Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday: Temple of Heaven

Whoever said that the sun never shines in Beijing was completely wrong. It was absolutely the most beautiful day yesterday, and what better backdrop for the colors found in the Temple of Heaven than a blue blue sky beyond!

Standing an ancient places has always had a soul centering effect on me. We tend to think the world is all about us, the here and now.  As if we are the only generation that has ever counted.
But when I stand in these places that are centuries old, I realize that we are just a micro speck on the timeline of this planet. I wish I could know these people. And see how they did things and how they lived when this Temple was built.

Everywhere you turn is a feast for the Quilters eyes!

Roof tile detail. I love the green glaze! It looks like jade.

A blue, green and gold wedding cake! The detail is amazing. I wish I could have seen this being painted and watched the artisans working on it.

There are beautiful buildings all around the temple and though we couldn't go in many of these, it was just such a beautiful sight.

But my favorite thing of all was watching the elder generation gathering around in groups and playing games of Mahjong, cards, or groups of ladies sitting and enjoying a morning of beautiful crochet and conversation.

There seem to be many of the same sweater in progress in many colors! Maybe this is their version of a crochet guild!

The ladies were happy to share their handiwork with us. The love of fiber transcends any language barriers!

As this post is being uploaded via email and I am limited to how many photos I can include in a post due to upload speeds and connectivity, if you would like to see more from yesterday's Temple of Heaven visit please check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for a video slideshow I uploaded.

Yesterday's adventures also included a visit to a wonderful Tea House, lunch at a residence house where we got to eat many dishes prepared as they would be in a home. It was fabulous!
There was a rickshaw ride through the old section of the city, and we went to the silk Factory to get some more fiber fondling in.

My biggest purchase was a beautiful silk robe perfect for lounging and absolutely gorgeous.
Of course I will share all of this when I get home and connectivity is better.

Today's visit to the Great Wall is something I have been looking forward to for what seems like all of my life. I remember seeing photos of it and history books as far back as grade school and marveling at the sheer massiveness of this wall.

Today I will set my feet upon it!

I have found the Chinese people to be absolutely warm and open and more gracious than can ever be imagined. This is a beautiful country and I am so happy to be here.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

It feels weird saying that. As I post this it is 4:15 a.m. and I've been up for 2 hours still unable to adjust to this new time zone but I also enjoy the quiet hours to think and reflect and to make myself ready for today's adventure.

Much love from Beijing,



  1. Love your saying today...My boys are both computer geeks and that saying so rings true! I am happy to hear you are having such a wonderful time. Thanks for taking the time to share the details...I have never been to China, so am enjoying your trip vicariously!!

  2. Your new day is starting as I am winding down. It's so fun to see China through your eyes. Quilters see Quilts everywhere. Nice of the ladies to show off their crochet, too.

  3. I'm seeing a great idea for next year's mystery in the artwork on this temple. Beautiful!

  4. I agree with Charlotte Kieliszek and I see a lot of deep jade green in it too. And red, definitely red!!

  5. I love all the thoughtfulness you share on your posts. There is always inspiration that goes further than quilting. :-) It sounds like China would be a wonderful place to visit. I've noticed in the photos you've uploaded of public places, the stark difference between China and North Korea, where most candid photos are void of human beings on the road or in squares. Gives me food for thought. I can't wait till you get home and are able to share more of what you saw and did! I am looking forward to seeing that robe!!

  6. Thank you for trying to get information to your readers. It sounds like a fabulous experience. My friend traveled last year at this time, her vision was not as a quilter so her interpretation was more academic. She loved every minute as well. Have a wonderful time.


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