Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Bit of Allegheny Appreciation!

THIS article was found in the local little newspaper “The Independence Declaration” out of Independence, Virginia.

The newspaper contains news for not only Grayson County, Virginia but also for neighboring Alleghany County, North Carolina, which county I gladly drive through on my way up to Quilt Villa in Virginia.

The people up here are the kindest, most hardworking and neighborly folks I’ve ever met. 

When I found the article revolving around Quilts of Valor, my heart nearly burst with happiness.

There is a guild in Sparta, North Carolina.  I drive right through there on my way coming and going as well.

There is something wonderful about reading local news from a local paper.  A feel good story.  An important mission.  Ink on paper.  No digital device required.

“Carolyn Patton of Mouth of Wilson, VA, Beth Sproul of Galax, VA and Barbara Moncrief of Independence, VA. co-chairs of the Alleghany Quilters Guild Quilts of Valor Committee, traveled to Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, (NC) on Aug. 18 to participate in a presentation of quilts to members of the Army 3rd Special Forces Group who had just returned from Turkey and Jordan.

They brought 13 quilts from the Alleghany Quilters Guild to add to those donated by other groups.  A total of 31 quilts were presented to servicemen.”

I need to meet these folks!!
It just brings to heart that no matter where life takes us – if we look for the quilters, we will always have a place to belong.  Jump in, volunteer, get involved, make friends, find purpose!

I’m going to go through my patriotic fabrics and others and see what I can gather up to donate.  Time hasn’t allowed me the pleasure of making many donation quilts myself as late, but I do what I can to keep adding to the Free Patterns tab with hopes that others will feel welcome to use the patterns for things like this.  This goes for patterns from books too.  You don't need my permission to make quilts from the books for donation.  Just give.

Well done, Allegheny Quilters Guild!

Interesting things happening here – For the first time EVER, I seem to have reached the limit on my high-speed tethering from my phone to my laptop to upload posts.  Our phones are our only connection here at the cabin, and though the phones have unlimited data with no slow-down, that does not apply to tethering to other devices, so my laptop connection has gone cruise-ship-slow.  Until October 4th when my monthly plan renews.

I’ve been at the cabin quite a bit through the month of September and have used my phone as a hotspot often this month, especially when in Florida because the hotel Wi-Fi was even worse after the hurricane. 

Posts are taking much  longer to upload, dealing with Facebook via laptop has become impossible – though all is fine by phone.  To help with upload speeds through the laptop, I’m linking my photos from  a google photos album.  I uploaded the photos first, and then set about writing this post.

Please let me know if the photos are visible or not.  I have set the album to public so they should be.

This binding went on!

I’ve made it to the 3rd side!

I hope to finish this one tonight.

Happy with the choice to end with purple binding!

From the trail cam:

Can you count the points on his antlers?

We’ve got some big bucks on the mountain!

Oh, isn’t he a beauty??

I am constantly in awe of the nature that surrounds us up here.  However, that does NOT apply to the skunk who decided to let off a spray in the woods near us while we were just settling in to enjoy last night’s hot tub soak!  PHHHHHHHeeewwwwww!!  I was out of that hot tub and back inside the cabin before you could YELL skunk.  Sadie was on the porch with us, no she didn’t set this one off, but something did.  All of the windows were closed as fast as we could shut them.  Oh yes, I love nature!

Today we are having the small shed from the Buck Mountain property moved up here to house the lawn mower and yard tools, etc.  I just hope the guy we hired to move it has 4-wheel drive because that 11 percent grade at the hairpin turn in our drive has stopped more than one service provider in their tracks.

And I’ll continue to work on my Sugar Bowl blocks, sharing that progress tomorrow!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

We are all our own worst critic, judge and jury. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself, really forgive yourself - let go and move on.

If I'm not making mistakes every day, I'm not trying hard enough to grow!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


  1. everything came through wonderfully, Bonnie.
    As a quilter with a well-used ripping tool,I especially loved today's quote, LOL.

  2. I could see your photos with no problem. I love your hour glass quilt. That is on my list to make after I finish up some stuff.

  3. Could see the pictures just fine and LOVE that rainbow hourglass quilt. Always enjoy and look forward to your daily blog post! Blessings and hugs.

  4. I can see the photos fine and I'm glad I read this. I always thought that a guild had to have lots of members. Bravo to this one with 13 members delivering 13 quilts of valor and a huge pat on the back to the long arm quilter who donates his time and work to get them quilted!

  5. When I was younger and lived in the country with my husband we use to get skunks. I would leave the windows open at night so I would not have to run the air conditioner and a skunk would wake me up and I would grab the fabreeze and spray the window screens with it and go back to bed with the windows left open. NO smell, like magic.

  6. I see the pictures, thank you for sharing AND everything you do. Although I have not been able to sew for 9 month's because of chemo treatments etc, reading your blog and following along with all you offer has been very helpful during this time.
    Now my treatments are done, I'm cancer free and I am ready to start sewing again. I am behind on baby quilts for great-grandbabies and still need to finish quilts for married grandchildren. Winter is soon upon us, let the sewing begin!
    Thank you again Bonnie for everything you do.

  7. Always good to find Local Quilters working and doing good things. Quilts of Valor is a Great way to honor our men and women who have served and fount for our Freedom. Sorry about the skunk while Hot tubbing. Just part of nature...

  8. I'm loving the sugar bowl blocks and the essential triangle tool. The secondary designs that show up when playing with the blocks are so much fun. Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. I love your latest Leader and Ender quilt. The colours are delicious!

  10. The articles on the Quilts of Valor was wonderful. It is great to see the looks on the service
    men and women's faces with their quilts. I belong to a group in MA that also makes and donates Quilts of Valor.
    The purple binding is perfect on your quilt. This is one quilt that I want to make when I finish some of the projects that are half done.
    I love seeing your wildlife up on your mountain.

  11. Photos came through perfectly. I am a member of our local Quilts of Valor chapter and have had the pleasure of working on a free quilts and just today brought mine very first QOV quilt to be quilted. I've also had the pleasure of presenting a few as well. There is no better feeling of wrapping a service man or woman in a quilt and thanking them for their service. Have a great weekend!

  12. Thank you for the quote today. It was the push I needed to let go of a problem and finish a quilt top.

  13. I love today's quote. It is so timely for what's going on in my life. And your leaders and enders quilt is gorgeous. I love the purple binding as well. So between now and your data plan renewal next month write shorter blogs. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Thank you for all that you do!

  14. Love this leader and ender quilt! AND the colors are beautiful together.

    We used to go camping in southern VA and after setting up the tent,we had just finished eating dinner, when 5 skunks wandered through our area. We relocated into our tent quickly and were fortunate not to have been sprayed! We went again to the same location and lo and behold, later that night there was another skunk parade. It was not a joy to behold,but having skunks up against the tent kept us as quiet as could possibly be!!
    At 71 yrs. of age, we no longer camp due to health issues, but I can still recall the scent of fresh coffee being made in the early mornings.
    Thank you for all the sharing you do. You always bring back good memories for me!!

  15. No pictures here except the trail cam.

  16. I could see all the photos in your post perfectly. Thank you for your generosity with all your quilt patterns, they are especially appreciated by the Quilts of Valor participants, I'm sure! Kathy


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