you get home. It worked for me.

  24. "When your plate is too full, things tend to fall off the edges." So true! I'll remember that. Thanks for being you, and have fun in China.

  25. Bonnie, you are the most down-to-earth philosopher since Erma Bombeck! I so enjoy your blog, and whether you have a raft of "situations" or several beautiful photos, your writing helps me put MY day in perspective. Thank you for all you do for the quilting world - and have a wonderful trip to China!

  26. Like everyone else I loved (and related to) having 'everything falling off the edges of the plate." Thanks for that, ((hugs))

  27. I'm thinking with all that has happened to you that there is something really good that is just around the corner.

  28. Ah, this is what is known as Stupid Day. Which sometimes turns into Stupid Week.

  29. I try to laugh but lost it today and cried when I got bit by a snake. I'm so ready for this years Mystery Quilt. I need the direction, quiltership and focus. Thank you for laughing. It IS the best medicine. Have a great Wednesday and week!

  30. I dont know..if your luck is anything like mine, there is no way under heaven that i would go to china without packing my bottle of superglue 😆 just saying lol

  31. well said Bonnie. as a close friend of mine once said while going through an extremely hard prtion of life, not enjoying "this", [fill in the blank], won't make "that"[fill in the blank], any better, it will just make "this" worse. have a blast in china!

  32. Bonnie, you never need to do a disclaimer for me on ANY day that you have or what you say. If I had been having the days you had this week, I would not be laughing. I would be screaming and wanting to drink!! It's good that you can still laugh. Hope your trip to China is wonderful. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  33. Bonnie:

    Since you are having such issues with your crown, why don't you go to your local drug store (Like Walgreen's) and p/u one or two of the quick dental repair kits for your trip to china? The have them for fillings, to temporarily repair a chip, replace a crown, etc. I mentioned Walgreens because our local Walgreen's carries them, as does Fred Meyer (Kroger). It might save you some grief, even if you are stateside.

    I had a filling fall out the weekend of a Quilting on the Kenai Quilt Show that I had to work, and then they ended up putting in a temporary filling, then building it up and putting another filling in. The tooth broke off, so then it was a crown, which popped off. I finally had to get an implant, and have had no further issues.

    No explanation needed from you here. Your life is yours.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the days are sunny and cold, the nights are cold, and we got our first snow last night!

  34. Bonnie take a deep breath and move on. We love you. Thanks for the great laugh, as that's the best medicine. You're right, we all have of other things in life going on. Laughing is great medicine for the times we struggle, or things aren't going like we had hoped. Don't worry about us, if you need to miss a post due to such days, I'm sure we would understand. Here's to a better day and I hope they use extra strength glue for you!

    PS, great advise from Donna E about the dental repair kit!! See you all tonight.


  35. Greetings Bonnie, Just to let you know when I get up each day, the first thing I look for and read is your daily brief. It is so joyful with the best pics, not on!y of quilts but life. Thank you.
    Take care,

  36. It's better to laugh and carry on, than to stop and cry. You may just not get started again.

    Virtual hugs Bonnie. Like I was told once this too shall pass hope it's like a spring shower not a kidney stone.


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