Friday, September 22, 2017

Discover Boca!

This is the beautiful view from the balcony walk-way outside of my room on the 3rd floor of the Boca Plaza.

I am so happy to see that there are more trees left standing than had fallen in last week’s Hurricane Irma.

Still keenly aware of what nature’s unpredictability can do, I’ve been keeping my eyes on these clouds to see what they will bring, and of course we are all still watching the path of Hurricane Maria, making sure she stays far far away from the recovering Florida coastline.

Still no word from Uncle Tony and Aunt Gail in Puerto Rico.  Power could be out for days, and that goes for cell service too.

Yesterday was a “FREE” day for me – and we filled it full!


I loved the baby sea turtles!

Hover your mouse over the screen below until you see the arrow and click it to play:

Such amazing creatures, from the time they are tiny until they are huge! There were rehab tanks for those who had injuries like this guy:


Part of his flipper was amputated, but he should be ready to go back to the wild soon.

We got a kick out of this gopher tortoise!

Click to play:

It's an army helmet -- with legs!


Oh honey, aren’t you a wild child!


Smile for the camera!


Walk down to the inter coastal!

Water photos with reflection.  My favorite!

Didn’t this one turn out cool?

After Gumbo Limbo we stopped by the beach for just a bit – I NEEDED to put my feet in!


In they go!


Beautiful aqua surf!


And plenty of folks enjoying it!

That wasn’t all – After Tuesday night’s activity and not enough time to shop, we headed back to StitchCraft so I could find myself a few Florida souvenirs:


Oh yes, there are flamingos!!

Such a great shop, it wish it were much closer to me, I’d be in here all the time!


Some early evening before dinner stitching time!

Perfect way to unwind.

I’ve turned the corner on this border.  It’s as long as it is going to go for now, and I’m using it as the “road map” to start the opposite side.  With a trip to China on the horizon I know I can get these borders moving a little quicker!  But then it isn’t a race, is it?  Hasn’t been so far, and I don’t plan on making it one now.

We capped off our tourist day with a group for dinner out and I greatly enjoyed the laughter and conversation.  So nice!

Today we’ve got Roll Roll Cotton Boll up on deck from my book String Fling.  It’s going to be a day of strings and triangles, and loads of fun.

Tomorrow – HOME!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Happy Autumn, everyone.  Kindness first, Always!


  1. love the fabric flamingos!

  2. hope your family hears from your aunt and uncle soon - but with no electricity that might be hard -

  3. Little turtles were so cute! Very enjoyable day off! Thanks for the piccies.

  4. haven't received quips & snips from you since 9/20... had to actually type in and go to the site!!! LOL... as humans we do a lot of really cool stuff (right after quilting) and the rehab and help we bring to animals is right up there. Unfortunately i don't think it fully rehabs the damage we do... sigh... a whole lot better than nothing...love what you do and the huge contribution you make to my life. Thank you

  5. A friend shared this post on Facebook. Thought it might help you get in touch with your Uncle Tony and Aunt Gail. They may be able to tell you if there's a place to check in with them.

    Puerto Rico is 100% without power and 95% without communication. Many only have videos to search through to get an idea of how family members are doing. The Emergency Management Antenna and the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center have collapsed. Some cell towers have fallen and many radio stations are out of the air. If anyone knows of any person who needs help, they can call (787) 777-0940 WIPR radio. They are receiving emergency calls.
    Please take the time to copy and post this relevant information to make sure the word is spreading.
    (It is better to copy & paste so that it does not come out as an attachment
    Shout out for Puerto Rico, the world is with you.


  6. Thanks for sharing about the sea turtles...My son's science class last year was about Zoology and specifically water creatures! Sooo cute! I like all your sharing, not just the quilting stuff although that's how I learned about you! :)

  7. I don't live far from Boca, wish I had realized sooner that you would be here. Were you at Gumbo Limbo? Great little place. And that quilt shop is one of my favorites. Glad you had a good trip!

  8. I have been very surprised by your pictures the normalcy of the area. Glad you were able to spread your Bonnie happiness
    To these quilters. Love your fabric choices, very different for you that I have seen. They look like a nice hand quality. Enjoy your time.

  9. Hope Aunt Gail and Uncle Tony are OK. Our d-i-l is waiting for word on her grandparents in Puerto Rico. She heard from them quickly after Irma but nothing so far post-Maria. We're all on edge waiting with her.


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