Thursday, October 19, 2017

Meet Me In Seattle! (And Digital Pattern Sale!)

These are my happy feet as I head out to the airport today!

Aren’t these just so cute?  The crazy thing is, they were ridiculously on sale, through some website that I clicked through to find.  I can’t remember the name of the site!  And when these showed up on my doorstep there was no invoice in the package.  A drop-ship from the manufacturer most likely ---in CHINA!

They not only look super quilty, but they are woven elastic so they hug your feet as you walk.  I bought two pair.  One in blue, and these in black. This pair is going back to the land of its birth for a visit. LOL.

A girl who loves her Mary Janes will never get tired of Mary Janes, even into her mid 50s!

There is no label inside to give me a brand name, nothing.  Oh, fabulous shoes – I’d love more of you but I guess the only way to go searching is to scour paypal from whence the charges were applied.

I’m on my way to Seattle.  My job today is just to GET THERE.  The flights were such that if I flew tomorrow, and there was a hiccup at ANY part of my journey from North Carolina to Seattle, that I would likely miss the flight to Beijing.  That happened on a trip to Ireland a few years back, and it is NOT going to happen again.  I’ll go a day early.

The crown is back again where it belongs – I asked the dentist for the “more than 10 day” glue.  He laughed.  I can honestly say living in a place for 10 years really does put down some roots.  And root canals.  And I feel like these people are part of my tribe.  My heart belongs here.


My heart is also going with this….

This is Star Gazing from my book Scraps & Shirttails, which was published in 2008.  I’m not teaching this as a workshop any more, and it has been taking up space in the Quilt Vault.

The Hubster is flying out on Friday to spend a week with his dad who is now under care of hospice.  I am sending my love in this quilt. 

It’s been freshly laundered, fluffed in the dryer, and will squish up fairly flat in the hub’s suitcase.  Both of his brothers are out there in Idaho/Oregon as well, and it will be good for them to all be there together with their dad.  I wish I could be there – but I can’t right now, so I hope this will convey every message I wish it to.

I love all of the recycled plaids in this one, perfect for a very outdoorsy retired farmer who loves to fish.


Color, oh the color!

Why is it that MEN get the patchwork socks??


A 3 pack of fun for under $5.00 at Walmart!


Fits sizes 8 to 12?? 

I have size 9 feet in Womens. That’s close enough. These socks are MINE!  Between the shoes-of-no-name and these socks…I think I’ve got my feet a guaranteed pass to happiness for a while.

Click to play!

While I am in China for the next 10 days, I am giving you the heads up that ALL DIGITAL PATTERNS in the Quiltville Store are 25% off through October 29 when you use the coupon code DIGITAL25 in the coupon box when ordering.


This also includes the NEW pattern for Rishi, our Quiltville Goes to China project!

You can be digging into your batik scraps and making it right along with us…

This is your chance to pick up the patterns you are missing and have always wanted to make!

Coupon code MUST be used at time of purchase to redeem.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I am embarking on this journey with the goal of living in the moment, every moment, every day. 

I can’t wait to share what I discover.  Internet willing.  If not, no fear, we will play catch up when I am home.

Keep the home fires burning for me!


  1. Oh. my!!!! Please post how to get some of those shoes once you figure it out - they are great! Hoping you have a safe,fun China trip! :) and I HAVE to get some of those socks as well, lol!

  2. Safe travels Bonnie! Looking forward to your pictures and stories.

  3. Love the socks, will have to look for them! Have a safe trip! My brother is home today from China, small world.

  4. Those look like Skechers. I've had a pair of the woven elastic sling-back flats for over 10 years; recently had to run some hot glue around the toe to glue the sole back to the top. They're very well built! Wishing you nothing but fun and good memories from your trip!

  5. Found the shoes! Google elastic woven shoes and up pops some options..the exact match is on ebay in a couple of places. Thanks Bonnie and happy travels!

  6. They're also on Amazon--Kunsto Women's Elastic Woven Mary Jane Flat Walking. Crowd-sourcing shoes--I had other plans for my morning!! Bon Voyage, Bonnie.

  7. Safe travels, we will be thinking of you over there! Leave the tick thoughts Home only carry the most important family thoughts, they know you will.
    Socks are in my future,too. Even my husband who only wears white or black said he would wear them around the house!

  8. Have a wonderful trip!
    Thank you for all that you do. I'm so excited for the mystery quilt colors!

  9. Have a wonderful trip and I will keep my fingers crossed so that the internet will allow you to share.

  10. Welcome to Seattle. Please excuse the rain ☔️

  11. If you want to support AMERICAN MADE socks, check out this video! https://www.snewsnet.com/news/farm-factory-feet

  12. You are heading to my hometown!
    My thoughts with your hubby's dad ~

  13. Have the best time! Sending along prayers for hubster's Dad and all the family.

  14. Bonnie - your shoes came from New Chic - the site that comes up on your Quiltville.com page - lots of big size shoes!!!

