Friday, October 06, 2017

Quilt-Cam! 10/5/2017

We had some fun last night!

What’s not to like?  An evening to be home, a clean studio to stitch in (yes, that took most of the day for quite a bit of DEEP cleaning and it looks great in here!) and precious blocks to stitch.

This project has become my “pure pleasure” time.  There is just something about working with these recycled bits of fabric, and including gifted pieces has been fun as well!

It was just a great way to end the day yesterday, and I surely enjoyed seeing what you had to share with me!

This was sent in by Kathi!

How fun are her string pumpkins?!  And I love the turquoise background.

She writes:
I am including a pic of a finished bubble quilt cushion I made over the weekend and this week to go in our bedroom... and a progress report shot of a pumpkin quilt I am making that is all your fault and I LOVE IT!!  
It also will have my very first applique on it via needle turn with glue stick and hand sewn down... this is what I worked on as I watched quilt cam this morning... the wall hanging of pumpkins will have more borders added once the applique process is done... I am done with Happy Fall and working on stitching the Y'all! now :)

Fun cushion and a puppy huggin’ hubby!
Have a safe trip to New York and later to China... hope you enjoy it all <3  And be happy for the break that follows those trips too :D  
Thanks for all you do for all of us... and for keeping me creating.  I am working on a hour glass & 9 patch quilt as my next quilt to do as a leader / ender with a kaleidoscope quilt done fairly scrappy that is cut out ready to piece into a large queen for our bed!
I think it’s fair to say that Kathi is happiest when she has many ideas swirling around inside her head –doesn’t that apply to all of us?


Jean’s been busy with Jamestown Landing from String Fling on her 201!

She writes:
Hi Bonnie from Salem Oregon. Today I am busy on my second Jamestown Landing. I gifted the first one and I loved it so much I just decided to make another. I have all of the 4.5" units made and now I am webbing them into 9 patches.
I love the neutral strings and blues. I juggle many projects but seldom feel like they are UFOs. I have a batch of Garlic Knots blocks waiting to decide on assembly. I have a couple sampler quilts in progress. I am hand piecing the arcs for a double wedding ring. After the arcs are made I will machine assemble the melons and blocks. 
I alternate between production work and creative work.. oh I have a few quilts waiting for binding. One of them is "Allietare" ... When I am home I mostly sew on my 1930's 201-2 my fav machine!
Thanks for all you share with us! Looking forward to Mystery time!
Beautiful, Jean!!  I never get tired of blue and neutral quilts – and those fabrics!  You’ve got a very fun mix going on there for sure!


Simple 2 rail fence!

This delight was sent in by Angelia “The Eclectic Abuela” and she has been making these as leaders & enders in an effort to use up her scrap stash!

She writes:
I'm joining i your Rail Fence Leader & Ender Challenge, but I'm doing a two rail fence block. 
Each rectangle is 2" x 3.5". Each block has a color and a neutral. I'm going to see how many quilts I can make for donation in the year of the challenge. \ 
I have another in this layout and one in a windmill type layout together as well. They have all been L & Es--other than the assembly. 
I've been planning other layouts today on EQ7. 
Thanks for the inspiration,Angelia
Which answers another question that folks have been asking. “If we want to participate in the Leader & Ender challenge, do we have to make Checkerboard Rails or will any other Rail Fence design do?”

You can make ANY Rail Fence version that you want to make!  It’s your challenge – you make a plan, and build your units as Leaders & Enders throughout the year or until you have enough units to make the quilt!


Diana’s “Cheddar Rails!”

What a pop of wow!


Lori’s 1930s Sugar Bowl Blocks…and her Checkerboard Rails as Leader & Ender on the side!

Work it how you want to work it.  All I can say though is it is not truly a Leader & Ender project if you drop all else and only work on this one thing….LOL!  If you are making it your primary project, find another UFO to become your Leader & Ender while you work on it.  It’s TWICE the fun that way!

So let’s get down to this Quilt-Cam event!  We spent about an hour together last night – and this is what *I* got up to!

Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed!

