Wednesday, October 11, 2017

From Remsen With Love -

It’s warm in New York!

Weirdly and wonderfully warm, as in high 70s in October?

It’s had an effect on the local color – trees are slow to turn from green to golden yellow or orange (Not a lot of hard wood maples turning red here) and many are losing their leaves before they change.  It’s been too warm.  There has not been a lot of rain this fall --

But this sight as we came to a T in the road before making a left into Remsen as we head for a bite of dinner before heading over to our lecture location last evening….beautiful.

Old buildings, white puffy clouds against a blue sky, and a couple of trees trying to do their best show of autumn color.  I’ll take it!


And this.  they are trying!

New York isn’t all big city.  In fact, most of it is dotted with charming small towns and villages just like anywhere else in rural America.


Never pass up a 1950s style diner!

Especially when the waitresses wear poodle skirts, saddle shoes and pony tails!

But before we got to this fun place, around half the class in attendance for burgers, malts, banana splits or any number of items from the extensive diner-fare menu, there was a whole lot of quilting going on!


Machines are humming in New York State!


And there were many vintage machines in attendance!

It’s strange – it depends on where I travel as to what I will find.  In Florida a couple of weeks ago there was ONE featherweight in a class of all modern machines.  This class?  About 50/50 ratio of vintage to modern, including 2 301’s, and a sweet Elna Lotus that had been picked up at a local op shop for $25.00.  Sweet!


Blocks are blooming!

Texas Tumbleweed from More Adventures with Leaders & Enders is a 2 block quilt – and 2 block quilts are my favorite!  I love the secondary designs that happen when you mix blocks together.

The fabrics, the colors, the vision of each individual – precious!  Winters are long and hard in this part of New York and they get a LOT of quilting done!


Of course, there is a lot of play going on too!  Nice hat, Theresa!


Thanks for the awesome day, ladies!  So much fun!

Catch the rest of our day in the slide show below by clicking the arrow on the screen to start the video:

Today is also a busy day. Smith Mountain Morning from String Fling is up on deck, a full class of 40 quilters.  Afterwards I am headed to Rochester to spend the next few days with the Genesee Valley Quilters as this New York adventure continues!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double-knit polyester quilt found in Virginia.

There is nothing like being around people who understand you for everything you are and you get them in return.

Find your tribe and love them hard!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Continuing to cut fabric for the two days in Rochester! Can't wait.

  2. I love this quilt! Looks like beautiful days in NY!

  3. I just wanted to say that you have the most upbeat and positive attitude of anyone I know and I always look forward to your blog. You are a role model for me.

  4. Thanks for sharing the small town life in New York State. I would love to see those Poodle-skirted, roller skating waitresses in my town. Great blocks ladies!

  5. Thank you Bonnie for such an AWESOME workshop and lecture. You were a pleasure to get to know and I loved your positive and warm teaching style. Your workshop and lecture provided myself and my friend a special chance to get together from across many miles and do something that we love. Sharing the joy of quilting. You are an inspiration to all the people that you touch. Thank you and I hope to see you again in the future.

  6. Checked out the class and had wanted to take it but we were invited to Maryland for a visit on my son’s retirement motor yacht. He doesn’t quilt (yet) but does own his own portable sail maker sewing machine! What a strong machine with an awesome walking foot!
    On our return through the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania and northern Adirondacks the colors were spectacular even in some rainy sections on I 87, the Northway.
    Will have to make Texas Tumbleweed on my own when I finish Dawn ‘s Early Light! Safe tripping around the world later this month. Johanne Hagar

  7. Have a great time in Rochester; there's lots to see. Wave to my family while you're there. I'm in Mississippi - too far.


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