  15. Hope you have a fun safe trip. Love your new shoes and socks. I will try to remember to check out Wal-Mart. Please let us know if you figure out where you got the shoes. They look like fun!☺

  16. Safe travels Bonnie and enjoy the trip!

  17. Yes your shoes are from New Chic

  18. Love your shoes, they are so cool!
    My thoughts and prayers are for your hubby's dad and his family.

  19. Miss Bonnie K, you are now an acclimated deep in your soul Appalachian Southern girl! Yes this can happened. And you will never live anywhere else that you will not want to come back to our mountians. Hugs Cousin!

    Love those shoes... seen them in several catalogs. And want a pair ! Mine would be the light blue pair. 🙂 Enjoy this trip, learn about a totally different country .. and I bet you will see wonderful fabrics there too. Be safe ...many hugs JulieinTN

  20. That star quilt has always been one of my favorites (among many) in your books. Haven't made it yet but WILL! Some green & black fabric for the sashing has been hoarded for quite a while now. Have a safe trip to China & back. Will be waiting to hear all about your adventures.

  21. Have fun hope to seesome photos or a very long blog post when you get back. We have big feet in our family, I too am a 9 my daughter takes an 11 so mens socks ate good. I get a brand called Happy Socks but yours are a bargain.

  22. Have a safe travel to China. The food there is not like the Chinese food here. Be prepared. When is the mystery coming out? Waiting, waiting, excited for this years.

  23. Have a safe trip, Bonnie! Watch out for Typhoon Lan that is headed toward Japan! Love your shoes & socks! Looking forward to hearing how your travels went at the end of the month!!

  24. The quilt that you are sending with your husband is a work of art. It really speaks to my heart. Under the circumstances that you are sending it, I believe that it will speak to his heart as well. God bless your giving spirit. Will be praying for your safe travels on this trip. Enjoy!!

  25. Bonnie, stay safe and take LOTS of pics. God keep your dad well till you return, we pray. Have FUN!!

  26. Hi Bonnie, I love your shoes too. I have two pairs, a plain black and a purple and white. I also bought a green multi pair that were a little too bit, so they found a new home. I got mine from Banggood.com, which is a Chinese site that has LOTS of goodies at great prices. Hope you have a wonderful time in China, wonder if you'll get to see the multi coloured mountains? I can't remember their proper name, but they are stunning.

  27. Thank you for the fun class in Rome NY. I know you have had flying drama I see it alot as well working for an airline myself. Enjoy your trip to China. We can't wait to see the pictures of sight,sounds and class projects. We'll keep saying prayers for your father in law I'm sure he will take great comfort in your quilt. The time and love put into it making it shows. FYI Love those shoes. Very quilty!

  28. Hahaha - I love your shoes:) And they will fit right in in China - just wait and see - I went to Beijing a few years back and ended up taking photos of all the "contraptions" people went around with, strapped to their feet. Comfy is not the right word:) I am certain you will enjoy your trip to China - there is so much history and culture and a way of living that has roots in such an ancient time and is so different to what we are used to:)The only problem in China is that everybody are so small - meaning that most likely you will not find either clothes or shoes in your (and my) size to shop (but LOTS of other fun things!)

  29. Thinking about your hubby's dad, and he will love the quilt as he will know your there as well. Can't wait to see your pictures. But most important is have a safe trip and a ton of fun. The fire is burning here (in the fireplace) while your gone. :0)

  30. Yhe shoes are knock-offs of a line of shoes by Bernie Mev.

  31. Stay safe on your journey.You are an excellent good-will ambassador. Can't wait to share your happenings in China!Hurry home, we will miss you.Thoughts and prayers for your precious father-in-law.

  32. Have a safe trip. My heart goes out to your family and your father in law. And lastly I am heading out to Wal-Mart to get me some of those socks. Love love colorful socks.

  33. With warm socks and great shoes you will have a fantastic trip Bonnie!
    Save travels and we will be thinking of you and missing you if you have no internet. Enjoy it you deserve it!!'nn
    Yoka, Bazilewich

  34. Ni Hao, Bonnie! That’s all I know in Chinese and I got that from my daughter who had been to and worked with Chinese people.
    Have a wonderful trip. Just an FYI, don’t expect the food to be like Chinese food in the US.

  35. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AbSzDp2QUW78lictPLQ84NxaBlkDBg5wwG-GKeCZ6QRi-luUDaXbUPBl2AX7vwTymH-s0gzeU5FEnqCLl01c_z0/

    think this is the site for the shoes

  36. Bonnie- I lost a cap on a cruise ship in Hawaii of all places! You can obtain cement at the drug store that will hold really well (fortunately there was a dental convention going on, and some of the dentists were on the cruise with me) or you can use toothpaste as a very temporary bonding agent per my dentist. I feel your pain!


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