Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday on Tiananmen Square.

Yesterday was full of amazing sights, sounds, smells, and experiences. And don't forget the tastes!
It's hard to put into words how it felt to be standing in the center of Tiananmen Square. The first time I ever heard about Tiananmen Square I was much younger, and didn't understand things of the world. I guess I still don't in many ways.

Surreal is the only word I can come up with.

There will be much documentary watching over the next several weeks upon my return home to the land of streaming internet. I'm sure there are a lot of things that can be found on Netflix or on YouTube to fill in the quick education I'm getting while being here.

This has been an incredible journey and it is just beginning.
Museum building across the square, I wish there was time to visit them all!
Giant flower basket for a recent celebration within the past couple of weeks. I can't pronounce it, I'm not sure what it was for but I am sure that this is the biggest flower basket I have ever seen! The entrance to the forbidden city is in the distance.
Everything is immaculate. Street sweepers work tirelessly, and road washers keep the streets continually shiny wet as if it had rained very recently, in an effort to keep the dust down.
It's just the most incredible place.
My group, with our tour guide Charlie at the helm with the flag! We are all getting along great, and this group of people is just so much fun to be with.
I know this post is short, and there is so much more I can't wait to share when I get home. Yesterday's tour also included the amazing Forbidden City, also documentary binge-worthy upon returning home!
We also visited the pearl market and did a bunch of shopping. I've got some carved jade balls coming home, a couple of dragons for the boys and some wooden carved chopsticks - all stuff that can travel easily in my suitcase to remind me of this fabulous journey. Those pictures also, will be posted when posting is much easier.
I shared a short video clip of Tiananmen Square yesterday to Instagram and Facebook if you want to follow me there. I am unable to embed videos into this post as I am writing it by email.
Writing it by email also means I can't upload as many photos as I'd like so this is a teaser! 
I thought it would be fun to do my Quiltville Quote of the Day against an architectural design photo I took while here:
It's 4:52 a.m. as I hit send on this post, and I'm happy to say I got a full 7 hours of sleep last night even if I was asleep by 9 p.m.! 
Night life is just not happening yet for my group!
I am getting up to start my Monday early and I will catch up with you again as soon as I can!
Much love from Beijing,


  1. That is a great shot of you in the square, Bonnie.
    I can only imagine how surreal this must all seem.

  2. What great pictures cant wait to see more of your trip you never fail to surprise us.

  3. Thank you for taking us that could not go with you. I look forward to your blog everyday and even look for it.

  4. So wonderful that we are able to receive any posts while you are in China!
    Love the photo of you in Tiananmen Square!
    Thank you for taking all of us along with you!

  5. I hope you are having a fabulous adventure. I know you are taking good care of my buddy Kim on the tour with you!

  6. Tonight on PBS, NOVA was all about the Forbidden City and Bejing. I was watching it while reading today's blog post. Thanks Bonnie for sharing your adventures.

  7. I will be following all your comments and photos of your trip throughout China. I made four trips between 1977-1997 but imagine the changes over the last 20 years are huge. Thanks for being our eyes for what will be an amazing adventure. Ditto the previous commenter - the Nova program on the Forbidden City is excellent.

  8. By seeing the pictures itself we can say that its a very nice tourist place. I think you enjoyed alot. If we have any chance will definitely visit this place.

    Thank you
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  9. I can just imagine the quilt you will make on your return home. So much inspiration, especially from the architectural photo you used to under-lay your quote for today, and that is just the beginning!

  10. My sister, teaching in China at the time, was unwittingly in Tiananmen Square during the student riots and had to be evacuated by the State Department. Quite the story.

  11. I've never had one bit of desire to go to that part of the world. I understand some do, but not for me. Especially now.
    I do enjoy seeing the photos and hearing of your travels though. Be safe.

  12. Looking good in China! Glad you figured out how to post to the Blog. I don't know how to blog through email, that's a new techie thing to me. You take us to the most beautiful places. Thank you sew much.


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