Sunday, October 01, 2017

Goodbye September, Hello October!

It was a day of shed arrivals, groceries and antique mall wandering – and a time for squeezing in some sewing, always a time for sewing!

Behind the barn you see here is a pumpkin field.

Harvest is in full swing.  We tried desperately to catch up to another fully loaded pumpkin truck so I could snap a happy orange photo, but he was just that much ahead of us and I lost him as he turned up the road.

We followed this little country road trying to get to the patch so I could get photos there.  No going.  It was a private road and it wound behind some folk’s properties and I wasn’t going there.

I settled on the barn.  No barn block, but then I love “nekkid barns” just as much as the ones clothed with quilt designs.

Temps have dropped. Time to don the denim shirt over the t-shirt, or throw on a sweatshirt or sweater – fall is here in earnest.

Click the arrow on the screen to play the short video:

THIS came up my steep drive!

Shed on the Move!

The BIG shed is still in progress, really all it needs now is the roof completed, and we are waiting for a weekend when our son can come up and help with the scaffolding.  But the thought came to also move the small shed from the North Carolina cabin on up to Virginia.  It was cheaper to move it than to buy a new one.  This is for the yard stuff.  Riding mower, trimmers, whackers, sprayers, etc..

Click the arrow on the screen to play the short video:

It was amazing - not only that the truck was able to make it up the drive while pulling this shed behind (I missed that part, I was in the cabin sewing!) but watching the hydraulics slide that shed right off the trailer and into the trees where it needed to go.  Wow.

I went machine petting!

Isn’t this in beautiful shape?  No, I didn’t buy it.  I’ve been DOWN SIZING, remember?  But this is gorgeous.  I always thought I wanted a Minnesota machine, being a Minnesota girl – but my experience with machines in parlor cabinets is not a good one.  I’m too tall to stick my knees in a box.  I gave her hand wheel a loving turn and moved on.

This one is a SEWER! LOL!

Frozen completely and very rusted – only good for décor at this point.  Nope…I gave this little Serpentine a pat and moved on!

This one didn’t move either, and I already have one at home.

Wilcox & Gibbs.


If I knew someone who needed a basic machine and was just learning – for $45.00 in the cabinet - this would be a great start.  Straight stitch and basic zig-zag.  I’m guessing early 1970s?

It was a day of three Red Eyes!

This one -

This one -

Someone motorized it at some point….

And this one:


“Oh, honey – the red really brings out the red in your red red eyes!”

And can you believe there was one more machine?

Another early Kenmore.

Sears definitely had it going on in the day!

I’m guessing this one is a 1940s.  It’s a rotary model, much like the White machines.  It’s a black-side – there is no chrome anywhere.  It’s got a Godzilla-type finish, and a black spoked hand wheel.  This one….oh, I thought this one was crazy interesting and I would love to sew on it.  But I’m supposed to be DOWN-SIZING, remember?

There were a couple of fun quilts and I will share those tomorrow.  I’m running out of space, and I’m still on very slow internet here.

Welcoming in October!

It was a 2-quilt night last night.  And fires are warming us this morning.  Temps dropped to 39 overnight, and that is cold enough to make the cabin a bit chilly.  My favorite twiggy pumpkins are out and twinkling.  this is their first autumn here, and they will stay until after Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Love, front and center!

I love this “October Patch” quilt made by my friend Lisa from a Primitive Gatherings pattern.  I won it this spring in a raffle, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It will also stay out until December.

My Punkin’ Patch quilt is with the photographers in California right now, so I can’t decorate with it like I’d like to.

I just love pumpkin season!

There are more blocks happening here.  It’s my last day – I’m headed home after blog posting tomorrow.  I’ll be sharing more love from the antique mall, what came home with me, what stayed, and a binding finish!

Don’t forget that the Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away is still in full swing.  Did you enter to win ON THAT POST? The drawing happens tomorrow evening (Monday) so get your entry in!

Anne had it completely right!

Let’s make it the best October ever!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. so true..october is magical!

  2. I woke up feelin' the chill this morning, too. Time to pull out the socks and long sleeve shirts out of the closet and push the sleeveless ones to the back. Mornings like this make me want to indulge in pancakes and bacon and a hot cup of coffee. I really like Lisa Bonjeans quilt and I do believe I have enough woven plaids and orange fabrics to make my own version. Thanks for sharing! Happy Autumn, everyone.

  3. I love 2 Quilt time almost as much as Spring. The machines are plentiful on Virginia. Shed moving success, wonder who had the great idea? Happy October.

  4. Still in the mid 70's overnights get here in Texas. We usually don feel the chill of fall until at least November. But, that's ok with me. Once it gets below 50, I hate to leave the house. I guess I'm a Texas girl, born and bred. Love seeing the change of leaves already in your photo. Don't get that here either. We go from green to dead. Some areas will have some red from the Spanish oaks, but they are few and far between. So, share lots of fall pictures. Such an inspiration for quilts!
    Hmmm....may have to make that my mystery colors...

  5. We are just enjoying the remnants of hurricane Lee and will be getting Marie tomorrow. Sheer joy - it means windy (OK wet too, but hey ho we get that a lot) gusts that will hopefully remove all the remaining monster acorns from the oak tree. We've had a long August and September with those things crashing down on the chicken coop all night long! During the day we have 3 whingeing Chicken Littles. ;) They need a break from the acorns big time!

    I do love your oak leaves photo - so colourful. Our leaves are just a lot of green which goes different shades of brown.

    But also time for lovely warm dinners and roasts and soups - yum!

  6. September & October are my favorite months of the year. Usually cooler and the humidity is gone. Except this year Sept. temps were close to 90 a lot of days and pretty humid at times. But now Sept. is gone and I have to make the most of October! My Halloween quilt went on the back of the sofa this morning. A Halloween wall hanging I made last fall came out too...just don't know where it will hang yet. Happy Fall!!

  7. Talk about chilly.... We went from me walking around in a tank top the other day, to snow in our forcast for today!!!! Gotta love living in Alberta!!! lol But, thanks for the taking me on the tour with you. I do not go check out places like you do, so I like when you bring me along. And as for sewing... what else is a girl to do with wind and snow making it's self known outside??? Spend that time, curled up with fabric being made into 'something' under that sewing machine, so that is my plans for today!!! Here is to getting things done today and making magic in our sewing spaces!!!

  8. Chilly crisp air ... seems like we actually might be in for Fall weather from now on.
    My furbaby who is 10, was jumping around, skipping up and down sreps feeling like a pup. Love seeing every change Fall brings!

    Bonnie, l am gonna do it Girl... Sugar Bowls have grabbed mt heart and are holding on tight. The fabrics will be a mix of vintage and antique prints. Decided to make mine into 9" blocks, a size I really like. Been doing 6"ers over and over .. time to play with 9s. 😃

    Have to ask how Sadie is liking the chill. What a sweet little girly furbaby she is. Give her a Huge Hug for me ... please 🐶
    Hugs from JulieinTN

  9. Perhaps one day a quilt block will happen for your little barn (shed)!?!

  10. Today is my birthday and just because we live in NW AZ it doesn't mean that pumpkin's don't happen....at least, in my house they do :) I spent the morning taking down all the summer-y stuff and got the big blue container out of the garage marked "Fall/Thanksgiving". There will also be pumpkin dessert for dinner today. The "kids" are making me dinner and we'll be playing Chicken Foot (dominoes) later :) It's about 90* right now, but I still have great memories of growing up in MI and seeing the leaves turn colors.

    Enjoy your day.


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