Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Quilt-Cam 10/17/2017

This is a quickie post this morning --

I’ve got to head out for the dentist in about 20 minutes so I am throwing this up here as quickly as I can.

Oy!  Yesterday!  It seems that Monday is still on going.

"Oh! Did you know you have a tick on your back? Looks like it's been here a while!"  It was all I could do not to go screaming out into the hall, my sheet dragging “GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!”

Truth is, I couldn’t feel a thing…and she ended up drowning the sucker in eucalyptus oil and was able to remove him (her? it?!) with the corkscrew rotation method. 

I’m still shuddering!

After the massage I went straight to the chiropractor, and the creep-out continued!

My doc’s office!

They are big into decorating for holidays.  I love this place!  I also talked to them about the tick bite, and was told to yes, call my regular doc and get an antibiotic.  That tick had been there for a few days (Ewwww! The thought…yikes!)


Inside decor!  Such a hoot!


Side yard decor..LOL

And yes, that is my spooky shadow, it looks like they took the spine demo model that hangs in the exam room and just dropped it on the ground.  Oh my aching coccyx!

The regular doc was just as funny.  This is the Doogie Houser Doc, and as I walked in he said “What did you do now?!”

And the thermometer wouldn’t work.  And they made me get on the cattle scale (and I didn’t have time to take off my shoes!)

But the jist is – the bite is swollen, inflamed and I fit all of the criteria for needing a prescription.  “Where have you been the past few days?”  “I just got back from New York on Sunday and yes I walked in the woods."  “This needs treating.”

Antibiotics for a week – no one needs to present with Lyme disease while touring China.  Okay.

And that brings us to last night when I said ENOUGH of this Monday AND this Tuesday, let’s have some Quilt-Cam fun.  And we did!

Click the screen to start the feed.  If you get a black box, change browsers. IE is a problem.  Or view on my YouTube channel.

It's FINISH THE PACKING day!  This is it.  I figure if I forget anything I’ll just buy it there – since everything I need is likely made in China as it is.

Tomorrow – Seattle!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage 1960s quilt shared during our New York workshops last week.

Make what you love, love what you make!

It’s going to be an Awesome Wednesday – right?  Let’s make it so!


  1. OH goodie! Sorry I missed it live, but a Quilt-Cam video is just what I need today! I had a cortisone shot in my foot yesterday and am definitely up for hanging out and watching videos! I'm glad you are getting all these bits together (tooth, antibiotic, massage, chiropractor!). I know with a busy travel schedule everything else gets compressed in between trips. Good luck to your trip to China. What an amazing adventure!

  2. Bonnie goad tomhear the tick was found, n ow dead and meds given!

    Today we need to start taking a leaf from the past on things like the sewing machines fitting into same cabinets. Manufacturers seem to want to make their product that it is not interchangable with anyone else's product. Makes for a lot of waste and huge amount of frustration.

    My Sugar Bowl blocks will be 9" blocks. I have 2.5" inched my way through several quilts and need a break... but that is ok too. I follow your patterns and adjust the sizes.

    Enjoy your trip...

  3. So glad you got that treated. Swollen and warm not good. Hope the bad luck is getting out of the way so your trip will be perfect.

  4. Loved watching your latest QuiltCam on catch up. Starting a cold so have spent a day in bed to hopefully throw it off! Lots happening over the next few days so I can't afford to have a cold and risk passing it on to other people. Good to see you looking so relaxed and happy despite your two fraught days. Enjoy your trip to China, and all the excursions. Safe travels.

  5. I'm glad I took time to watch last night. Have a safe flight to Seattle and a Wonderful trip to China. I will be waving from Walla Walla. Nothing on my Bucket List left to do this year. Thinking on England, though for next year.

  6. I'm so sorry that you got a tick on your trip to NY. That wasn't very nice of us to give you that souvenir. I hope you have a wonderful time in China. Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Hope all the bad karma is left in the US and you have a happy, relaxing, wonderful trip. Enjoy!

  7. Bonnie, I also picked up a tick while on a quilt retreat and ended up with Lyme. It was a month before I experienced flu-like symptoms and then needed 14 weeks of antibiotics (I went to a Lyme specialist). Just a suggestion, but since you are going out of the country you may want to ask your dr to give you more than one week's supply of pills. If you do get Lyme, that won't be enough to knock it out. I believe the protocol is at least six weeks. That way you would have medicine to take if you started feeling yucky in China. Not trying to tell you what to do-take it or leave it lol! I enjoy following your blog and will look forward to the mystery reveal.

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  9. Have had hundreds f tick bites, literally!
    It's good to take precautions, but nothing to freak out about .
    Odds are that you'll be fine.

  10. Have a great time in China. We are windy and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest.

  11. Thank goodness you went for a massage and they found the tick, I can't imagine you going all the way to China with that little stowaway on your back. You have a wonderfully safe trip and enjoy each day. Look forward to seeing photo's from your trip either daily or if the service is not good we will see them when you return.

  12. Have an awesome time in China

  13. With a hubby in the Air Force for 20 yrs, we traveled back and forth across the country. Only had ONE tick encounter, though. Youngest son, age 6...location: somewhere going from here to there. We stopped at a rest area to let the kiddos run wild for a bit. He came in to our travel trailer and I noticed a bug crawling on his head. A TICK! (don't panic, don't panic) I told him to stand still, there was a tick on his head. Grabbed it between my finger and thumb, squeezing hard so it wouldn't get away--with the other arm I suddenly had to grab my son, who fainted! lol Got him to the floor--he regained consciousness...took the tick outside to my husband who got a torch out and blasted the tick (after I'd set it down, of course) No more running wild there for the kiddos...and youngest son was fine, btw, but with a story to tell!

  14. As an entomologist I am MOST concerned about that tick bite. Tell the Dr. that you are going out of the country and take all the medicine that you could need with you. Have someone check it daily and look for rings around the bite.

    Looking forward to this year's mystery. Trying to make a green and purple Alletaire. Someone else made it and I'm using that as inspiration. Mine will be different.


  15. Oh Bonnie! I am so glad you found the tic and bite early and got the antibiotics early! I hope you enjoy your trip to China and that there will be no more health issues. Isn't it terrible that the enjoyable and beautiful walks in nature can be so dangerous too? Loved your pictures of New York.


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