For those who say they can’t get volume in Facebook – there is a speaker icon at the bottom right of the video.  If it has an X it is turned off. Click it to turn it on. If not that, then it is something in your settings. But look for that icon, that should solve it.

Today – Chiropractor.  My back needs it.  Then back to work at finishing that binding so I can send this last quilt off to photography before going to New York on Monday!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This is something I used to tell my kids when they were growing up. And they knew if they mentioned the word bored that I would give them something to do! Being a quilter, there is always something keeping my attention and I really am never bored!

Feeling bored and uninspired?  Pick out the UFO that is closest to being done and get to it!  You WILL get that mojo back as you finish something!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. When I am bored and pick up an UFO to finish I immediately get a new idea. Then it is off to work on the new quilt and the UFO is still unfinished! I think there is a reason that UFO's don't get finished. Just wish I knew what the reason is.

  2. I'm never bored! I always have a quilt on my mind. I had to just cut some fabric uesterday. It felt so good to just play. So many quilts, so much fabric, I want it all!

  3. I got in for the last 20 minutes of live Quiltcam, and watched it in entirety this afternoon on Utube. I could not get any sound when I first went to the live version, I checked the sound in bottom right it was 100% and in the video it was all the way up. I am not sure what issue I had going on, but was just about ready to shut it down and like a flipped a switch and the sound started. I thought at first maybe it was my computer, but from your post sounds like someone else had problems too. I was great all the way through the utube version. I finished my binding tonight on En Provence and it is now on my bed! Yeah, in time for the next mystery. But I am trying to decide if I should work on a UFO and finish one before staring next mystery. I have two UFO left plus 2 Dear Janes that I have to complete blocks for it. I have finished the rest of them in the last 2 years. I am making progress. I still want to make a quilt for my son, which I have not started yet. Thanks again Bonnie and have great trip to China and enjoy!

  4. Ahhh, good morning... your quips always come thru my email the NEXT day, so it's Saturday morning here in paradise (Carlsbad, CA)... and i just really 'connected' with your callers who quilt-cammed... En Provence is languishing waiting for a binding... it was the decision part! Finally decided a neutral binding to continue the floating stars around the edge... and yes, getter done before the next mystery!!! LOL no rimw to organize LE, up to my eyebrows in soup cozies for Christmas gifts for my guild and other family members... and i'm "antsy" to do some cutting to organize that... sigh... you are so right about "bored" -- my boys quickly learned about scrubbing toilets and vacuuming and were never "bored" again... smiles, hugs and blessing... thank you again, for being you and sharing with the rest of us...xo xo Cats

  5. So right Bonnie! Never bored when you have projects you want to do! I do have to give up a day tho and clean my studio too. You inspired me!! Love all the scrappy!!

  6. Oh my, UFOs - we have them. I have a baker's dozen quilting projects in various stages; that's too many.

    One is in the binding stage, one being hand quilted, two English Paper Piecing projects (oops - shouldn't have started a Lucy Boston.....), two applique projects, a hand piecing project, one center medallion that needs upper and lower extensions and then a border, two leader/enders (one is a scrappy bars rail fence, the other is a "Chinese Coin" - so very similar blocks), a couple of 'orphan block' stacks (one in just Christmas fabrics, one with rescued blocks from 1980s fabrics) and my son's Quilt of Valor. So 13 plus the mystery coming up. There's no lack of things to work on, that's for sure. Especially since I also knit and do needlework (surface and counted thread embroidery).

    Active is the Quilt of Valor, the finishing (binding, sleeve and label)on my Scrappy Sister's Choice (thanks for the free tutorial, btw) and one of the EPP projects. Everything else needs to wait it's turn LOL. I'm trying to finish two projects 'from the list', then I can start a new project if I want to.

    The problem with too many projects is that I get a bad case of "working, working and never finishing". If I focus down, things get done so much faster. I think I'd be happier with just five or six: Hand quilting project, hand applique or piecing or EPP (something portable), machine piecing (2 - one being a leader/ender), planning and cutting for the next thing.


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